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How to read the Java source code (in Netbeans)

I use OS X10.5.5, NetBeans 6.1 and JSE 6 on a 64 bit mac. When I downloaded NB6.1 it had JSE 5 as it's default (and only) java platform. I ran Software Update to get Java 6 from Apple, used the Java Prefrences utitlity to set JSE6 as default. In NB I

Error in compiling java source code in a package

hi all... am having a problem in compiling a java source code: i have a class named 'Test' in the package 'packone'.... i have another class named 'getTest' in the same package.... in the class getTest i am taking a reference to Test class... on comp

Converting class files into java source codes

Dear Friends, It is true that conversion of class files to its java source codes is possible through some software. I want to know, is there any way to protect my java source codes from viewing or copying illegally by other persons ? If I create JAR

Java source code to compare XML based on ExamXML XML diff tool

I’m working on a project that includes comparing XML files and I need a source code on Java to compare XML fragments. I’m using ExamXML from http://www.a7soft.com to compare XML files but I need the Java source code. Can anybody help me.You didn't no

How to beautify Java source code

Hello! I'm mostly a Java developer, and I recently moved my projects to XCode. I was using jEdit previously, with a lot of plugins. I specially miss: * the ability to do vertical selections (jEdit, TextMate) * Gruntspud CVS plugin - but this can be r

Where to download Java Source Code of Libraries?

Hi Sir/Madam, Would you please tell me where can I get the Java source code of Libraries? Specifically for package sap.comcrmtcuserassembly.jar? I tried to look on to Downloads and Search but can't find it. Thank you very much in advance. -jemaruI've

Where to find java source code on tiger?

I'm taking a class on java, and i need to open up some of the java source code for classes like Abstractcollections and Abstractlist to see how their implementations work. Does anyone know where the java folder is located and how to open up the sourc

Protecting java source code

I heard about the possibilty of decompiling the java code and getting back the source code, is this flaw specific to java or is it common among all programming langauges? how is it possible to protect the source code? and how expensive is the solutio

Issue of Security about Java Source Code

At most time Java compiler compiles the *.java source code into *.class files and then pack them in *.jar files running in the Java VM or as applet running on web pages. Recently I find a tool named cavaj that can decompile *.class files into *.java

How to save the user-defined Java source code

Would you please tell me how to download all of the java source code in one software component.UDFs can be exported one by one as a .mte file...not at one go...Read other 2 answers

Generate java source cod/ contect menu

I am new to JDeveloper, so please excuse the ignorance. I am using JDeveloper and UML modelers I am going through the JDeveloper tutorial( Modeling Java Classes tutorial). I design a Class model and i try to generate java sourc

Access Java Proposals for a java source code programmatically

Hi, Problem Programmatically get java proposals for a java source code (not byte code) via eclipse bundle Description I am developing one eclipse osgi bundle to correct java source code automatically. I am running osgi bundle inside eclipse itself [V

Missing setup statements when exporting to java source code

We are moving from Toplink 9i to Toplink 10g. (I know, we're a little behind the times). I saved the project in 10g checked to make sure all the settings were the same as in the 9i project. When I export the project to java source code, we're missing

Parsing Java Source Code

HI! I am searching for an API to parse java source code, modify it (add new methods, change method names,....) and write it to a new file. any suggestions? mfg MKthere is no such Java APIRead other 3 answers

Help: Calling C++ method in Java source code?

I found a method very useful, but it is written in C++, really hate to translate it into Java. My questions are: 1. Is it possible to call it in my java source code? 2. If so, how to call the C++ method in my Java program?To answer your first questio

Where is java source code for TitledBorder

Where is java source code for TitledBorder? I don't want to decompile it, as it may be slightly different than the original. Is it in some jar file on my computer? ThanksIt's different from the original because the names of objects are different. I d

Java Source Code to UML Class Diagram

Can anyone tell me exactly which kinds of relationships may be identified for a UML CLass diagram, directly from 'static' source code.. Note that I am developing my own case tool which will convert from java to uml.. At the moment, I have only manage

APT and Java source code generation

Hi all, In many articles about APT tool, I read that it is possible to generate Java source code from annotations read by AnnotationProcessorFactory. I am very interesting by this possibility but I can't find an exemple (all exemples I found display

Any way to search for casts in java source code?

Anyone know of a decent way to search your java source files to find all the casts? I ended up doing a simple text search for      " = ("(quote marks not included) which works for my code because I am strict about writing my casts with spaces li

How to convert class file to Java source code ?

Hi All , Currently am working in Peoplesoft Demo project using java as Plug in.We have only the class files and jar files and we have planned to modify the code for future enhancements.We dont have any legal issues here as we are already working with