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Exporting Outlook 2010 address book

How do I export Outlook 2010 Address BookHow do I export Outlook 2010 Address Book You cannot export the Address Book itself. The AB is a specialized view of the Outlook contact folders designated to be include in the AddressBook. What needs to get e

Outlook 2010 address book prompt out hen trusted program try to send email through Outlook 2010

Dear all,   My program will send email through Outlook 2010(in cache mode). Sometime it may prompt the address book out and pend here, and we need to manually click "OK" to let the program run again. Although we re-write the program in Java and

Outlook 2010 - Address Card Pop-Up - Misformatted

Dear Support, We're running an Exchange 2010 environment. We recently stood up Lync 2013. Users use Outlook 2007/2010/2013. Recently we noticed for Outlook 2010 Users - that a person's information on the Address Card pop-up, is mis-formatted. That is

Outlook 2010 Address Book Disabled - Help Needed

A couple of weeks ago, I updated my device software and my BBDesktop software.  Subsequently, my Outlook Address book will not sync and the Desktop software shows it disabled.  Does anyone have any ideas on a fix?  If not, what is a good BB help numb

Import Outlook 2010 contact into Mac OS X Address Book

*Help needed!* In our company, we run PCs with Windows XP and MS Office 2010. For private usage I have a MacBook with Snow Leopard. Since quite I while, I am trying to export the contacts from my Outlook 2010 address book into the preferred Address B

Can't sync Outlook 2010 calendar using DM 6

Hi, This is my first time on the forum. I have searched for similar issues and tried some suggestions, but am still having issues. I get "BlackBerry Desktop Software has encountered a problem and needs to close" error message trying to sync to O

Unable to add account to Outlook 2010 for email address under custom domain

I am unable to add a new account in Outlook 2010 for an email account set up under a custom domain. Can anyone explain why login credentials that work for outlook.com (successful access to email inbox) return an authentication failure (401 error) whe

Outlook 2010 / iCloud Sync - Outlook crashing while adding address to contact

We have a very odd problem with one client where adding an address to the iCloud contacts field through Outlook 2010 causes outlook to crash. We've tried the following and to no avail: Made sure Windows 7 has all updates Made sure Outlook 2010 has al

When I sync my iPhone 5 to Outlook 2010, the email addresses that I have listed as Email 1 for any given contact in my iPhone will be automatically moved to Email 3 in the Outlook file. Is there a way to fix this?

When I sync my iPhone 5 to Outlook 2010, the email addresses that I have listed as Email 1 for any given contact in my iPhone will be automatically moved to Email 3 in the Outlook file. Is there a way to fix this?iCloud email supports 'plus' addressi

Outlook 2010 - how to make "global address list" display larger?

Does anyone know how to make the "global address list" box and text appear larger in Outlook 2010?  ThanksWhat do you mean? Can you please explain in detail? Blog | Get Your Exchange Powershell Tip of the Day from hereRead other 2 answers

Exchange 2013 - Outlook 2010 - 550 5.1.0 RESOLVER.ADR.InvalidInSmtp; encapsulated INVALID address inside an SMTP address

Hello,  I have issue when sending email to some addresses. Server respond with: Remote Server returned '550 5.1.0 RESOLVER.ADR.InvalidInSmtp; encapsulated INVALID address inside an SMTP address (IMCEAINVALID-)' My enviroment: Exchange 2013, Outlook 2

Shared Address Books in Outlook 2010

Outlook 2010 Scenario: I have a group of users that would like share an address book between 5 users.  (Users are all in the sales department.) One user (Sales Rep A) created an address book and shared out the address book to the 4 users.  Sales Rep

Exchange Server 2013 / Outlook 2010 Auto-Complete address problems

Hi  We run an Exchange 2013 environment where end users use Outlook 2010. For some reason several users (at least 5 so far, maybe more that haven't noticed yet) are complaining that they are now unable to add any additional address to the Auto-Comple

Outlook 2010 changes letter in address itself (g to q)

Hello  my big issue is that Outlook 2010 v14.0.7106.5003 (32bit) randomly changes letter g to q in email address after reply this email. If I reply at email from inbox my outlook changes itself letter g to q  > eg. [email protected] to [email protected] Is there som

Limiting Outlook 2010 account to send to a single address.

How can you set up an MS Outlook (2010) account so it can only send to one email address?There's no built-in feature that can do that.  You'd have to write VBA code or a custom add-in to enforce this, but even that approach is easily circumvented. If

PAB Distribution List outlook 2003 xp migrated to win7 Outlook 2010 looses all addresses in the Group

Have a user that has PAB Distribution List outlook 2003 xp and  migrated to win7 Outlook 2010 looses all addresses in the Group/Distro List group imports, just will not show addresses in the distro or it removes them. I opened the same PAB and distro

Could not open Address Book from outlook 2010

Hi, While trying to open global address book in outlook 2010 (exch 2010) it freezes the outlook and displays a message "outlook is trying to retrieve data from microsoft exchange server" Any help is highly appreciated Thanks, Hitesh patelThe rec

Outlook 2010 client - One of the user's sent items email shows as from address as invalid address

Hi, One of the user in exchange 2010 - outlook 2010 environment, in sent items email from address shows as invalid address after sent emails to recipients. Recipients are successfully received the emails. however, why the invalid address appearing in

Exchange 2010 and Outlook 2010 Offline Address Book Download

Hi All, Strange problem that I can't seem to get to the bottom of. On a couple of users, about 10/100, can't seem to download the Offline Address Book. When they do a manual Download Address Book through Send/Receive Group, the progress window will r

Outlook 2010 requires entry of a FROM address with every email!

Friends: I have a user on Outlook 2010 SP2.  He has begun getting asked for a FROM address whenever he replies to a message or forwards a message: This does NOT happen when creating a NEW message. Note that the From field is visible on the draft emai