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Oracle Java Applet Example


So I can update my Oracle Java Applet Plug-in to Development Kit 7, Update 65, can you link me to the correct Oracle download page from your Plugin Update page?

When I periodically accessed your Plugin Check and Updates web page in the past, I really appreciated you connecting me to the correct Plugin Updates vendor web page when I clicked on your red Update Now button. This time, however, your Java Applet P

Java Applet HelloWorld "Getting Started With Applets" example not working

Hi there, It's been ages since I ran my Linux CentOS boot of Linux but I am going through the official oracle java applet tutorials, just every time I try and run the "Hello World" applet in Firefox 17.0.3 and I am running the Iced Tea thing for

Embedding Java Applet in Oracle Form

I'd like to embed Java applet in Oracle Form. Please someone help me..let me know how to do it. Also I need to know how'll I use a jar within Oracle. Please help. Regards RashedHi Grant Thanks...I developed an applet which has a button on it and clic

Query to connect Java Applet to Oracle 10g.

I am developing an Applet in Java database is Oracle 10g.Now when i connect Oracle to Java I get the Error : java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError and it does not get connected.Please help me anyone. Below is the code which i have written.

Java applet to connect to Oracle Database?

Hello, I need to make a standalone java applet where I can enter the following: database url: driver: database: user name: password: host name: port: and then click "ok" and it is supposed to connect me to my Oracle account set up at my school.

Not loading Oracle Apps, by Java Applet

Hi, When I login to any oracle instance the Oracle App, doesn't start, it cant load Java Applet, and I have the correct JInitiator, I cleared JAR Cache, and nothing happens, any idea? ThanksHi dear, This is not a big issue. Simply remove your jinitia

Load: class oracle.forms.engine.Main not found Stuck at loading Java Applet

Hi there I have recently installed App Server on a new machine. Copied all my forms to an appropriate directory. Set up formsweb.cfg to allow them to run and have attempted to run them. Unfortunately I get stuck at the Loading Java Applet sc

Oracle Web Publisher: NullPointerException when starting Java Applet

Hi there, I'm using Express Server 6.3.4 and Web Publisher 6.3.2 and have created a very simple web briefing -- just a basic web page to see whether it works. Now when browsing the sample page, an applet is loaded and tells me that several Oracle jav

How to call Java Applet on a Oracle Portal page

I have completed the below steps to add an Java Applet class file to the Oracle Portal. 1. On the Portal Builder page, click the Navigator link. 2. Click the Database Objects tab. 3. In the Name column, scroll down to the schema in which you want to

Oracle developer9ids loading java applet

Sir, When I run my form on Oracle9ids and then the loading of java applet mesg. comes but the window screen is remains 2/3rd not full. and my form is not visible completely. Kindly suggest how to make window screet full when loading applet is over or

Java Applet is not working in IE11 in win8/win 2008 server

Hi, we have developed web application using PHP. in the start of the page we have link which will kick start the Java Applet application on click.   It is not working in IE 11 browser with all windows machine until we add that page in the compatibili

How can i convert java application of bibeans to java applet?

Hi Bibeans PMTeam, Bibeans provide two type client:java application and web client(JSP/Servlet),because web client's function is weaker than java app,so we want to convert java app to java applet,thus,we can embed java applet into web browser(our sys

Was asked to install Oracle Java 8 and now after LibreOffice asked for Apple Java 6

Hello, a few weeks ago I was told by a webpage I need java, it was a movie site, so I was doubting it and so I went to the oracle page via google search and found Java 8 (jre 8u40-macosx-x64). Today I installed LibreOffice and after first opening itt

Java Applet in a HTML page: failing with PLS-00306: wrong number of args

We are trying to use a Java Applet in a HTML page. as our system needs to be able to retrieve a predefined set of data from a third party system that uses Dynamic Data Exchange Protocol (DDE) and are encountering errors from APEX and in IE itself. We

How to change the parameter's value of Oracle Forms Applet?

Hello, I'm working with Oracle Forms and JRE 1.6.0_14, we got some performance issues and we think are related with Java, so we enabled Java trace and we realized that every time user moves the cursor from one item to another, the applet s

JAVA applet not starting...am I missing other plugins?

I dont know if this belongs in the Oracle Apps Server forum, but I've ruled out that it has nothing to do with my Apps Server, so I'm putting my question here... I am trying to deploy forms to my Oracle Apps Server on my UNIX server and am having som

Java Applet painting broken in IE11 and Windows 8.1

When running a Java applet in Internet Explorer 11 window on Windows 8.1, JRE fails to repaint the viewport correctly when the web browser window is resized or scrolled. (assuming the Java Applet has display dimensions larger than the window, necessi

Oracle Java 7 in 32bit chroot

Is anyone able to launch java applets using Oracle Java 7 and Firefox in a 32bit chroot environment? Whenever I browse to any site which opens a Java applet I instantly get the following exception: java.lang.NullPointerException     at java.lang.Proc

Java applets in reports?

I'm working with a client who's using a product that stores strings of data that are translated to simple floor plan drawings. They'd like to be able to print reports with these drawings in them, but the only display tool I have available is a Java a

Is running local Java applets disabled in Safari 6?

Ever since updating to Mountain Lion-and Safari 6-locally stored Java applets don't work any more. A quick test in JavaScript: navigator.javaEnabled(); returns FALSE if the page is on the file server, and TRUE if the exact same page comes from a web