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Parser - CSV files to Oracle database

Hello all, I wrote a csv parser that parse csv files to micorsoft access database. Now I need to parse the dataset to oracle database. This is part of my exporter class class MdbExporter : IExporter /// <summary> /// Exportiert das DataSet in eine M

30EA1: Determine column lengths before csv-Import

Hello out there, I tried to import a csv (actually semicolon separated and enclosed in double quotes) into a new table using SQL Developer. I got error messages that some columns are to short (ORA-12899). Now the question is, is there an option havin

Broken Feature: CSV Import does not set First, Las...

Hi, I recently signed up our 40+ employee company for Skype for business. The setup process has been terribly onerous and this seems to be the only place to provide feedback. I plan to post several individual items to describe some frustrations. To

Please - immediate help needed parsing csv values into multiple rows

Hello, we have a very immediate need to be able to parse out a field of comma separated values into individual rows. The following is an example written in SQL Server syntax which does not work in Oracle. The tricky part is that each ROUTES can be a

Where to find out what happened? CSV Importer throws Exception of type 'Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.CSVImport.CSVInstanceException' was thrown."

Hi all, I'm using a CSV Importer in Service Manager Console to import Windows.Computer class data. The XML "format" file passes muster. Yet none of my CSV records succeed in being loaded due to this error: Error: Could not import the row on line

Weird csv import behaviour...

Hi guys! I was wondering if any of you encountered a werid csv import behaviour: If the csv file I'd like to import has columns shortened...I mean sometimes you have to click twice on a column to see its full content..and I'm talking about the situat

Address Book CSV import format

Can someone point me to where the header record for Address Book CSV import format is documented. I'm trying to match the header record to the default template in Address Book. But I'm just guessing at what the header field labels should be, and look

A solution to parsing CSV records that contain embedded commas in quotes

I've seen so many people looking to use StringTokenizer or Split to parse a quoted CSV file, only to fail to handle embedded ','s in quoted fields. So i'm throwing in my 2-cents with my solution that anyone can use freely. It's small, comes with a li

CSV importer error

Hi, Ive been trying for some time now to get my java program to read a selected .csv file. Im aware that you can specify the file you wish to read simply by saying: FileReader testFile = new FileReader("Test.csv");However this simply is NOT appr

How to ignore the first row in a csv import

Hello This is the file we want to  add to the datamodel: https://www.mediafire.com/?a9xrwrwu79whu18 (BTW this is the csv output from a neat & free software called Jstock) Here is an image of the problem: As you can see they add automatically a timest

Problem with csv imports

Hi all, When I import a csv file, numbers puts spaces between all of the characters, and consequently doesn't recognise numbers as numbers. I know you can get rid of these by the Find and search method, but it's a bit clunky, and it takes all of the

Parsing CSV to Oracle columns

Hi Gurus, Need a help from you. I have a table(say, INSERT_CSV) in which a column(say, CSVFILE) with CLOB datatype is present. That column consists of a file in CSV format stored in as a CLOB. Another table(Say, RGDEMO) has three columns (Employee_na

Changing date format in CSV import

I'm importing banking statements in csv (comma separated values) to Numbers but dates of transactions are not being properly formatted. My Apple-->System Pref-->International-->Format is set to Canada so that 5th of January 2008 can be shown as 5

Prevent large numbers from becoming scientific notation on CSV import

Hi, I'm importing contacts in a .CSV file into iWork Numbers and it takes a 12-digit phone number from a guy in the UK and turns it into scientific notation. So something like 447729803988 becomes 4.4772E+11 which obviously loses some important digit

Parse CSV file with some dynamic columns

I have a CSV file that I receive once a week that is in the following format: "Item","Supplier Item","Description","1","2","3","4","5","6","7","8"

Ovi Calendar CSV import bug

Hi I've got problems importing a .csv file to the calendar. I have a calendar exported from Outlook with ~200 entries. I can import them with ease, no errors here. However when I look at the imported entries, they all show up on the same day. All 200

SQL Developer - mapping column names for csv import

In Apex I can do a spreadsheet upload to an existing table and it asks me to map source data to existing table, and it usually has the columns correct. I don't know if it imports them in order or what(first column name in table maps to first column i

Basic CSV import help

I am trying really hard to fully migrate from Excel to Numbers but importing a simple CSV file into Numbers is such a struggle. I have browsed many existing posts about this, all seeming to focus on the delimiting character. I am using the comma deli

Address Book -  CSV Import Template?

I want to create a CSV file to import a large number of contacts into Address Book. I do not know what order the fields are supposed to be in. Does anybody know where I can find a CSV template to use to import these contacts into Address Book? Thanks

Import server Process consuming maximum time at Parsing and Importing steps

We are using Import server to Import files and most of the time looks like is spent on Impoting and Parsing, the whole load took little more than an hour and these two steps (see the log below) took almost 50 mins. 1543 2008/09/29 17:23:07.041   [MDS