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Column exist but ResultSet.getString(String) return invalid column name

With oracle 7 db the ResultSet.getString(String) works fine but after the upgrade to oracle 8 db it return invalid column name. ResultSet.getString(int) method works fine. Is this a bug in the driver? Thanks -RedaYes I'm 100 % sure that the columns e

Oracle 11g Stored Proccedure won't talk to our ColdFusion code.

WHY IS JIVE SAYING THIS IS A BLANK MESSAGE????? We are attempting to execute a stored procedure with this piece of code. [Macromedia][Oracle JDBC Driver]Unhandled sql type   The error occurred in D:\playground\warren\PpurComponents.cfc: line 49 Calle

Where can i find oracle 11g csi number

Hi oracle Lord's This is Arun, I'm facing some problem while I installing oracle 11g on my machine. I downloaded oracle 11g from the below link http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/enterprise-edition/downloads/index.html. While I installing ora

WebLogic 6.1 Oracle Driver for AIX size

Can someone tell me the correct file size for the WebLogic 6.1 AIX driver for Oracle - oci816_8/libweblogicoci37.so ? I ask because our oci816_8 driver fails to load when making a connection pool, giving an UnsatisfiedLinkError, although all the path

Oracle dates

hi, I know oracle valid dates are between 1 jan 4712 B.C. and 31 dec 9999 A.D. B.C. means Before christ but what does A.D. means....A.D. = Anno Domini = "In the Year of our Lord" Basically it relates to any year after the supposed birth of Jesus

Error while invoking a WS-Security secured web service from Oracle BPEL..

Hi , We are facing some error while invoking a WS-Security secured web service from our BPEL Process on the windows platform(SOA For the BPEL process we are following the same steps as given in an AMIS blog : - [http://technology.amis.nl

Error while running a customize report in oracle ebs

Hi .. can anybody suggest how to solve the follwing error while running a customize report in oracle ebs? XXIFMS: Version : UNKNOWN Copyright (c) 1979, 1999, Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved. Current system time is 03-JUN-2011 11:09:24 +------

HELP! Can not install Oracle 8.1.5 w/ RedHat 6.1!

I can not get Oracle 8.1.5 to install onto Linux RedHat 6.1. The Oracle installation script generates several errors. I have tried several attempts, using different options, but they all generate errors. Please help. The Oracle Installation scripts a

Logical operators in Oracle select query

Hello all, Can i use logical operators in oracle select queries? for 1 and 0 =0 ; 1 or 0 =0 if i have two fileds in a table COL1 have a value of 1010 and COL2 have a value of 0001. Is there any way to use select col1 or col2 from table? where or is a

Strange scenario,Oracle can not display the data in mysql correctly

I use Heterogeneous Service+ODBC to achieve "oracle access mysql"(any other method?),and now i find Oracle can not display the data in mysql correctly: -------mysql------------ mysql> create table tst(id int,name varchar(10)); Query OK, 0 row

SSO to Oracle Forms 6.0 and Oracle Reports 6.0

Hi, Could somebody please explain how I should implement the SSO so that I can log on a forms application? Should I use external partner app. ?? How can I parse the right parameters to the forms server ?? thanks, JeromeHi, Oracle Forms 6i does not su

Oracle, Null and empty Strings

Currently I'm facing problems with a class, which contains a String, which is set to "" (empty String). When the class is persistent, oracle writes null to the table column (which seems to be common oracle behaviour) and when retrieving the clas

Installation Problem on Pentium4 with ORACLE 8.1.7 Client

I tried to Install the ORACLE Client 8.1.7/8.1.6 on Pentium4 with NT platform. On inserting the CD it gave the first prompt and after Clicking the "INSTALL/DE-INSTALL PRODUCTS", system stops. Checking in the TaskManager helps us to know that 'se

Installation problem on AIX ( SAP4.7, Oracle-9i)

Hello Gurus, We are installaing SAP4.7 on AIX with oracle-9i as an database we have completed central instance successfully, while database instance we are facing error I am attaching error log for your referenec error log You entered: /sapcd/oracle9

Installation problem on Linux Slackware 7.1 (Oracle 8i)

I try install Oracle 8i Enterprise in Linux Slackware 7.1 (kernel 2.2.16), but the runInstaller don't work. I read the installation manuals and make all steps, but the runInstaller don't work. I get this message: ./runInstaller The Java RunTime Envir

Goldengate Oracle 11.2 Encrypted tablespace

Please advise why this error is showing and help us on this situation Line: ----- Windows 2008 x64 Oracle x64 Oracle Goldengate x64 ++++++++++++SOURCE++++++++++++++ sql>conn / as sysdba **************CREATE TABLESPACE AND TABLE*****

I am trying to have access tables of the Sql Server through the Oracle

I am trying to have access tables of the Sql Server through the Oracle and this being occurred the error: ORA-28500: connection from ORACLE to a non-Oracle system returned this message: [Generic Connectivity using ODBC][H006] The init parameter <HS_F

Generate xml source file for Oracle Order Capture Print Quote

Hi, I am new to xml and need to work on creating templates for Print Quote. I am trying to generate the xml source file for which I enabled the report in system administrator and set the output to XML and assigned to Quoting Reports responsiblity. I

APiI for generating Quote report as Pdf  in oracle iStore

hi, Any one help me on which API is used for generating quote report in oracle istore...Are u sure about  the report version. Please do upgrade  while  even in oracle  they almost stopped for new version -Developer suiteRead other 2 answers

Unable to load database connector - using JRC w/report connecting to Oracle

A simple Java program was created to test a Crystal Report using JRC. The Java program is a thick-client Swing desktop application (modified from an example of crxi_r2_migrating_rdc_to_jrc.pdf). The program failed to execute the report with the follo