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Oracle Virtual Machine 64 bit


Windows on oracle Virtual Machine

Hi We have a server x86-64.We have installed Oracle Virtual server on this server. Now we have a requirement of installing Windows Operating system on  oracle virtual machine. is this possible? I checked available virtual templates on oracle edeliver

Oracle Virtual Machine Manager not complete the installation

Hi all, I have tried repeatedly install Oracle Virtual Machine Manager on a Linux Oracle 6.3.1 without success. At first I thought it was the database that was installed. In a first instance I install Virtual Machine Manager with the demo option then

Upgrade pre-built Oracle Virtual Machine using  Siebel VM template

Hello I'm planning to deploy a Siebel environment for testing purposes using Oracle Virtual Machines templates (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/server-storage/vm/siebel-092480.html). this template has been made to deploy Siebel CRM SIA 8.1.1.ENU an

Monitoring Oracle Virtual Machine for Solaris servers and LDOMs

Hi all,   could anyone tell me if we can monitor Oracle Virtual Machine for Solaris servers and LDOMs with only Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c, or shall we need to install Ops Center ? Thank you in advance.I had the same issue. Upgrading

Failed to query database in oracle virtual machine

Hello I am exposing a cloud service with WCF which is connected to the oracle database in a virtual machine on my machine if Client runs perfectly, but want to use the cloud service mark me the following error:  "An ExceptionDetail, likely created by

Migrate from vmware to oracle virtual machine having some error

Hi I am migrating the vmware with oracle virtula machine for that I have downloaded the OVFTool and run the following command ovftool.exe c:/../vmware.vmx d:/../vmware.ovf successfully I am able to migrate .vmx to .ovf file. then when I opened the sa

Oracle Virtual Machine Connect by Prior Problem

Hi Friends , In my company we have virtualization. this is new in our organization. oracle image have been taken and put in to virtual machine.(vmware). after that, procedure which has "connect by prior" start to create wrong output. please help

Oracle virtual machine in pl/sql hirearcy Profiler

When I use pl/sql's hierarcy profiler tool. I get an output and when I look that output I see PLSQL."".""."__plsql_vm" on one line and also PLSQL."".""."__anonymous_block". I searched to google b

Verify HA Cluster setup in Oracle Virtual machine thru GUI

Hi All, I have setup 3 node cluster with HA[Oracle VM] enabled.When i checked in the GUI it shows "High availability Infrastructure works well" like that. For testing HA, I poweroff one of the Oracle Virtual server node from the Oracle Virtual m

Can we install Oracle Virtual Machine in OEL-5?

Hi Forum Mates Can i install Oracle Vm in OEL-5 and install OEL-5 in VM too? I want practice database concepts like networking,dblinks,cloning etc? can i install windows 7 in vm and practice migration of database from windows to linux. my desktop is

Export vm template out of Oracle Virtual Machine.

Can open format (ova) template be created in OVMM which can be exported? I do not see any export option in 3.1.1Yes, i want to use it on another vm installation ... on the Oracle Database Appliance ... Problem is my current vm's use physical disks. T

Accessing oracle installed in a virtual machine through the host

Hi Folks, I have a 64 bit windows 7 OS and inside it i have an Oracle virtual machine installed (32 bit windows server edition service pack 2). I need to access the virtual machine's oracle from my host environment using sql developer ,toad ,pl sql d

Oracle 9i in a Virtual Machine

Hello, I installed Oracle 9i together with win2003 into a virtual machine (MS Virtual PC). The Database is working fine. The problem is, that I can't connect to Database in sql-plus from the PC who's hosting the virtual machine. First it gave me the

Oracle VM Manager 3.1.1: Killing a Virtual Machine

The iSCSI volume that was acting as the "physical" disk for the virtual machine "SLES-11-SP2" unexpectedly crashed and the virtual machine is stuck "in limbo". I've tried stopping, restarting, and even killing the VM but Orac

Oracle virtual box

hi all i have been install ubuntu on my oracle virtual machine but i cant view the OS as a full screen so please help me to do that because its appear in a small screen in the middle of main monitor thankshi thanks for ur support i have been solved t

Blade server is start but virtual machine is not started

i have a oracle virtual machine on blade server if any outage or planned activity is done the blade server is started automatically but virtual machines is not started manually start the virtual machines any suggestions kindly share me.Hi user, As lo

Oracle tuxedo and Oracle tuxedo message queue on top of a virtual machine.

Hi buddies. how is it going? A quick question. So we are going to go live  using Oracle Tuxedo with Distinguished Bulletin Board Liaison and Oracle Tuxedo Message Queue  on top of a Virtual Machine (VMWARE) running Oracle Linux 6.2.

Oracle BPM Virtual machine

I recently downloaded and set up Oracle BPM virtual machine on 64 bit windows 7 enterprise edition. When I started JDev on virtual machine and tried to create BPM Project but it did not give me option to create BPM Projects. JDev on

Oracle Jdeveloper error on Oracle Bigdata Lite Virtual Machine

Hi All, I am using Oracle big data lite virtual machine from the following link: Oracle Big Data Lite Virtual Machine. I am trying to practice the tutorial at the following link: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/topics/bigdata/articles/intro-to-orac

Oracle 11g in Virtual Machine

Hi Gurus, I would like to gather input from you, what is the pro and con, advantages and disadvantages for putting Oracle 11g in Virtual Machine (VMWare, Oracle VM, Virtual Box, etc.) and will there be any licensing issue with this. Currently we have