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How to explain my Java version message?

How to explain the following Java version message? What is 14.2-b01? Can I install JDeveloper 10.1.2 using this Java version? C:\Oracle\product>*java -version* java version "1.6.0_16" Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_16-b01) Java

Java version 7 update 9 update was installed, Computer Mac  version 10.7.5 will not recognise the download.  Please advise .  Is there another link for a download that will work.

I downloaded the Java update version 7 update 9 as advised by computer - but the computer does not recognize the download - as instructed I  pressed Command R and also tried Command Q I downloaded the update twice - still the computer does not recogn

Calling BIP from Oracle Forms: Having Java version problem.

<h3> Hi, I tried to call a BIP report through Oracle Forms. I followed this PDF. http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/xml-publisher/docs/Forms_BIP_v22.pdf Problem is, when I run the form, I get this error (copied from the Java Console) Oracle J

How can I find out the java version Oracle has ?

How can I find out the java version Oracle has built in? I've tried with .. SELECT comp_id, comp_name, version FROM dba_registry ; But I get.."table doesn't not exist". Thenks in advance!Pl post details of OS and database versions. Pl see this M

Java Version for ERP 2005 and Oracle

Hi all, I've just a question. I'm trying to install ERP2005 on Windows 2003 Server with Oracle But the process terminates at the step "Import ABAP" with the error messages concerning "CJS-30022 Program 'Migration Monitor' exits wi

How can you upgrade the Oracle's db java version?

Hi - Is there away to upgrade the database's java version? We are on UNIX with Oracle 8.1.6. I would like to upgrade it to Java 1.4, if possible. As far as I know, we do not currently use java for anything. We like to use java stored procedures. Than

How to upgrade java version in Oracle 11g

The java version of my oracle database is 1.5.0_10. How do I upgrade it to java 1.7.0_10 ThanksHi, I believe you can not update into the database, Please check the Compatibility matrix for that. What Version of Java is Compatible With The Database JV

What is Oracle database current Java version

How do tell what version of Java my Oracle database is using. I check select * from dba_registery, but no luck; I know the latest java version is 1.6.Here is what they have below, but when I execute the sql, it hung and have to cancel: create or repl

OracleAS release 2 max java version

What is the maximum java version supported by the Oracle Application Server Release ? I want the Exact update like jdk1.5_0_5. is there any document regarding this. Plz reply Thanks and Regards Lijo LawranceI guess you are talking about Oracle Applic

Is oracle ebs work with java version 7.51 ?

Hi, is oracle ebs work with java version 7.51 ? ThanksFindy Nurtantio wrote: Hi, is oracle ebs work with java version 7.51 ? Thanks Yes, Java JRE 1.7.0_51 is certified with Oracle E-Business Suite -- https://blogs.oracle.com/stevenChan/entry/java_jre

After upgrade java version - Error occurred during initialization of VM

Hi, I have upgraded the java version to 6 in apps tier of my 12.0.4 ebs running on OEL 5. I followed below steps for this. Download Latest JDK 6.0 Update Stop All Application Tier Services Replace JDK Home Used With Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12

DataModeler 4.0 will not boot with the proper Java version.

I have downloaded datamodeler to use the 64bit edition on my Windows 7 PC.  While 3.3 (also 64-bit) works just fine and I have not modified any of its configuration files, regardless of what configuration file I modified for Data

HT202643 I couldn't verify Java 8 update 25 with Safari 8 browser

OS X version is Yosemite 10.10.1 (14B25) I installed JRE 8u25. I couldn't verify Java in the Safari 8. At fist time of try to verify with java.com Applet, Safari asked to me to allow java.com. I allowed. After waiting a long time, I receive a message

Error display after downgrading java version

Hi all! Because I have t deploy my app developed in JDev 10.1.3 to AS 10.1.2 I had to 'downgrade' the Java version to 1.4. After doing this I had lots of problems in my app through which I'm getting very slow :). The one giving me quite a lot of head

ASA 5505 WebVPN - It has taken a while for SSL VPN Relay to load. You need to verify Java is enabled in your browser

ASA 5505 ASA Version 9.0.(2) Suddently on the webvpn Interface when i click on my web bookmarks (and java launches in browser) i get this fail in Chrome and FF 'It has take a while for SSL VPN Relay til load. You need to verify Java is enabled in yo

How to Launch an Integration Builder under two different java versions

How to Launch an Integration Builder under two different java versions     1 1. Situation     2 2. How To Do     2 2.1 jre preparation     2 2.2 Put them into the system     2 2.3 Execute a Java Web Start under jre 1.4.x version     3 2.4 Change Java

Oracle BI Java host not starting for Windows 7 64 bit

Hi, I am struggling to start "Oracle BI Java host" on my Windows 7 64 bit machine. All other services - BI Server, Presentation Server and even OC4J works good. BI Version: OBIEE 10g EE - I have checked these places: 1. Environment va

What is the correct Sun Java version for Plus ?

OK so I am running Version 1.4.2_06 (build 1.4.2_06-b03) for Disco Plus.. Is that the correct version ? I am trying to debug an error (Outstanding Refresh) and I need to eliminate the Java version being the cause: Can anyone confirm ? thanks OBX Orac

RMI program not  working on SuSe Linux with java version "1.4.2" installed

Hi I am trying to run a basic RMI Server object on a GNU bash, version 2.05b.0(1)-release (i586-suse-linux) machine with java version "1.4.2" Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.4.2-b28) Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.

Java version in EBS

Hi All,           I am planning to upgrade java version on EBS instance.Windows clients want to upgrade java to 7.           EBS - 12.1.3             DB -             OS -  RHEL 5 64bit           Please find the out put "TXK Technology Inven