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Oracle JRE 7


Error in setting permissions of file/directory /home/oracle/jre/1.1.8/LICENSE !

Error in setting permissions of file/directory /home/oracle/jre/1.1.8/LICENSE ! Installation problem of 9i databse on redhat 7.3!!I installed sun jdk 1.3 or jdk 1.1.8_v3 and created a link for /usr/local/java !from root try this command umask umask m

Can I remove ORACLE JRE/JDK?

Hi all I already have Sun's JRE/JDK in /usr (SuSE). Can I safely remove Oracle JRE/JDK?Last time when I delete Oracle JRE, OEM and none of oracle's UI based on Java did not start.Read other 2 answers

Launch apps with oracle jre 7

With Apple discontinuing support jre 7 on its mountain lion, i am trying to find a way to launch my mac apps with oracle jre7. There are two situations occuring to me. 1. Oracle jre7 could be before hand installed and my app should be able to detect


Where should this link point to right now, mine points to itself. When I launch via ./JRE, I get error: To many levels of symbolic links. I think this is becasue JRE links to JRE which links to JRE which...you get the picture. Anyway, I am wondering

Installing Oracle JRE

Currently I'm using this package from the AUR.  I'm trying to install it with: $ makepkg -s # pacman -U jre-7.9-1-x86_64.pkg.tar However, this is returned: looking for inter-conflicts... :: jre and jre7-openjdk are in conflict (java-runtime). Remove

[SOLVED]Oracle jre / jdk conflicts

Hi, I just recently installed arch for the first time and is attempting to replace OpenJDK with the version of Oracle. I downloaded the jre and jdk from AUR, but I get conflicts between them. The JDK is needed for development purposes. I extracted th

Oracle jre problem

Hello folks... Iam using oracle 10g r2 on windows and here is the java path D:\oracle\product\10.1.0\db_1\jre\1.4.2 C:\Documents and Settings\xxxi>java -version java version "1.4.2_03" Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1

Oracle jre

I have successfully installed java 5 and everything works fine in eclipse, netbeans, etc. When compiling my java sources in my oracle 9i, I get an error - class "javax.mail..." not found in import.. I am assuming my oracle is not using the updat

No Patches from Oracle-JRE

I've been using ZPM for updating many of my vendor applications such as Flash, Firefox and Java. Recently I've noticed that my browser has been telling me that Java is out of date and when I went to check what the hold up is in ZCM I see that there i

PB12.6 compatiblity with Oracle JRE 1.3.1_02

Hello I am currently using PB12.6 . we need to call the Java bean through OLE connection. Java bean is built in JRE_1.3.1_02 version. Here is code ctisActiveXName = 'Java Bean Class' ioleServer = CREATE OLEObject llResult = ioleServer.ConnectToNewObj

JRE in oracle ?

Hi All we are using above oracle version with JRE 1.3 is it possible to upgrade java from 1.3 to 1.4.2 in oracle JRE Thanks kedarYou cannot upgrade the JVM that is embedded in the Oracle database if that is what you are asking. You can, however, use

JRE in Oracle 81701 - difficulties......

When starting the Oracle Management Server for Oracle, sometimes the start command (oemctrl start oms) hangs and sometimes completes, but the OMS is nonresponsive. Also a large number of jre processes are started, mostly inactive. i.e. 66 j

Error while creating a JDBC connection to Oracle 11g using WLS 6.1

Hi I am trying to connect to Oracle 11g database on Weblogic 6.1 server. First of all i would like to know if this is compatible? The environement that i have is this 1. JDK 1.3 2. Database 11g is on remote system 3. Oracle client on my local system

Error in install of any link Oracle 9.0.1

Dear All I am installing Oracle9i on Sun Sparc Solaris and I get the following errors. (this happens for about 87 files) I'm not sure what the problem is. --- error_mesage -------------------------------- Error in checking existance of the link, errn

Dbca problem on rh 7.2 and 7.3 with Oracle 9.2

hi! i have problems using dbca on my redhat 7.2 and redhat 7.3 machine with fresh installed oracle 9i release2. installation succeded with no problems, but now i have problem creating database with dbca. however, when i type dbca & as user oracle, i

How do I bundle a jre with an RCP appl on Mac OSX

Hi, We are making an RCP appl with kepler. I want to ship the jre's with the appl. On windows I can just ship a jre dir in the root, no problem. On the Mac (10.8.4) it does not seem to work, at least not in an obvious way. I downloaded the latest 1.7

Error while installing Oracle 10G Grid control in RHEL

I was installing Oracle 10G Grid control in RHEL. Got the following error. Any idea what this means and what is the remedy? ======================================= Output generated from configuration assistant "Oracle Net Configuration Assistant"

Oracle Security Patch Error while applying --The filename, directory name,

Hello, I am running into strange error while applying Oracle Security Patch 68 by using Opatch. Supposedly, All the environment variables are set properly. ACTIVE_STATE_PERL=true DBMS_TYPE=ORA dbs_ora_tnsname=YBQ JAVA_HOME=C:\jdk1.3.1_10 OPATCH_DEBUG

Error connecting to oracle DB using SAS 8.1

Hi, I am using SAS 8.1(2005 Q1) and the oracle server is I am trying to run a sample application given in the app server (jdbc-simple) and it's not connecting to the database. I am using oracle thin driver. I have created the jdbc connection

Oracle Installation or Uninstallation Solutions For Windows 95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP

You must read carefully the following steps here. If you previously installed any Oracle's products on your machine, I strongly recommend you to clean up thoroughly before install the new products. ====================================================