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Oracle native sequencing: nextVal executed two times.

We are migrating from Weblogic 6.1 sp 5 & TopLink 3.6.3 to Weblogic 8.1 sp 2 & TopLink 9.0.4 and we are having this issue: It seems that when assigning the sequence to new objets TopLink execs the nextVal for the sequence twice. In fact we probabl

Please Help me with long time oracle  select sequence.nextval from dual

Hi I'm in a real problem.In fact i have a J2EE5(JPA,Hibernate 3,EJB 3.0) project deployed at websphere 6 application server and i'm using Oracle 10 g R2. Well i have a batch job that inserts into some table called AVERAGEBALANCE. the problem is that

Sequence.nextval doubles the returned value with Execute Statement (F9)

There appears to be a quirk with sequences in Raptor. Has anyone noticed that depending on how you execute this sql (SELECT MYSEQ.NEXTVAL FROM DUAL;) the value returned is either the correct nextval or double what you expected? For example, MYSEQ is

Insert Select sequence.nextval Problme

Hi, I am trying to insert records in the table using query similar to insert into table1 (id, col1, col2) select sequence.nextval t1. col1, t1.col2 from table t1; I am getting following error ORA-02287: sequence number not allowed here Will you pleas

Top 5 queries  - One of them is sequence.nextval from dual !!!!!

Hi All, I am using ORACLE DATABASE 11g and Oracle Linux 5. My intentions are to get the top resource consuming or time consuming queries from database in the particular time frame. I formed the below query to get the same :- select a.SQL_FULLTEXT,   

Using oracle db sequence for auto generating of PKs for CMP entity beans

Hi, I have read quite a number of threads about (auto) generation of keys for primary keys for the CMP entity beans. My requirement is I am migrating an application deployed on Weblogic to oc4j. The application is using cmp entity beans with auto key

Sequence nextval reset at every month with 1

I want to change Sequence Nextval = 1 at every month I m using this sequence create sequence VoucherNo minvalue 1 maxvalue 9999999 start with 1 increment by 1 Order;i want then when start next month sequence nextval should be 1 . reset with 1.Dont't

When to consider Using Oracle Grants Accounting Over Oracle Projects Acct?

Hello Experts / Dina, Could you please help me in understanding the situation where I must use Oracle grants Accounting rather than Oracle Project Accounting? I mean what is the driving feature of Oracle Grants Accounting which is missing in Oracle P

Use oracle native sequence

How one can use oracle native sequence in Insert/update in a Toplink POJO? Thanks in advance...Just set the Oracle Sequence name as the descriptor's sequence name (ClassDescriptor.setSequenceName()), and configure your Session to use native sequencin

Sequence nextval jumps by 20

Always wondered about this. Why does a sequence nextval sometimes jump by 20 from the previous val when the increment is 1? Ever see this before?Technically, I cannot think of one. The locking implications would be really unfortunate. Often, this is

Grant sequence privilege issue

Hi, OS is windows server 2008 Database oracle 11g r2 i have created a schema with name SME having DBA privilege from SME i have created another user SME_USER using the same tablespace of SME with limited privileges. The sequence was created in SME us

To access a sequence.nextval from Infobus applet

Hi I have Infobus Dataform applet which displays the columns of the table - timesheets which has a column "line_item" which has to get it's value from a database sequence. So I followed the approach followed in the Acme - sample application View

Sequence, nextval

Hello, i'm writing an application, that has to have process unique index. I think of db-sequences for to create them. So i use jdbc and sql to retrieve the next value from the sequence. i do that by sequenceName.nextVal I wonder how to form the valid

Sequence.nextval and insertXML()

Hi there! Can anyone advise on how to use both nextval and insertXML() together? Is there a batch nextval option? Thanks!Dont't recreate the sequence! You would invalidate all independent objects and lose all privileges granted for the sequences. Ins

Oracle 11g : Sequence Issues after impdp

Hi All, We are migrating from Oracle 10g to Oracle 11g. As part of this, we take a expdp from 10g and successfully did an import using impdp on to Oracle 11g database. But the problem is, there were few Primary key violations which occurred and all o

Problem with Oracle Native Sequencing - please help!!

Hello I am migrating from 3.6.5 to (huge jump). And have a problem with sequencing. When I create new object Toplink does not pick up Sequence object name from the descriptor. When I see generated SQL it shows: SELECT .NEXTVAL FROM DUAL Each

Goldengate replicat slow to process sequence.nextval

GGS replicat takes 45 minutes to process this statement. Tracing the replicat session shows that replicat is continuously altering the sequence on the target. The statement completes on the source in less than 1 minute. Any ideas on how I can speed t

USE sequence.nextval in SQL statement

Hi, I want to use SEQUENCE_name.NEXVAL in our query. But it gives error ora-02287: sequence number not allowed here Select distinct dd.agreementid,dd.cityid,dd.bankid,dd.bankbranchid,zz.bankbranchdesc, account_no,account_type,Sysdate,'A',Null,'1001',

Passing sequence nextval in insert statement

Hi, Want to insert a record in table A using incremented sequence value to be get inserted in the ID column of table. ID column is having a primary key constraint created sequence test1_seq for that table How to use this sequence number's NEXTVAL to

Oracle 11g - Sequence Caching

From the oracle documentation, http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/server.112/e10701/original_export.htm#BABJHCDH it says that sequence numbers that have been allocated are available for use in the current database. I have a table Test which has a co