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Output to Monitor by Mistake


Why does final cut x not recognize the sharp PN- K321 monitor ( European version ) as output video monitor and premiere it? Working with two cinema display and PN- K321 and I can not preview the output video at 4K for DisplayPort, whereas with premie

Why does final cut x not recognize the sharp PN- K321 monitor ( European version ) as output video monitor, and premiere yes? Working with two cinema display and PN- K321 and I can not preview the output video at 4K by DisplayPort, whereas with premi

HDMI output to monitor not displaying all colors

I am trying to use a second monitor on my Satellite S55t-b5152 and am able to get 1920x1080 output from the HDMI port through an adapter to either VGA or DVI into my external monitor, but with either adapter the colors look washed-out and not all the

Output to monitor options

My late 2011 13" MBP only has one TB output which I currently use  (TB to hdmi adaptor ) for my samsung hdmi monitor but would like to use the TB out to connect to a TB HD that also only has one TB port. What are my options if any? Many thanks DaveTh

Output to monitor/projector

Will iOS 4.2 have the ability to output to an external monitor/projector? I know Apple left it up to the software developers to enter in this code but why can't the iPad just have this ability out of the box? Those that have jail broken their iPad al

V210 won't output to Monitor

Had to replace my old v210 with a new one. The new one did not come with a video card or DVD-ROM, so I took them out of the old server. The DVD-ROM works fine, but I either get no output on the monitor, or if I do, it looks like a sync'ing issue (hor

Cheapest video output for monitoring

Hi I currently have my final cut pro setup to output via firewire through my panasonic video camera and to my monitor. I've decided its time to liberate the camera, and perhaps get something dedicated for conversion. I don't need much, I'm not editin

Output to Monitor ?

Can one output to a production monitor for viewing before burning ? How ?if you have a Decklink card you can set the card to mirror the desktop to the production monitor. You cant send a signal directly from DVDSP to a production monitor.Read other 2

Output to Monitors

Hey Everybody, I was wondering what the best way to output to studio monitors probably the (m-audio bx5a pair). I figured the best quality would be through and audio interface. But would it be possible and be good quality to go through a hosa cable w

SX20 main cam output on monitor 1 and monitor 2 at the same time

Hi Community, we have an SX20 (TC7.0.2) and need to have the main source (12x Cisco cam) on both monitor outputs, because we need to record the VC session. DD option is installed. Is there a way to get this configured ? Regards JensIf you just want t

Setting output for monitoring playback

I have FCS 2 and something that bugs me in Soundtrack Pro now is that my output for playback seems to have to be the same as for my system. I have other things going on my Mac that might generate sounds while I am working in Soundtrack Pro and don't

Realtime output to monitor

I set up a new FCP suite, and wanted realtime output to a monitor (component connected) so I could edit and see what I was doing without a delay. I got a Decklink HD Extreme card as a friend assured me this would give me realtime output. But it isn't

Outputting to monitor and shutting Macbook lid causing sleep

Hi - my colleague has just set up a Macbook and is outputting to an external monitor and is running it in dual monitor mode. However when shutting the lid to the Macbook it is sleeping the Macbook and subsequently turning off the external monitor. We

Satellite C660 - Blank screen - No output - External monitor OK

I recently bought a C660 from ebay as a non-working repair project, listed as having no output to the LED screen but working ok on an external monitor. After stripping it down, I found that the 40 pin connector to the LED panel had 3 damaged pins on

Apple Audio Output levels / monitor calibration

Hello all. I am mixing sfx and foley out of my macbook pro, and as a student on a very limited budget, I am forced to monitor with a consumer stereo - run of the mill Sony surround receiver, powering a pair of JBL Northridge N26II's. I know, bad refe

No signal output on monitor after installin hyperx memory

I bought 2 512 pc3200 cl2 184 kingston hyperX (KHX3200AK2/1GR) My mobo is msi k8n neo nvidia nforce 3 250gb chipset board I have cpu 3400+ amd I took out my 1gb of 2700 ddr333 to install my new ram ddr400 3200 hyperX kingston and when I turn on my co

Could anyone Recommend a good output HDMI monitor under £400

im fed up squinting at the tiny output display of final cut pro etc.. I have a very limited budget of £400 and have been looking at monitors such as Samsung and NEC that offer 1920x1200 resolutions with HDMI inputs (as i am using HDV/proRes HQ. Any r


http://www.smmlv.com/testproject/ Above is a link to a layered photoshop file that has a USA map and over a dozen network overlays used in a section of our video. I animate each layer on sepeartely in the video and have noticed a major problem recent

Final Cut Pro 6 - firewire output to monitor I lose Canvas window. . .?

Hello, I am running Final Cut Pro 6 (Suite 2) on a G5 1.6 processor, etc etc. I have noticed that with this version of FCP, that when my media goes out the firewire cable to a production monitor, that my motion of the clips STOPS in the Canvas and Vi

Output to monitor problem

Hi guys, I have upgraded to FCP 6 in FCS2, and am having problems watching my projects on the monitor. There is a lot of flickering with rows and columns of grey squares appearing, and the film appears to stutter, while making some scratching noises

MacBookPro DVI output to Monitor DVI-D input

Where can I find a compatible cable that will let me connect my MacBookPro (early 2008) to my ViewSonic VX2025 DVI-D input. I have spoken to the Apple store staff, and the AppleCare support team, and neither departments could come up with a solution,