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Stabilize Motion on a panning shot?

Hi Everyone, Having followed a few tutorials I understand and can track things in After Effects and can stabilize the motion of a video. Great. But now I need to stabilize the motion of some video that isn't tracking anything, its a set of panning sh

Video field break in a panning shot - what to do? is it fixable?

the video fields break during an outdoors panning shot, shot on panasonic 2100 HD 25 f/s. Is there away to save the shot?Well, there's your problem. The video output from your computer is not timed for frame update during V-Sync, so you're getting th

Green Screen Pan Shot

The footage I am working with is a steady pan that includes two picture frames that have been green screened.  Unfortunalty, within the moving shot there is another green image that I do not want omitted.  How do I separate this from the picture fram

How To Fix jumpy recordings when using video capture for pan shots

Loving this camera and its great video HOWEVER - i have noticed lots of jerking and jumping when i have tried to move the camera while filming, and im not just reffering to shaky hand holding of camera, but rather lurches in the footage as i pan in a

AVCHD - Final Cut 6.02 - Poor quality video, strobe or stutter on pan shots

I have the CX6 and I am following the workflow of shooting in the highest quality, using the log and transfer window in Final Cut 6.02. However, I am having some problems with the stuttering or strobe like effects on pans. Could it be something to do

Footage shot in HD has square edge artifacts on panning motion

I shot my footage on Sony HVR Z7U at 1080i and edited using  (premiere CS3) . The footage looks good in Premiere and on my camera so I assume it is in the rendering. I use frame serve debugger to Encore and the panning shots or action side to side ha

Two issues: screen flickering on long shots in HD and why does Apple TV2 suddenly loses content from my iTunes library at random times

Hi. I'm genearlly happy with the idea of my Apple TV 2, but I've got two problems with it that keep popping up and I have no idea how to fix them: 1- Watching HD video causes the image to flicker on long shots.  My TV is a 40" Sharp Aquos from 2010. 

Using motion tracking and time remapping to smooth pans?

Hi! I shot some video with a cheap tripod and I'm not happy with some of the panning shots that I made. It came to my mind that it might be possible to smooth out the un-even speeds of those pans by tracking the footage and then using time remapping

Exporting SD DV  to FLV - pan has horizontal blink

Hello all, Source: SD DV, VOB - DV Premiere CS4 I have encountered this problem. I'm trying to export my project to an FLV file in many various settings. Everything was quite all right except some pan shots, shots with camera movements have some blin

Stuttered panning or moving footage

Hi all , I've recently purchased CS5 and am having a few issues, the major being that when I capture footage in CS5 and then review it any moving/panning shots are stuttered. This problem does not occur if my camera is plugged into my TV and played b

Panning Shudder

Wondering if anyone can help me out. I recently shot footage on my new EX1R using full HD, the shoot involved a lot of zooming in very close on food shots and panning. Ive just burned the DVD and the panning shots look terrible, they seem to shudder

Choppy video in FCP and upon export to QT

I have been working with DV for years and recently upgraded to the Panasonic HMC150 (AVCHD). Whenever I worked with DV in FCP, there were little stutters in the video when playing a panning shot at normal speed, and I always assumed this was just a l

Bit of a strange one.... HD Movies "Judder" when streaming to ATV2

Bit of a strange one.... all my HD Movies since the latest ATV2 update "Judder" when streaming. It's very hard to describe but whenever there is a fast Zoom or Pan shot the image flickers for around half a second. It seems to happen every 20 sec

Urgent HELP Needed Compressing 24 fps file to DVD m2v

I am working in a project where all the source footage is 24fps film (in 720x486 uncompressed 8 bit QT files). I have edited the footage in FCP6 with the sequence at matching settings to the source footage. Every thing good so far. I then export out

How do I retain the original HD standards after editing with iMovie ?

Hello, I have a camcorder that uses AVCHD. The image size is 1080 x 1440 and the audio codec is Dolby Digital at 448 kbps. I can import these movies in to iMovie with no problem at all, likewise I can edit them and make a project. However, when it co

Pro Res v HDV v SD comparison test

Just incase anyone is interested, I have just completed a comparison test for checking the processing times for converting HDV footage into SD (ready for authoring). Having read up on the forum,the options of keeping things in native HDV , converting

Video output 'stuttering' from iDVD08

Hi Having produced a video sequence in FCE4 - which re-played without problems in that programme - I have found that when burnt to DVD through iDVD08, the motion 'stutters' throughout and regularly (momentarily freezing every second or so). This is m

Video Wobble on N95

Hey there folks. I have a bit of a problem. When I record video on my N95 it's fine if the camera is completely still but on panning shots the picture visibly 'wobbles' no matter how smoothly or steadily I move the camera. It does this both with and

Poor quality Export for HD with moving objects

When I export from iMovie6 any moving image is very poor quality. I am using a Sony HDR-HC1 and trying to export at the highest possible settings. When the image is still the quality is very good, but if anything moves the image goes "wobbly" an

IMovie HD jerking

iMovie HD 6.0.3 on a MacBook Pro Intel Core Duo 2.6 GHz When viewing a video on iMovie HD the framerate looks like being low. Zooming, SLOW pan shots, movements are jerking, not really smooth. Imported music (playing without problem in iTunes) is stu