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Oracle Java Download Windows 7


Oracle Java Apps Window - Maximize by default possible?

Hi All, As in subject, is it possible to have Oracle Java Apps window maximize by default when launched? Kind regardsPawelBertel wrote: Hello, Apologies, I'm talking about Oracle EBS 12.1.2 - main oracle apps window. Kind regards This is something th

IE11 Keep Redirecting to Oracle Java Download Site

I am running a page that launches a Java Webstart app and a Java Applet. I don't have problem launching this page in Firefox, but I have to run it in IE11. The thing is IE11 keep redirecting me to oracle java download site. I have install Java RE lik

Installing SAP CRM 5.0 SR2 ABAP+JAVA on Windows:Oracle

Hi, I want to start installation of the below Installing SAP CRM 5.0 SR2 ABAP+JAVA on Windows:Oracle will anyone please tell me the brief procedue or if you have any documents or snapshots other what is there in service market place please mail me to

So I can update my Oracle Java Applet Plug-in to Development Kit 7, Update 65, can you link me to the correct Oracle download page from your Plugin Update page?

When I periodically accessed your Plugin Check and Updates web page in the past, I really appreciated you connecting me to the correct Plugin Updates vendor web page when I clicked on your red Update Now button. This time, however, your Java Applet P

When i download software, then go to the download window and click on the file, it is aking me to open it with a launch application. how do i figure out what app to use. ex; downloaded a new version of java, what app do i use to install?

when i download software, then go to the download window and click on the program , i'am being ask to choose a launch program. how do i figure out what app to use to install. ex: i downloaded a new version of java and a game program. how do i install

Oracle Client Download for Windows XP

Is it possible to get the Oracle Client download for Windows XP? Thanks, Cherie Machlerhttp://download.oracle.com http://lmgtfy.com/?q=How+to+Oracle+Client+Download+for+Windows+XPRead other 2 answers

Downloading Oracle R12 for windows from edelivery

Hi, I would like to Download Oracle R12 for windows from edelivery.oracle.com I am selecting Oracle 12 for windows. Then i get about 25 options to Download. How many should i Download for complete Oracle R12 software and do i need to create Directory

DBCA errors while installing Oracle 10g on Windows 7

Hi all, I'm trying to install Oracle 10g database on Windows 7 operating system. Software is installed without any error. But it gets following exceptions while running dbca from $ORACLE_HOME/bin/ directory... java.lang.NullPointerException at oracle

JRE Error : while Install oracle 10gR2 on Windows Server 2003

Hello, I am trying to install a Oracle 10gR2 on windows server 2003. I have unziped the files and when I run the oui.exe it gives the below error: cannot find any matches for wildcard specification "../stage/components/oracle.swd.jre/

The frustrating 'bug' of the oracle java page if you want 64 bit support.

gosh, i wish there were a way to simply contact the oracle webmaster/webdev team. there isn't, as far as i can find. here's what i just emailed to [email protected] figured i'd share it here, on the outside chance someone at oracle might know how to

Problems with installing Oracle java or reinstalling Apple Java

Hi all, I need Java for an online government course I'm taking. A 'technical test' available tells me that my java is out of date. I am directed by the course software to download Oracle Java for Mac, version 8u45. I'm running Mac OSX 10.7.5, but I s

Oracle biee for windows vista

hi all, well today i installed the oracle biee on my machine(having windows vista). Do i need to download the seperate dump of oracle biee for windows vista or dump for windows xp will work?????hi All, Actually when i installed oracle biee on my mach


I have tried many times to update my laptop to windows 8.1 but it says 'this application wasn't installed -view details '.I click on that and it repeatably says it couldn't be installed and offers to try again .The error code "0x8020002e' keeps comin

How I can to Install Oracle 10g in Windows 7?

Hello everyone When I try to install the Oracle Database 10g, installation I have errors and does not let me continue. How can I fix this problem? Thank you for your help.Hi! In a case that you have tried all as local administrator and failed .... Fr

Are my kernel panics due to the Java Updater (com.oracle.java.Java-Updater) ?

In the past few months I've been getting more kernel panics than usual. This is on my late 2012 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 Mac Mini, running OS X Yosemite (OS X 10.2.2) with 16 GB of RAM. Looking at the console logs following the last panic, I can see tha

Istalling oracle 11g on windows vista

Hi, i need to install oracle 11g on windows vista, unfortunately i cannot able do to that, becase after double cliking on the setup a messege like this one came out: OUI-10151: There was an error while loading library.generalQueries. Stop installatio

Oracle 10g on Windows 2003: instance not autostarting

I'm installing Oracle 10g ( on two new Windows 2003 servers, and I'm facing the same problem, even after some full re-installations, on both of them; so this issue seems to be some kind of bug related to Oracle 10g on Windows 2003 and not ju

Was asked to install Oracle Java 8 and now after LibreOffice asked for Apple Java 6

Hello, a few weeks ago I was told by a webpage I need java, it was a movie site, so I was doubting it and so I went to the oracle page via google search and found Java 8 (jre 8u40-macosx-x64). Today I installed LibreOffice and after first opening itt

Install Oracle 10g on Windows 2003 Server cluster (MSCS)

Hi all How do I install Oracle 10g on Windows 2000 cluster (MSCS installed)? I have a 2-nodes Microsoft windows 2003 server cluster and I want to install Oracle 10g, Do I folloow this order: 1. Install the software on both without the database 2. Cre

Installing oracle 8i on windows xp

So that we may better diagnose DOWNLOAD problems, please provide the following information. - Server name :windows xp - Filename - Date/Time - Browser + Version - O/S + Version - Error Msg Installing oracle 8i on windows xp. will this work properlyYo