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partial invoice example


Report for Partial Invoice and pendinf Invoices

Hi all, We need a report for Partial Invoices /Pending Invoices done w.r.t. Purchase Orders with PO document type as one of the selection option. We have tried ME80FN, please suggest if there is any other report available. thanks, Prashant Rathorehi,

Rejected sales order item after partial invoice

Dear All, We have a partially invoiced (and paid) sales order. Now the customer (and we) wants to cancel a sales order item. So we set reason for rejection at item level. In VA05 it still displays the SOI as open and status is being processed. How to

Third Party Sales Order - Complete Upon Partial Invoicing

We have a third party sales order that creates a purchase order (No delivery is used).  If there are 2 lines items and we completely invoice one of the line items and partially invoice the other, the sales order is showing in a complete status. We ar

Is it OK to use F-47 and F-48 for partial invoicing plan with down payment

Dear all, In the case of partial invoicing plan I am using a separate row for down payment , The total of the sum is greater than the PO line item But after the f-47 and f-48 and miro for actual mile stone the partial invoicing plan is not coming gra

Partial invoice with multiple account assignment

I'm using PO with multiple account assignment with distribution by percentage and proportional distribution for partial invoice. When i post invoice verification for this kind of orders the amount and quantity field in PO item are closed for update a

Third Party Sales order showing billing satus as Partially Invoiced

Dear GURUs In Thirdparty sales scenario I checked the VBUP table for FKSAA field its showing status as B while delivery invoice all has been done in full(not partial).I checked the item category it has given bIlling relevance as G(should have been F)