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Oracle JVM Garbage Collection


Oracle JVM Garbage Collection not executing

I am experiencing a problem with garbage collection when running a java stored procedure in an Oracle database running on a Windows 2k computer. I have created a simple java class that represents a tree structure. Each instance of the class

Hotspot core dumping during JVM garbage collection ?

We have an application which calls a 3rd party supplied server API which has recently been upgraded to use Java 1.5 We are getting the following error reported by our client application. The application is also now running Java 1.5 but references man

Howto Force Garbage Collection manually in Oracle Application Server

Hi, I have a Oracle SOA suite installed on Oracle 10g Application Server. The heap memory for the SOA oc4j container is 2G with a permgen space of 256M. But it looks like there is some memory leak somewhere and the Heap area is getting filled frequen

How to encourage jvm to garbage collect?

Hello, I am working with an application that would benefit from more frequent garbage collection. It is running on a hefty machine, with multiple processors and more than 4 gigs of memory available for the JVM. Right now, we are setting the max heap & Sun T5220 & threads & Java garbage collection...

We recently upgraded our prod and test servers (middle tier) to Sun T5220's each with 8 procs which have 8 cores per proc. Apache/Java sees that as having 64 CPUs and configures a garbage collection thread for each. Since we have around 10 test and d

Exorbitant Garbage Collection Times

Once a day, at around 4-4:30am, our application experiences a single Full GC with taking an exorbitant amount of time. A Full GC kicks in and pauses all threads for 5 to 30 minutes. Full GC's regularly occur at other times and complete in 5-20 second

High Eden Java Memory Usage/Garbage Collection

Hi, I am trying to make sure that my Coldfusion Server is optomised to the max and to find out what is normal limits. Basically it looks like at times my servers can run slow but it is possible that this is caused by a very old bloated code base. Jru

High cpu usage for garbage collection (uptime vs total gc time)

Hi Team, We have a very high cpu usage issue in the production. When we restart the server, the cpu idle time would be around 95% and it comes down as days goes by. Today idle cpu is 30% and it is just 6th day after the server restart. Environemnt de

IncompatibleClassChangeError. Caused by garbage collection?

The problem occurs on JDK 1.3.1-b24 compiled in JBuilder Windows and running on Sun Solaris with identical JDK version. The application is a relatively complex RMI server. An error recovery function in the server runs in a Thread every two minutes. M

Garbage collection of objects created inside a method

I have method and inside the method I create new Objects I mean I instantiate objects using new and call some methods on these objects. once the method execution is completed and control goes to caller of the method will all the object created inside

Garbage collection Java Virtual Machine : Hewlett-Packard Hotspot release

"Hi, I try and understand the mechanism of garbage collection of the Java Virtual Machine : Hewlett-Packard Hotspot release There is description of this mechanism in the pdf file : "memory management and garbage collection" availa

How to Change the Garbage Collection Algorithm in WLS 9..2

Hi All I am trying to find out the way to configure the GC algorithm in weblogic 9.2 to type [email protected] By default it is showing 'Nursery, parallel mark, parallel sweep' . We were trying to change it to generational (two-spaced) wit

How to specify when Full Garbage Collections occur in the Old Generation

Hi. We seem to be having a problem with a number of JVMs (1.5.0_17-b04) that run a component of a Document Management application. This component stores a large amount of information in caches which reside in the Old Generation. Although these cache

Increase Scope of Custom variables in Oracle JVM

We on our project are facing the following problem, any suggestions to work around this would be appreciated : We our using Oracle 9i JVM for development Our Sample problem flow is as follows : A package PKG1 has three procedures PROC1/PROC2/PROC3 A

Manual garbage collection

Im running a huge combinatorial generation algorithm and i'm starting to run into memory allocation errors on larger problem instances. I am using the -Xmx256m run time option on the JVM to give it more memory but im generating huge masses off stuff

Premature Garbage Collection of Remote Objects

I have a problem with distributed garbage collection and RMI. In CSPoker we try to support RMI for client-server communication. The client looks up the server through the registry, calls the login method and receives back a Remote Object reference ca

Local ref garbage collection within "nested" JNI calls

I am using a JVM started in C++ to make calls to java classes. The C++ code makes JNI call into the JVM which instantiates a java class. The java class, in the course of execution, makes other JNI calls. All this happens on one thread of execution. W

Cache voluntary garbage collection called

We have installed Oracle Web Cache on Windows 2000. We setup the Maximum cache size parameter to 1000Mb, but, when we try to caching a web using WGET, Oracle Web Cache return a "cache voluntary garbage collection called" in the file of

No garbage collection data/detailed memory use data in Wily?

Hi All, We are running some portals on AIX (1.4.2 SR12). We have installed the wily agent on the portals and the enterprise manager on our solman server. When looking in the introscope workstation the heap usage of the JVMs are shown as it should. Ho

Increasing the priority of garbage collection

We have a JNI application that is running under a very heavy load. The problem is that the garbage collection can't catch up with the application. This creates a problem that looks like a memory leek, we consume more and more memory. Is there a way t