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Oracle JRE 7 Update 51


JRE 7 update 3 with javafx offline installation

Hi, I am testing the option to run javafx application in a clean client machine with only JRE 7 update 3 installed on it. when I install jre 7 update 3 on this machine from Oracle web site I have two options: online install or offline install, if I d

Jdk/jre 6 update 25 probably misconfigured install

In the weekend I have downloaded the jdk 6 update 25 from the oracle website . During the install it replaced the jdk and jre 6 update 24 that I had on the computer . My configuration is win 7 professional 64 bit and I installed java 32 bit version .

Error in setting permissions of file/directory /home/oracle/jre/1.1.8/LICENSE !

Error in setting permissions of file/directory /home/oracle/jre/1.1.8/LICENSE ! Installation problem of 9i databse on redhat 7.3!!I installed sun jdk 1.3 or jdk 1.1.8_v3 and created a link for /usr/local/java !from root try this command umask umask m

Are my kernel panics due to the Java Updater (com.oracle.java.Java-Updater) ?

In the past few months I've been getting more kernel panics than usual. This is on my late 2012 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 Mac Mini, running OS X Yosemite (OS X 10.2.2) with 16 GB of RAM. Looking at the console logs following the last panic, I can see tha

Warning message by JRE 7 update 21

Hello sir, On installing jre 7 update 21 I get the unknown publisher message eventhough my jar file signed.As part of solution I tried to include the Attributes "Trusted-Only: true" as well "Trusted-Library: true" in the manifest file.

Functions: Oracle VM Manager vs. Grid Control Oracle VM Management Update

Hello guys, i have seen both tools .. and i have to say that some really basic functions are missing in the Oracle VM management addon for Grid Control .. just some examples: - Renaming virtual machines (because of the prefix syntax is not v

JRE 7 update 45

Hi, After updating jre 7update 45 my applet is not working.The applet is signed with the trusted certificate. Also accrding to release notes I have added the attributes Permissions : all-permissions codebase : * Application-Name : Display Application

Oracle Linux 6 update --- wirelees network card not working.

Hello, The only problem I am having is with my wireless network card(built-in). Should I buy a new wireless card that can be used with Oracle Linux? Here is some info about my laptop: $ lspci -v | grep -i net 04:00.0 Network controller: Realtek Semic

Oracle Critical Patch Update Advisory - January 2013

Hi all, Oracle Critical Patch Update - January 2013 I am confused about CPU, PSU, SPU, USP. I am reading the docs and it seems they are same thing being rambled? Which of them is the most important to apply? Thanks, PetraKThanks gotti and fa

Windows XP style and JRE 5 update 9,10 and JRE 6.0 problem

Good day. I have an application that is deployed on more than 700 PCs in different countries. Application is being deployed via Java Web Start and is being used by our clients for more than 3 years already. Today we are receiving more and more compla

In Oracle Linux 6 update 3, a question about Language

Hi, I'm operating Oracle Linux 6 update 3. I have some question. After it is booting, We can select various Languages in fisrt login display. So then does it(Oracle Linux 6 update 3 vesrion) support all Languages without installing a Language Packs?

Re: Is Oracle 11gR2 and 10gR2 BOTH compatible with Oracle Linux 6 Update 1?

Hello, Required to Install Oracle 11gR2 and 10gR2 Oracle binaries on Oracle Linux 6 Update 1, are both versions compatible to install and run with databases on Oracle Linux Release 6 Update 1 or Oracle Linux Release 5 Update 7 is required for this? T

Java Applets - JRE 6 Update 18

Hi All, I am working on a web application. Developed a web page using HTML <Applet> tag. Web page is working fine on JRE 6 update 18 version. Yesterday, my system gone through auto update of JRE 7 update 25. Today morning, i uninstalled JRE 7 update

Can not install JRE since Update 23 on Windows 7 x64

There's something different with JRE since update 23. I can install until update 22 just fine, but update 23 and 24 just does not install. I always install with offline installer. I have the error from event manager Registo de falhas 1729745976, tipo

Can I remove ORACLE JRE/JDK?

Hi all I already have Sun's JRE/JDK in /usr (SuSE). Can I safely remove Oracle JRE/JDK?Last time when I delete Oracle JRE, OEM and none of oracle's UI based on Java did not start.Read other 2 answers

Launch apps with oracle jre 7

With Apple discontinuing support jre 7 on its mountain lion, i am trying to find a way to launch my mac apps with oracle jre7. There are two situations occuring to me. 1. Oracle jre7 could be before hand installed and my app should be able to detect


Where should this link point to right now, mine points to itself. When I launch via ./JRE, I get error: To many levels of symbolic links. I think this is becasue JRE links to JRE which links to JRE which...you get the picture. Anyway, I am wondering

Installing Oracle JRE

Currently I'm using this package from the AUR.  I'm trying to install it with: $ makepkg -s # pacman -U jre-7.9-1-x86_64.pkg.tar However, this is returned: looking for inter-conflicts... :: jre and jre7-openjdk are in conflict (java-runtime). Remove

Having problem with "windows on top" in jre 6 update 12

I'm having issue with the jre 6 update 12 with our Swing application. It works fine with update 11. The issue is that my JFrame is somehow getting set to be "always on top" once I've opened an closed a modal dialog from that JFrame. Here is the

Oracle Critical Patch Update July 2009 for Oracle BEA Releases

Hi All, Researching in metalink about CPU's for WLS 9.1 I found Oracle Support Note #835668.1. Table 9 of this document lists minimum product requirements for WebLogic server. According to this table WLS 9.1 should have a minimum version of 9.2MP3. I