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Oracle JInitiator Free Download


Oracle Jinitiator for Windows 7 or IE 8,

Hello, We are using Oracle Jinitiator for our home grown applications. It is working perfectly in IE 7 on windows XP. Now some users are getting new laptop's with WINDOWS 7. They are not able to login to application with Oracle Jinitiator 1.

FRM-92095: Oracle JInitiator version too low!

Hi everybody, After I upgraded my Macbook Pro to the latest java of Oracle Java ver7 update 9 I am stuck. I cannot luanch oracle from on an ERP V12 installation gettling the following error: FRM-92095: Oracle JInitiator version too low. I have try to

FRM-92095 Oracle Jinitiator Version too low - dsiplayed on client machine

Hi, When I login from my Windows/Xp client machine to my Linux Server running R12.1.1. I get the message below: "FRM-92095; Oracle Jinitiator Version too Low. Please install version or higher" I really do not know what this means. Can so

Oracle JInitiator or higher

Hello All From where I can download Oracle JInitiator or higher version ? I have forms10g Demo so Oracle JInitiator or higher is part of Demo ? I gone through Otn and I found Oracle JInitiator but Forms10g demo required Ora

How to Install and configure Oracle Jinitiator

Before runing Forms9i i start oc4j and when i execute form it shows me error and ask to install Oracle Jinitiator at the same time on oc4j command window show configFileName:G:\ORACLE\ORA90/FORMS90/SERVER/formsweb.cfg testmode: falseAssuming you want

Oracle Jinitiator Digital Certificates

I need help installing Oracle Jinitiator. I have created the certificate by using the command "adjkey -initialze", but I am having trouble repackaging the certificate. The manual says to type "sh adjbuild.sh" but my computer does not u

Oracle JInitiator for 64-Bit OS

Hello, I am trying to Install Oracle Jinitiator on Windows XP 64-bit. It gives me the following error. Program Cannot Start or Run The program or feature "\??\D:\DOCUME~1\ADMIN~1\LOCALS~1\TEMP\~EXB0000\DISK1\SETUP.EXE" cannot start or run due to

Oracle Jinitiator error installation in window7

Hi all,   I have in my small organization   server system: Microsoft windows server 2003 Service Pack1(32bit) Oracle Application Server  Enterprise Edition(  32 bit in client system we access the application IE :6 OS:windowns xp (32 bit) t

Oracle JInitiator version + Firefox 12.0 + Windows 7 = fail

Hi, I use Firefox 12.0 on Windows 7. I've just installl the Oracle JInitiator Plugin version and it doesn't work. 1- When I first login to Oracle EBS (11.5.10) it came this page (normal): In order to access this application, you must install

Oracle JInitiator issue with Firefox 3 and IE7 - not working!

Hi, I'm accessing the oracle apps server through VPN using a Windows Vista system running Firefox 3 and IE 7. I'm able to log on and access the self service pages correctly. But I'm unable to access the form based pages. If I use the JInitiator 1.3.1

Planning not working properly when user has Oracle Jinitiator installed

Hi we have a lot of users that have Oracle Jinitiator installed to use with a system named Banner. These users have a few issues when using - the enter key is not recognized on web forms and users cannot see business rules to execute them. H

Oracle Jinitiator latest version

Hello! which is the latest version of Oracle Jinitiator available for oracle forms and which parameters to be reconfigure for usage of newer version (if available) Thanks in AdvanceIt would be 1.3.28 and as Grant Ronald said, Oracle Jinitiator has a

Oracle jinitiator for Windows Vista

Hi All, Is oracle jinitiator compatible to Windows Vista? We have Oracle E-Business Suite 11i (11.5.10). Whenever we access the application, in Windows XP, Internet Explorer 6 or 7, the oracle jinitiator launch without any problem. Now we ha

Incompatibility with Oracle Forms and Oracle JInitiator (

Hello, I've detected a problem that I don't know how to solve or if it's in my hands to solve it. In my company we're using a SAP EP as intranet and it is the default web page when we open the Internet Explorer. The problem is that since we use the S

Funny: Oracle Jinitiator =  Java-Plugin ONLY for MS Windows

Oracle seems to have an agreement with Microsoft. The product Oracle Jinitiator, which installs a java-plugin, can only be used on MS Windows OS. And MS Internet Explorer seems to be the preferred browser. But there is a nice SOD. If i want to deploy

Jinitiator - Can i usee it to download dll in my client

Can i use jinitiator to download my dll from App server to client . we use it to download webutil dlls and register them . I wan to do it for my dll. ThanksThis is a Forms issue which is best handled in the Forms forum: Start/Stop AS Instance & AS Co

[ANN] Oracle JDeveloper 10g is now available for download.

It's probably worth a mention in this forum too ;-) In case you haven't notice we have just released Oracle JDeveloper 10g production with a many new features that makes it the ideal Java tools for Oracle Application Server users. Check it out at: ht

What's Oracle for Windows download link?

Where can I find link to download Oracle for Windows? Thanks.You can't. is a patch set and is available only from Metalink. You'll need a support contract to use Metalink.Read other 3 answers

Cannot find Oracle client patch download for W2K3 32 bit.

Hi All, To fix a Oracle client bug I would like to upgrade the Oracle client software from to The bug we are experiencing has been solved in It has to do with Windows memory management. Normal users can only use the clien

Oracle 9i release 2 for WIN2000 free download problem!

On download area of oracle. There are three files of 9i release 2 for win2000. But the second file size is not correct. Can oracle replace the file? Thanks!We've verified these files -- Please make sure you have the same filesizes as listed on the do