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Hi, The release of Oracle XML tools and utilities by Oracle XML team is a significant milestone and is definitely appreciated. However, as part of a large organization, some factors need to be clarified before using these utilities in production soft

Hanging with Oracle 10g release 2 on Windows XP !!!

Hi, I am trying to Install Oracle 10g release 2( on Windows XP Professional(SP2). Existing environment: 1. Java(SDK & Runtime Environment) 6 update 1. 2. Configured Eclipse. The installed procedure: 1. Downloaded "10201_database_win32.

Error on clone database, oracle 10g release 2 for windows server 2008

Hi, OS: Windows Server 2008 X64 Oracle: oracle 10g release r2 for windows server 2008 An error occurred when creating a database, stop at last step, Screenshot: [http://temp.wsria.com/oracle_create_db.png|http://temp.wsria.com/oracle_create_db.png] t

Are my kernel panics due to the Java Updater (com.oracle.java.Java-Updater) ?

In the past few months I've been getting more kernel panics than usual. This is on my late 2012 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 Mac Mini, running OS X Yosemite (OS X 10.2.2) with 16 GB of RAM. Looking at the console logs following the last panic, I can see tha

So I can update my Oracle Java Applet Plug-in to Development Kit 7, Update 65, can you link me to the correct Oracle download page from your Plugin Update page?

When I periodically accessed your Plugin Check and Updates web page in the past, I really appreciated you connecting me to the correct Plugin Updates vendor web page when I clicked on your red Update Now button. This time, however, your Java Applet P

When will be can we install Oracle 10g Release 2

I have use redhat Enterprise 4, 2.6 kernel. I had installed Oracle 10g Release 1, but I cant run dbca, I need new version of Oracle, So can you tell me what time will be can I reach Oracle release 2??hi, my error messages about dbca; /u01/app/oracle/

CMP 2 non mandatory timestamp field in Oracle 9 release 2

Dears, My machine holds the following: Win XP pro SP 1 Oracle 9i release 2 DB Jbuilder X enterprise Edition with SUN ONE App Server plugin SUN ONE Application server platform edition update 2 They are all in the same machine (so there is no problem a

Try to install oracle 9i release 2 personal edition

Hi, I'm trying to install this oracle version, oracle 9i release 2 personal edition, on my windows xp professional and I'm getting the following: from the oraInstall2006-04-19_03-46-56PM.err file: Ignoring Exception during de-installoracle.sysman.oii

Oracle 9i Release 2 - Installation hangs please help

OS: SUSE 10 I have to Install oracle 9i Release 2( I have java-1_4_2-sun installed, and the installation directory/path is /usr/lib/jvm. now my question is should I change the path of JRE_LOCATION, in the oraparam.ini from JRE_LOCATION=../.

Is Oracle 11g released for NW04s and ECC6.0?

Is Oracle 11g released for NW04s and ECC6.0? Please help. Thanks!Plain and simple: No, it isn't. Check the SAP on Oracle homepage [here|SAP on Oracle] in SDN and read the latest development news on this topic including a rough schedule. regards, Lars

Problem installing StorADE 2.4 in Oracle Java Web Console 3.1 with CAM 6.6.

Hi Guys, I am having problem installing StorADE 2.4 in Oracle Java Web Console 3.1 with CAM 6.6. I am sure I have seen them together in Web Console but doesn't seems to be working... I am getting all sort of javv exception errors... Also the installa

Cloning Oracle Applications Release 12 with Rapid Clone

Hi, I was going through metalink doc 406982.1 Cloning Oracle Applications Release 12 with Rapid Clone. I couldn't understand a few points. I would appreciate if someone can guide me regarding the following queries. There is a statement in the doc 1)A

Oracle JDeveloper Release 9i

With the release of Oracle JDeveloper Release 9i which is written in 100% pure java, do you think that the Mac OS X will be a supported platform as well ?With the release of Oracle JDeveloper Release 9i which is written in 100% pure java, do you thin

How to download Oracle 10g Release 2?

If you look at this page "http://www.oracle.com/technology/software/products/database/oracle10g/htdocs/10201linx8664soft.html", there are plenty of links. Which should I use to download Oracle 10g Database Release 2 ( I require the o

Trying to find Java release, any ideas

Trying to find Java release, any ideaswhy this version ? if you heard about security issues in later versions it will 90% be in the older one too oracle is not adding new features to the java releases they are fixing security issues and bu

Oracle Java Environment Error - Not enough java classes defined ?

I'm using 11gR1, and recently ran into a problem with Java Stored Procedures. It was working fine last week, and then this week at runtime I started getting an error: Error in Oracle java environment: ops1 - java.lang.Exception: Not enough java class

I tried Oracle Java Bean for getting client IP but keep getting

We implemented Oracle Java Bean demo that reads client information as we need to know the IP address of the client. Everything works fine except that we keep getting the loopback address ( instead of the client IP address. Any advice?I figu

How to setup local loopback for "Oracle 11g Release 2" installtion

Hi all, I was trying to install the Oracle 11g Release 2 on Red hat 6 using Local Loop back configuration, but not able to install.. The contents of are:- /etc/resolv.conf # Generated by NetworkManager nameserver nameserver

Released Schedule Delivery lines display

Hi Gurus,                    I have a scenario in my client place. User wants to display scheduled delivery lines which will sum all the released schedule delivery lines and will display the total quantity in a smart form which will be sent to the ve

Oracle Designer6i Release 4 and Oracle9i Unable to add user to Repository

Dear all, I am currently using Oracle9i with Oracle Designer6i Release 4. Before I am able to use both Release 4 and Release 2 with Oracle9i. However, this time when I install it after a cleanup in my server. I have received the following error messa