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Oracle Java EE Support Roadmap


Oracle To End Support for Java 7

No More Free Updates for Java 7 after April 2015 Users must sign long-term support deals or migrate to Java 8 to avoid 'enormous headache and disruption to millions of applications' Public updates for Java 7 -- including bug and security fixes -- wil

Cannot open Photoshop: get error: To open "Adobe Photoshop CS5.app," you need a Java SE 6 runtime. Would you like to install one now?  However installing Java SE 6 runtime does not fix nor does installing Oracle Java SE 7. Adobe says Apple is problem.

Searching the internet for solutions to this and some discussion with Adobe. Adobe say Photoshop does not use java so it should not be asking for a java runtime. The question is how can I stop Photoshop asking to install java since Photoshop does not

Are my kernel panics due to the Java Updater (com.oracle.java.Java-Updater) ?

In the past few months I've been getting more kernel panics than usual. This is on my late 2012 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 Mac Mini, running OS X Yosemite (OS X 10.2.2) with 16 GB of RAM. Looking at the console logs following the last panic, I can see tha

Was asked to install Oracle Java 8 and now after LibreOffice asked for Apple Java 6

Hello, a few weeks ago I was told by a webpage I need java, it was a movie site, so I was doubting it and so I went to the oracle page via google search and found Java 8 (jre 8u40-macosx-x64). Today I installed LibreOffice and after first opening itt

Oracle 9iAS R2 support for JAX - RPC / B / P /M

Hi, browsing the web I came accross to the following links: http://otn.oracle.com/tech/webservices/htdocs/wsvsm/wsorcl.html http://otn.oracle.com/tech/xml/htdocs/standard.html And it seems that Oracle 9iAS R2 supports the libs mentioned on Subject. F

Oracle CM SDK support  on Oracle DB 11g?

Hi, Is the Oracle CM SDK supported on Oracle DB 11g? Is there a roadmap for this product as it's future seems a little vague? Thanks for your help TimI don't know that it is certified at this time. I do not feel that platform is the go forward strate

When will Oracle 10g/11g support Windows Server 2008 and AIX6.1

Hi all I'm sorry if I post it in a wrong place... But I really want to know when will Oracle 10g/11g support Windows Server 2008 and AIX 6.1? I've searched in metalink but found nothing useful. Is there anybody can give me a link of Oracle's roadmap

Oracle Java version 7

Hi Guys After I upgraded my Macbook Pro to the latest java of Oracle Java ver7 update 9 I am stuck. I cannot luanch oracle from on an ERP V12 installation gettling the following error: FRM-92095: Oracle JInitiator version too low. I have try to follo

Oracle can not support upto 32 characters table name and field name ?

hi oracle up limitation ? create table aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa(a char); Error ORA-00972:identifier too long or create table a (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa char); Error ORA-00972:identifier too long Oracle can not sup

Does Oracle Advanced Queueing support JRockit?

Does anyone know if Oracle Advanced Queueing supports JRockit (1.5 or 1.6), or better still, does anyone have experience using this?AQ is an in-database implementation of Java Messaging Service (JMS). With that in mind could you please ask your quest

Oracle 9i Database support

I haven't been able to find this information on the Oracle site. Does anyone have a roadmap for planned support for 9i? I need to know when it's going to be generally de-supported. and also the plan for eliminating extended support options?Chandra, I

Java 7 support for LMS 4.2?

Any idea if LMS 4.2 is going to get support for Java 7?  Java 6 reaches end of Public Updates February 2013. http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/eol-135779.htmlI don't have any inside information but would strongly expect an update to LMS in 2013

Does Oracle XML Parser support double byte charset?

Hi, Does Oracle XML Parser support double byte characters such as Korean or Chinese? If so, please tell me what version and how to construct xml/xsl files (...encoding="???")? Thanks for any help, TuanHi Raymond, Thank you for your help. It work

Best combination of technologies for Java db-supported web application?

Hi everyone! I was given the task to develop a Java database-supported web application and am now wondering what combination of technologies would best fit my requirements. Basically, I am supposed to transform an "Excel-based" application into

ColdFusion 9, 10 Java 7 Support ASAP!

Oracle has released the final Java 6 Update 39 last week, marking the end of support for Java 6.  Adobe has stated multiple times that Java 7 would be supported before EOL, yet it has been a week and still no patches or update.  Does anyone have an E

Oracle Java Apps Window - Maximize by default possible?

Hi All, As in subject, is it possible to have Oracle Java Apps window maximize by default when launched? Kind regardsPawelBertel wrote: Hello, Apologies, I'm talking about Oracle EBS 12.1.2 - main oracle apps window. Kind regards This is something th

Vote For Oracle Java Products

For two days already we see vary unusual activity on the contest: http://www.sys-con.com/java/readerschoice2002 The rate is several hundred votes in an hour!!! Almost all votes go to IBM products. Oracle suddenly lost leading or good positions in cat

How to configure Oracle National Language Support for Hindi

Hello I am Working on one library project and right now it is in foxpro. it is working in local(hindi) language using c-dec software.Now i want to run this project using oracle national language support.i have done lots of rnd on that but till could

So I can update my Oracle Java Applet Plug-in to Development Kit 7, Update 65, can you link me to the correct Oracle download page from your Plugin Update page?

When I periodically accessed your Plugin Check and Updates web page in the past, I really appreciated you connecting me to the correct Plugin Updates vendor web page when I clicked on your red Update Now button. This time, however, your Java Applet P

Application deployed on Oracle Java Cloud Service - SaaS Extension is not connecting with cloud database.

Hello Experts, I have deployed an ADF application on Oracle Java Cloud Service - SaaS Extension and also deployed database objects from local environment to cloud using JDeveloper. I can see the cloud database has tables and data which I have deploye