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Oracle JDK Source Code


J2SE 5.0 JDK Source Code setup

I downloaded the J2SE 5.0 JDK Source Code .zip files, but how do I set it up? I'm running Windows XP.unzip the file to whatever location you want e.g. C:\JavaApiDocs which will create C:\JavaApiDocs\docs double-click C:\JavaApiDocs\docs\api\index.htm

Rebuilding the JDK source code

Can someone outline a procedure for rebuilding the JDK source code after one makes changes to the JDK source code?Thanks fo rhe reply. Have you ever done the rebuilding and did you have any problems that I should be aware of?Read other 4 answers

Oracle XML source code

Does Oracle plan to make the XML parser source code available to developers any time in the (near!!) future? Donald Wheeler nullThat was our intention, but as yet we have not cleared all of the legal hurdles and have no anticipated date to announce.

How do I obtain JDK source code?

I need to get the source code of JDK 1.4.2 for Mac OS X to help debugging my Java application. Where can I obtain it? Is it the same one as those distributed by Sun?I fail to see why having the JDK source is going to help you debug your code.I fail t

JDK source code of earlier versions

Hi, I'm doing some research on code clones. I wrote a tool to categorize code clones and i would like to test it on several open source projects. I found a paper of another researcher that did similar research in the past and he also used several ope

JDK Source code

Does the source code for the standard java libraries come with the sdk? I thought that was the whole point of an sdk, but when using eclipse, it says it cant find the source (in rt.jar), and just gives me an outline of the class. Do I separately have

Attatching Source Code To Eclipse IDE

Please please please can someone help me do this? Its driving me nuts I am running JDK 5 and have downloaded Java 5 source cide - I have attatched the code to Eclipse and it still does not show it. I have tried this on more then one machine with no l

JVM 1.4.2 source code ?

Where can I gett the source code of the JVM bundled with Java 1.4.2 ?Looking for something like [J2SE 5.0 JDK Source Code|http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index_jdk5.jsp] (only for j2se 1.4.2))Read other 4 answers

Sample  PL/SQL Portlet Source Code for Oracle Portal 9ias

Hi, I'm a newbie of Oracle Portal technology, and I have a problem: I would create a PL/SQL portlet that realizes the following functions: 1) Retrieve the username of the portal user logged from WWCTX_API.GET_USER function. 2) Insert into an oracle d

Need sample source code for calling stored procedure in Oracle

Hi. I try to call stored procedure in oracle using JCA JDBC. Anybody have sample source code for that ? Regards, Arnold.Thank you very much for a very quick reply. It worked, but I have an extended problem for which I would like to have a solution. T

How to get full source code for Oracle ADF?

Hi, I 'm referring to the following URL http://download-west.oracle.com/docs/html/B25947_01/intro003.htm and it has mentioned that full source for Oracle ADF is available : "Full source for Oracle ADF is available to supported customers through Oracl

Where can i get Oracle JDeveloper 9i  Handbook exercise source code?

Hi I'm studying JDeveloper 10g by read the book <<Oracle JDeveloper 9i Handbook >> which written by Peter Koletzke,Paul Dorsey and Avrom Faderman, Where can i get exercise source code? In chapter 13,I can't create the application module Accoun

Source Code Fomatter for Oracle Jdeveloper 9i

Guys, I am using Jdeveloper 9i and want to format the tool according to some standards but across the web and in the the oracle portal as well i have found formatting tools for jdev 10g but none for jdev 9i.Can anyone suggest me how to go about this.

Oracle Report lost source code

Hello Everyone, I have one Oracle report 6i executable (REP) file without its relevant source file (RDF). Is there any way I can generate a source file from the executable file? Regards DharmeshIs there any way to do this in Forms? We have a number o

Pro Oracle Application Express source code?

Greetings, I bought this book almost a year ago and have yet to see the source code posted on the Apress website. Does anyone know if the source code actually exists or is it vaporware? Regards, Bill ChadbourneBill, somebody's lying and it's not Apre

Scrolling  messes source code on JDeveloper Windows 7 (64 bit)

Hello! One can only work around the problem as in vista, by using a new Sun jdk, other than that shipped with JDeveloper. However, this is not considered safe, as the newer jdk is neither tested nor certified to work with that version of JDeveloper.

Where to download TextClient & ChatServer application source code ?

Hi All, This link: http://www.oracle.com/technology/pub/articles/dev2arch/2006/02/sip-servlet.html talks about TextClient & ChatServer application explaining the SIP Servlets.. In the downloads section the links are disabled. Earlier the source code

Network Java Native Library libnet.jnilib source code or functions name

Hi, I am using libnet.jnilib in my networking project but i am not aware about the internal structure of this library. Is this open source library? Is oracle JNI project open source as jdk? If It is, Where can i get source code for that? If It is not

JSSE Source Code

Is there any chance to get access to the source code for JSSE? All I could find are the "stubs" from the SCSL (Sun Community Source Licensing) download for the JDK. I'm mainly interested in the source for JDK 1.5. The "stub" source fil

Cannot find source code for Employee Benefit application

Hello, I am trying to find the Employee Benefit Sample Application which used to be provided by Oracle at http://otn.oracle.com/sample_code/products/ias/content.html. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the source code anywhere, neither by searching thro