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Export Partition in Essbase

Hi guys, I am facing a issue in exporting partition from essbase using EAS console. The partition was created by a user (user1,which is now deactivated). When trying to export the partition using another user(admin), i cannot find the export option.

Partitioning Between Essbase and Planning cube

Hi Experts, Can any one please help me on the following issue. I got the requirement where I need to load the data from Planning cube into Essbase cube. I have One dimension less Essbase cube. Can we able to copy the data using partitioning? Thanks i

Re: ASO & BASO Partitions in Essbase 7.1

Hi, The scenario is as under: essbase being used is 7.1 I have a BSO cube that is the target cube where the ASO cubes are the source cubes. I require monthly data and so each month is a separate cube/database alongwith the quarter being a separate cu

Partition in Essbase ASO

Hi Experts, We have ASO cube with 10 years of data. The requirement is have two ASO cube with 5 years each and all the 10 years of data should be accessed at the target cube. Can you please advice how we can do this. If I select the transparent parti

Essbase Replicated Partition - No data replicated to target

Hi I just created replicated partition in Essbase Validation of partition was successful and I have made sure all mapping are identical between Source & Target database. There is no data replicated to target. Can anyone tell me what's the p

Which partition type option i use and when and why?

hi i really confused with the types of partition available with essbase, i really want to know which partitioning option i use and in which situation and why should i use that partion type. okHi This kinda question is already answered in this forum m

Essbase   BSO to ASO Partitions with extra dims

Hello Essbase brain trust. I have a situation where my BSO/planning cube has less dimensions than my ASO reporting cube. I have tried all of the ways mentioned in the documentation to map the extra dimension to no avail. Seems like the documentation

Essbase Transparent partitions error

Hi! I'm facing the following error in essbase Essbase database error 1023040: msg from remote site [[Wed May 22 11:14:36 2013]preicostos66/PS09/PS09/[email protected] Directory/Warning(1023011) Error asigning remote member [OBJ_537].] msg from remote site

Essbase partition

hi all, i have created two applications(BSO). These two applications are almost same. The only difference between the two is an addition of one dimension. Instead of creating two applications with the same data, they suggested to create a single appl

Essbase partition - no matching region

I am using essbase 6.5, and trying to set up a partition on dense time dimention. cells count matches, and two cubes are indentical but the target has more years(and months in mm.yy format) Keep receiving 'No matching region .. ' message when validat


Has anyone tried the 2 way partitioning between block storage and aggregate storage databases in Version 11? I am particularly interested in knowing the speed of data transmisssion when the block storage database is the source and the aggregate stora

Problem with BSO - ASO partitions (Essbase 9.3.1)

Hi there, Is it possible to create a BSO partition on top of four ASO cubes when using member set functions in the partition definition (e.g. @GENMBRS or @LEVMBRS)? I have tried that but always get an "overlapping partitions" error, although the

Essbase partition issue

Hi , I am trying to do replicated partition between databases(outlines are same), but for some reason I am getting the below warnings..can any one tell me why? Partition [serverx balsh balsh] contains member mapping errors [Target] - Partition defini

Error while extracting data to replicated partition (EAL)

Hi, I´m using Essbase Analytics. I want to create a copy of my HFM application in Essbase. So I´ve created a new bridge. In the Essbase tab of the bridge I choose "Replicated partition", because I want the data in Essbase directly, not in the EA

Format Dimensions in Resulting Drill Across Spreadsheet, Linked Partition

Hello, Does anyone know if / how I can format the order of the dimensions that appear in the Source of a linked partition, when drilling across from Target to Source in the essbase excel add-in? I am in version 9.3.1, using a linked partition going f

Data getting lost in essbase

We use a replicated partition to copy data from planning to essbase application. Partition works fine and data gets copied. We have another separate maxl script which does changes to the outline. This script exports the data from essbase, clears the

Can we pass paramters in the partition script

Can we pass parameters in the partition script in Essbase. Where the parameters are read by a windows batch file which is executed in windows environment. Our Business requirement, the business will key in the parameters ie(Month and Year) in a parti

Essbase 11.1.2 Install & Win7/Office 2010 client

All, I have just finished liaising with our off shore partners who are supposed to be driving our Essbase upgrade and I fell like the ship has no rudder - or captain, so all help would be seriously appreciated!!. The basic premise is to run our exist

Pb to setup replicated partition with substitution variables

Dear all, I have the following problem with the replicated partition by using the substitution variables : I would like to create a replicated partition using 3 substitution variables: &CurrPeriod, &CurrWeek, &CurrYear. The goal of this is to

Data not replicated with partition and dynamic calc

HI I am using Essbase I want to use a replicated pratition wetween two Essbase BSO applications. But in my source application, I have to send an account ACCOUNT (level 1) with several stored members and 1 dynamic calc member with formula. D