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Oracle JDK 1.7


Installing Oracle JDK 7 on Solaris Server

Hello Experts, I would like to install Oracle JDK 7 on my server. It currently has JDK 6 installed. I would appreciate any pointers that you could provide. Version I am running SunOS 5.11. I assume this is Solaris 11. The command uname -a returns: Su

WLS new installation SUN or Oracle JDK?

hi all, i am in the middle of installing WLS the first time. can you give me your opinion whether i should stick with SUN JDK or Oracle JDK? given my history i am very familiar with handling SUN JDKs and have no clue about Oracle JDK... BUT which one

Oracle jdk permissions issue

I've this when installing oracle-jdk AUR package warning: directory permissions differ on /usr/share/applications/ filesystem: 755 package: 700 warning: directory permissions differ on /usr/share/icons/ filesystem: 755 package: 700 warning: directory

Java 7 (oracle jdk 1.7) on CentOS 6.2 freezes hangs FUTEX_WAIT

Hello, Recently have had problems with Java 1.7 this combination: CentOS 6.2 linux kernel (vanilla kernel) GRSecurity grsecurity-2.9- When trying to run jdk1.7.0_04, java hangs with no error messages in /var/log/

Should I extend swing classes from Oracle JDK

While attempting to use Swing classes, I'm not sure where to entend from. I've seen some examples on Oracle's site which uses swing classes extended from JDeveloper's customized JDK DCaf. Is that the place where I should extend from? If so, where can

Oracle JDK

Is there any SQL that can be run in order to find the current jdk version supported by an Oracle server? If this is too "fancy", is there a place to find such information? I did some searches on OTN, but to find this seems less obvious than it m

Oracle JDK 1.6 for epm11122

Hi, I have a very basic question. For Essbase installation with ( IHS/Websphere) under Linux env. What is the need for installation of Oracle JDK160_21? Is it because Essbase/HSS/EAS are Java files which needs Java Runtime environment to run

Installing openJDK 7 and Oracle JDK 6 side-by-side

I have a working jre6 + jdk6 installation from the AUR; I need these for some enterprise software I run. However, I do want to start migrating to the openJDK 7 for new development projects. The problem is that while one "should" be able to run m

Unable to install Oracle 11.2 64bit client

Hi I'm unable to get win64_11gR2_client.zip to successfully install on my Windows 7 Pro laptop. I've tried it as both user and as the administrator. Basically the Summary windows failed to popup. I see that several people have had a similar problem,

Error while configuring Oracle 11g Forms/Reports Product during istallation

Dears, We are trying to configuring Oracle 11g Forms / Reports during istallation. OS using: Win 7 -- 32 bit RAM: 4 GB We have installed the following modules successfully. Following are the steps which we have followed: 1. Installation of Oracle jdk

Cannot install oracle 10g on Windows 7 64-bit

Hello, I downloaded from edelivery.oracle.com the following version: Oracle Database 10g Release 2 ( for Microsoft Windows Vista X64 and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 X64 (5 parts)I unzipped the 5 zip files and started the file ./database/

Oracle 11g R2 Client Silent Installation Issue (PATH) Windows 7 x86

Hi All, I'm hoping somebody can shed some light on this issue. I created a Response file using the 'Save Response File' method during an interactive installation on a Windows 7 Enterprise x86 client. (file enclosed) I have installed it multiple times

Install Oracle Fusion Middle Ware In Windows 7

Hi, I am searching how i can download oracle fusion middleware (Forms&Reports) in Windows 7 But i am lost : and steps ? Regards, Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Media Pack v37 for Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit) Download      Oracle WebLogic Server 11gR1

Oracle database 11g release 2 installation on windows 7 (64-bit)

I've downloaded Oracle 11g release2 for the first time on my laptop, but before it, I've worked on MySql database and oracle 10g too but they are uninstalled now. The problem is: it is not going as I saw in the video of installation. On my system, it

Install error for Oracle 10g on Solaris x86 64-bit.  NETCA won't run

Hi All, I'm installing Oracle on Solaris x86 64-bit. I run the Oracle installer and all runs well until the NETCA portion of the install. It then errors (error file below). When i attempt to run NETCA outside of the installer i'm getting the

Could not find main class program will exit error while installing Oracle Client 32 bit on windows 7 32 bit OS?

Hi Experts, When I am installing Oracle client 32 bit software on Windows 7 32 bit I am getting error as "could not find main class program will exit" I have tried installing latest Java software 7 also JDK 1.6.0_34 still I am getting the same p

Installing Oracle 11g on Windows Xp Professional .... .Please HELP

When i try to launch the setup.exe .... This is what i get and the setup quits ... ============================================================= Starting Oracle Universal Installer... Checking monitor: must be configured to display at least 256 color

Re: Not able to install oracle database in Windows 7

Hello, I too am facing a similar issue while installing Oracle 12c Datbaase on a Virtual box machine with Windows 2008 R2 OS Image. Cause - Failed to access the temporary location. Action - Ensure that the current user has required permissions to acc

Unable to edit Outline in EAS WEB CONSOLE after JDK updated to 1.7.0_07

Our windows infrastructure team upgrade JDK to 1.7.0_07 company wide. After upgrade I can login into the EAS console and do operations like searching for members, opening & closing outlines, looking at rules, calc script etc. But I cant add new membe

Oracle To End Support for Java 7

No More Free Updates for Java 7 after April 2015 Users must sign long-term support deals or migrate to Java 8 to avoid 'enormous headache and disruption to millions of applications' Public updates for Java 7 -- including bug and security fixes -- wil