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Oracle Java 7 Update 51


Unable to Verify Sun Microsystems' (Bought over by Oracle) Java 6 Update 21 Plugin in Firefox 4.0 Beta 3 in Fedora 11 x86_64 64-bit Linux Operating System

My Fedora 11 Linux operating system is 64-bit (currently running standard Fedora kernel, NOT Xen pv-ops Dom0 kernel) My Firefox 4.0 Beta 3 web browser (above Firefox 3.6.8 already) is 32-bit. My Sun Java 6 Update 21 Plugin is also 32-bit. In about:pl

So I can update my Oracle Java Applet Plug-in to Development Kit 7, Update 65, can you link me to the correct Oracle download page from your Plugin Update page?

When I periodically accessed your Plugin Check and Updates web page in the past, I really appreciated you connecting me to the correct Plugin Updates vendor web page when I clicked on your red Update Now button. This time, however, your Java Applet P

Oracle Java version 7

Hi Guys After I upgraded my Macbook Pro to the latest java of Oracle Java ver7 update 9 I am stuck. I cannot luanch oracle from on an ERP V12 installation gettling the following error: FRM-92095: Oracle JInitiator version too low. I have try to follo

Java 8 Update 45 crashes with error message.

MacBook Pro 13-inch, mid-2012, 4 GB memory Yosemite (V10.10.3 - 14D136) Running Java 8 update 31 Trying to install Java 8 update 45 Tried it at least 4 times. No way to do it. At every try, the download works OK (60.5 MB), then the windows says it ex

Are my kernel panics due to the Java Updater (com.oracle.java.Java-Updater) ?

In the past few months I've been getting more kernel panics than usual. This is on my late 2012 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 Mac Mini, running OS X Yosemite (OS X 10.2.2) with 16 GB of RAM. Looking at the console logs following the last panic, I can see tha

Fresh Bits! Oracle Java ME Embedded and ME SDK updates

Oracle has just refreshed the Java ME Embedded 3.3 EA and ME SDK 3.3 EA binaries. For more information, please see my blog: https://terrencebarr.wordpress.com/2013/06/13/fresh-bits-oracle-java-me-embedded-and-me-sdk-updates/ Best regards, Terrence Ba

Cannot open Photoshop: get error: To open "Adobe Photoshop CS5.app," you need a Java SE 6 runtime. Would you like to install one now?  However installing Java SE 6 runtime does not fix nor does installing Oracle Java SE 7. Adobe says Apple is problem.

Searching the internet for solutions to this and some discussion with Adobe. Adobe say Photoshop does not use java so it should not be asking for a java runtime. The question is how can I stop Photoshop asking to install java since Photoshop does not

Java 7 update 51 cause the following error: java.util.HashMap cannot be cast to java.awt.RenderingHints

Since I installed Java 7 update 51 accessing the EMC VNX Unisphere Console cause the following error: java.util.HashMap cannot be cast to java.awt.RenderingHints. I rolled back to Apple Java 1.6 -005 now I am getting the following error: plug-in fail

Was asked to install Oracle Java 8 and now after LibreOffice asked for Apple Java 6

Hello, a few weeks ago I was told by a webpage I need java, it was a movie site, so I was doubting it and so I went to the oracle page via google search and found Java 8 (jre 8u40-macosx-x64). Today I installed LibreOffice and after first opening itt

Java 6 updates 22 thru 24 does not allow ASP Remote Scripting calls

The Java 6 update 22 thru 24 all prevent ASP Remote Scripting from working correctly, causing applications using Remote Scripting via the standardized rs.htm code to fail. This is well documented with examples at the Java Forums page http://www.java-

Java 7 Update 25 Client App Downloaded From Web Start Can't Connect Out

Since Java 7 update 25, I have an issue where my client Java application, downloaded with Java Web Start, can no longer connect to a remote server. (The client uses remote EJB to connect various servers). The issue I believe is that the client applic

Oracle Java 7 in 32bit chroot

Is anyone able to launch java applets using Oracle Java 7 and Firefox in a 32bit chroot environment? Whenever I browse to any site which opens a Java applet I instantly get the following exception: java.lang.NullPointerException     at java.lang.Proc

Java 7 update 11 can not be stored in the computer (10.8.2.) Why?

Java 7 update 11 has trouble. It does jump over installing place, and are not stored even if it says its completed. Help..I've installed the latest version of Java [EDIT: latest as of a week ago] directly from Oracle's website. I just checked and Jav

Oracle Critical Patch Update Advisory - January 2013

Hi all, Oracle Critical Patch Update - January 2013 I am confused about CPU, PSU, SPU, USP. I am reading the docs and it seems they are same thing being rambled? Which of them is the most important to apply? Thanks, PetraKThanks gotti and fa

Oracle Java Web Server 6.1 / 7.0 Reverse Proxy

Hello everyone, I have just installed both Sun Java Web Server versions 6.1 and 7.0 on Windows x86, trying to configure the Reverse Proxy Plugin, but none of the installations came with the libpassthrough.dll file mentioned in several documentations.

Problems with installing Oracle java or reinstalling Apple Java

Hi all, I need Java for an online government course I'm taking. A 'technical test' available tells me that my java is out of date. I am directed by the course software to download Oracle Java for Mac, version 8u45. I'm running Mac OSX 10.7.5, but I s

Java 7 update 13....good or no good?

I've read that Oracle has introduced Java 7 update 13. This version has 50 security issues that have been addressed. My question is; Should I download this latest version and then enable it in Safari preferences?I installed it a few days back when I

Java 7 Update 51 is not working with Discoverer

We are unable to get Discoverer Plus to load with Java 7 Update 51, does anybody know of a fix for this? We are on Discoverer Plus Version ThanksHi, same issue here. Installed JRE 7u51 on local client and when trying to use Discoverer Plus

Java 7 Update 10 Not Working with Firefox?

Windows 7 64-bit Mozilla Firefox 17.0.1 (Latest as of this time of writing) Java 7 Update 10 (Runtime Edition) Java 7 Update 10 (Runtime Edition) 64-bit It used to work before I updated it to the latest version of Java. I tried reinstalling everythin

Java 8 update 45 on OSX 10.9.5

I simply can't update to Java 8 update 45 (latest version). I'm running on OSX10.9.5 I download it, install it, get a success confirmation, yet when I get to test if the installation worked, the Java page says that my version is out of date, and prom