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Broadband and Patch Panel - Zero service

I apologise for our basic understanding of this problem! I appreciate its likely unsolvable via forum. We're just fishing for anything that can help! A BT engineer recently installed our infinity setup and we can now connect to the internet via the B

Interoperability patches and Functional Prerequisites

Besides prerequisites, sometimes the patch readme's include Interoperability patches and Functional Prerequisites. It seems these patches are needed only if you use the particular product. I have some questions about such patches. 1) If I skip these

Linking C2960s switches through Fiber optic patch panel.

Hi, I have C2960s switches. I have to interconnect the switches through Fiber optic patch panel. Let me know which is the type of the connector used in the SFP ports.There are a types of connectors that you need to consider: 1. Switch to Fiber Patch

About patch panel

I'm about to send a work instruction to a contractor to build one patch panel on each rack, so that they can connect to each other. I'm not sure what cable should be used betwn two patch panels, and betwn routers and patch panels? is there an industr

Question about design - use patch-panels or switches in racks?

I'm trying to suggest should I use patch-panels in server 19" racks and use stand-alone telecomm racks for access layer switches OR should I install 2-3 access layer switches in every server rack? First version looks more correct, but than I have to

Migrating patch panel with SWF from CS4 to CC2014

Hi, I'm trying to migrate some legacy code for a patch panel written in Flex / Flash for InDesign to work in CC2014. Currently, it is falling over as there is a var "InDesign" that was previously set but is no longer set. EG: In order to get a r

UK Public sector : Teachers Pension Patch and Functional Setup

Hi I have a query regarding the functional setup for the above. (I am assuming / expecting answer from those who have done this setup already and they know/gone thorugh the patch readme file ) I am trying to use the code provided in the patch readme

Way to use an animation panel function working with DPS

I'm making a mobile magazine using DPS in Adobe Indesign program. Is there a way to use any function on animation panel? I want to apply fade-in & fade-out effects to the mobile magazine, and I've tested it several times with smart phone and Adobe Co

Need help about a dll with panel function

Hello, I try to create a DLL file with a graphical panel, and i want to use it on an other platform with visual c++ compiler. to release this DLL, i use an UI and generate a code with the option : Tools\UI to Code Converter. now i have a code which c

DCIM: More Than a Patch Panel

Big News from Netflix It's official: Netflix has acknowledged plans to close its last privately owned data center in the next few months. This decision means the company will be one of the first of its size to rely solely on public cloud storage. If

How do I delete or remove Hotspotshield completely from Firefox? I already deleted it using the control panel programs & features function.

I tried to delete Hotspot shield using the control panel function. Now it keeps showing up when ever I am using Firefox. I tried deleting the tool bar for it. But, it keeps coming back. it will show up on different accounts when I change pages. Like

Checkbox (only) controls open/close function of collapsible panel

I have a form with several collapsible panels in it, each with a checkbox in the tab area, like so: <div id="CollapsiblePanel1" class="CollapsiblePanel"> <div class="CollapsiblePanelTab" tabindex="0"> &l

HP 6500A - Can't get into printer "control panel software" to check ink level, etc.

First let me apologize... I don't know what the correct name is for the software that starts up when you use the printer icon that was installed on my computer's desktop when I installed the printer.  I am calling it the "control panel software"

Spry Tabbed XML data panels within HTMLPanel not working.

Many thanks for reading. s I trying to provide a rapid solution using adobe's samples to make Spry Tabs work within an html panel (in order to avoid many links in my page). I am using the following code: initial page with html panel with the ready pr

PixelBender + Flash in Photoshop panel

Dear all, I've posted something similar in Configurator forum with no luck, so here I am with my question: any hint or comment will be greatly appreciated. Is it possible for a SWF that contains a PixelBender shader to be embedded in a Photoshop CS4

Option-drag selection not working in CS6 layer panel

Thought I'd force myself to use CS6 on a new project. I want to select multiple objects using "Option-drag", in the Layer Panel, but it doesn't work as it does in CS5. Is there a different shortcut for selecting multiple contiguous objects using

Problem when inserting Spry Tabbed Panels

Hi all, Just lately i started to get this message when inserting spry tabs " ! The structure of this widget appears to be damaged. Go to Code view and repair the widget, or replace the widget." Anyone know why and how to fix it? At first i thoug

Sliding panel inside tabbed panel - onclick both

I have two tabbed panels, tab one has a sliding panel function in it with 5 panels. I am wondering that when you are in tab 2 that you can have a button that clicks to tab 1 AND to sliding panel 3 at the same time? I can make them work independently,

Removing access to "PC Settings" Modern UI app (but allow Control Panel access)

Hi all, I have just deployed Windows 8.1 Pro to a  number of machines and am having an issue with the "PC Settings" Modern UI app - this allows users to modify local users (i.e. create new local users, modify existing local users) and play with

Inter rack Patching advice

Hi All We are designing a new Comms equipment room for our client. For Interconnectivity between core devices between two racks in the same Comms room, is it best practice to go via a patch panel, (either in the same rack or external patch panel). My