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Oracle Linux 7 Free Download


Installing oracle 10g on Oracle linux?

hi, I may have an opportunity to work with data on an oracle server in a few months, so I would like to somehow prapare myself to work in this environment. I downloaded and installed the Oracle Linux and then downloaded and tried to install oracle 11

Where to download and how to install X Window System for Oracle Linux 5 ?

Folks, Hello. I am using Oracle Linux 5 and Oracle Database 11g for PIA. Before install Oracle DB 11g into Oracle Linux 5, we need to install X Window System according to the document page 2 http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B28359_01/install.111/b3

Download Oracle Linux from E-Delivery ..

Hi, I have downloaded the "Oracle Linux Release 5 Update 6 Media Pack for x86 (32 bit)".link: https://edelivery.oracle.com/EPD/Download/get_form?egroup_aru_number=13392056. After i download i got zip file "V24478-01". Please tell me ho

Fail to download Oracle Linux x64

Hello. I study exam guide for taking 1Z0-052 and I wanted to download Oracle Linux for Oracle 11g Enterprise edition installation. I received such an error: Thank you for accessing Oracle E-Delivery. Due to your country location, we are unable to pro

How can i download the oracle linux

i want to download the Oracle Linux Release 6 Update 1 in "edelivery.oracle.com",but when i click the download button,it shows "Thank you for accessing Oracle E-Delivery. Due to your country location, we are unable to process your request.

Which file must i download for Oracle Linux

Hi. I have decided to download Oracle Enterprise Linux 6 on vmware. But when i look Oracle's edelivery site. files are : http://i.imgur.com/kXuwe.png There are 4 files for Oracle Linux. Above there is a sign ; TIP View the Readme file(s) to help deci

Manually Download Oracle Linux 6 Repo

Hello, Is there a site or method in which I can manually download the entire oracle linux 6 repo and its updates from http://public-yum.oracle.com/repo/OracleLinux/OL6/ I want to be able to burn the updates to a dvd. I do not want the servers I have

Oracle Linux Exam Help!

Hello! I will kindly ask for your honest opinions as I want to study for an Oracle Linux exam and I need to get the below indicated topics covered, but unfortunately I could not find a book to cover them all (as I did for Oracle 11g). Please help me

How to compile Oracle Linux source?

I accidentally downloaded source DVD "Oracle Linux Release 5 Update 2 source - DVD" instead of installable ISO image. Is there anyway I can compile it to make bootable ISO image? I tried to search this forum as well as other places but couldn't

Silent install of oracle on oracle linux 6.4  64 bit edition

Hello, What files do I need to alter to install oracle 11gR2 {}[1] rdbms ontop of a local install of oracle linux 6.4 64 bit edition ? I want to do the install in silent mode from the command line. -oracle linux 6.4 installed and updated wi

How to install oracle 11g on oracle linux 6.1.

Hello everyone here at oracle forum.! I'm new on using the linux and i badly need to learn it including the Oracle Database for making PHP website. Because of this i downloaded all the packages of Oracle Linux Release 6 Update 1 Media Pack for x86 (3

Does weblogic server 10.3.6 & 10.3.5 supported on oracle linux 5.8 ?

I am trying to install weblogic server 10.3.6 on Oracle linux 5.8 (64-bit) platform. While creating domain , it does not take any input in password & conform password fields on "configure administrator username and password page". The field

OS Package Error while installing SOA on Oracle Linux

Hi, I am trying to install SOA Suite on Linux Environment. While doing the prerequisite checks, I am getting some errors wrt operating system packages and kernel parameters. The queries I have is: 1) If these packages are not installed, wi

"Bad page state in process swapper" with Oracle Linux 5.9

Dear All, We got "localhost kernel: BUG: Bad page state in process swapper  pfn:5e13c2e" when booting Oracle Linux 5.9. The system is installed with - 1. CPU: 2 x Xeon E5-2690 2. Mem: 384 GB 3. QLE 2562 FC 4. Oracle Linux 5.9 (64-bit) (2.6.39-30

Compiling VMtools on Oracle Linux 6.2 gives errors

I am trying to compile the vmtools on a Oracle Linux 6.2 VMware installation. I'm getting strange compilation errors on all the vmtools. Log pasted below. I have found thread VMware Tools and Oracle Linux Howto and followed the items in there with no

Oracle Linux 5.7 kernel panic when installing R12

Hi Everyone, I've a small issue which I like to share and hopefully you are able to help solving it. I've downloaded and installed VMware Player 4 and Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.7 (32 bit) as a guest Virtual Machine on my Window 7 machine. I've also d

Oracle 11gR2 RAC on Oracle Linux

Folks, need some help in finding the correct asmlib for this linux box, have already tired one and screwed up one box, now trying on 2nd one. Here is info: Oracle Linux Server release 5.6   x86_64 Please advice, I'm looking at here and tried this one

Why Oracle Linux 5 cannot recover disk space after delete files ?

Folks, Hello. When I create a Virtual Machine for Oracle Linux 5 to install EBS R12, I allocate 300GB to the VM. I download EBS R12 Source Files (45.7GB) and unzip the files (46GB). Total size of stage area directory(EBS_R12) is 91.7GB. Because some

Oracle Linux versioning

Hi Avi, i'm quiet confuse if the release and distributions: uname -a on my server show me 2.6.32-200.13.1.el5uek, that mean that it's a Entreprise Linux 5 ? what the diff betwenn OEL5, OEL6 EL5UEK, EL6UEK, i'm lost. Oracle Linux kernel appear as UEK


I have installed Oracle linux 6.2. I need GUI mode. What should i do to get that? Also i dont have internet connnection on my server for accessing yum repo(online). So where can i download the repository image(offline) for oracle linux 6.2 Please cla