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Error in Creating WS Rule (Manual)

Hi, I face a customizing error reading 'Customizing Error in Work Schedule Rule 2 T2 01 WSRTAP2 ' while creating WS Rule. Details are as below: I. Public holidays - Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti & Republic Day with fixed data were created & the

Calendar Component to support generic rules like weekends, holidays etc.

Hi all, I am trying to build a tool which allows me to define various rules for a valid date, e.g. - only certain days of the week, e.g. monday, tuesday etc. - date range(s), e.g. 1.JAN.2003-31.MAR.2003, 1.JUL.2003-31.DEC.2003 - blackout range(s), e.

Is Oracle Supports all 12 rules of Dr .Ef Ted Codd

Hi Fellows, I am Asif and I what to discuss something with you all. Dr. E.F. Codd, an IBM researcher, first developed the relational data model in 1970. In 1985, Dr. Codd published a list of 12 rules that concisely define an ideal relational database

How many of the codd's rules are supported by oracle?

hai any body of you please tell me how many of the codd's rules are supported by oracle.....?as far as i remember oracle follows 11 of the 12 rulesCare to name the one you think is missing? Taking the Wikipedia definition of Codd's 12 Rules (there ar

BRF+ Message Log & "Rule as Expression"

Hi colleagues, I am quite new to BRFplus and have two questions: 1) I would like to use a message log action in order to indicate errors. I tried to follow https://wiki.wdf.sap.corp/wiki/display/FDT/Message+Log   with method SET_APPLICATION_LOG_OBJEC

Mail rules sending mail to wrong folder

I'm downloading all my multi-account Gmail (thousands) into Mail app with rules set up to reroute gmails into their proper account inboxes/sent folders/etc. However, Mail seems to be ignoring everything I want it to do and moves ALL mail into Account

Error while Activating update rule in BW

Hi, I am getting an ABAP dump while activating an update rule. The rule is from DSO to cube. "MESSAGE_TYPE_X" " "     "%_T020N1" or "%_T020N1" "INSTANTIATE"            I have added some new fields in a DSO

Start up programs icloud doesn't play by the rules

I intend this to be a formal complaint. I am running windows 7 64-bit on my PC, and have repeatedly removed the iCloud program from the list of assigned startup programs. Every few restarts (so every 1-2 times that I restart or turn on my computer) i

Can I migrate rules from one account in Mail to another?

In mail I have 90 rules, many multi line criteria. I have just created a new  imap account linked to fastmail. My rules wont run because they seem to be linked to my first account, not imap. I tried just duplicating them and re-mapping to the new "mo

[SOLVED] how to use diffrent iptables rules for different ppp account?

x86 plantform run arch linux system , have two network interface etn1 eth0 .eth1 connect to internet. eth0 connect to other terminals through switch. want use different iptables rules for different pppoe account .also want to know how to forbidden mo

How to delete the rule in transformation

Hi all , I have remodeled the info-cube and added one characteristics ZRMACTTRS.  This characteristics got updated in transformation rule..Now i want to delete it from transformation but i am unable to do so .. I tried  deleting  the rule and message

How Do You Add Multiple CSS Rules to Text?

Hi everyone, I have these css rules in my css styles window they are all assigned to some text in a cell on my page. .Def14grey4 <body> .def14grey4 a:link <a> .def14grey4 a:visited <a> .def14grey4 a:hover <a> .def14grey4 a:active &

Is there a way to create a rule that sends and Auto Response for a shared mailbox?

I have a shared mailbox set up that receives emails that are sent to 3 different addresses: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] I would like to create a rule that would send an auto response when someone emails one of these addresse

Error while attaching settlement rule for AuC asset

Getting error "The share to be settled in rule 001 is not unique"  "Enter a unique number (001) (view: Actual settlement) "  when trying to attach a settlement receiver in transaction AIAB  - where to view the duplication of rules, and

Error while Transporting Update Rules.

hi xperts,    I am getting Error while Transporting the Update rules,i already transported the INFOCUBE,INFOPACKAGE EVERYTHING.     Start of the after-import method for object type R3TR ROUT (Delete Mode) Errors occurred during post-handling RS_AFTER

Runtime error while executing rule

Hello All,   While executing the DTP for a cube, im facing the error as Runtime error while executing rule -> see long text .   For this source is another Cube, where im loading the data from Cube to Cube. Error Description are as follows:- Error Loc

Error while creating a Business rule dictionary in Jdevloper 11g

Hi, I am getting the following error when i define the Inputs and outputs during creating on a new business rule dictionary. Some XML schemas are not in the "xsd" directory! gardes.xsd Please manually move or copy the Schemas I am following the

Error while executing the rule session

Hi, I am using Oracle Business Rules Engine am developing rules using XML Facts.I am using a complex type array schema and binding it to define XML facts.Earlier the depth of the schema is 1 and it worked fine,now our schema's depth is 2

Product costing error while defining posting rules

Hi Friends, When I'm trying to define posting rules for settling WIP using OKG8, I get an error msg "GL account 7000100 cannot be created as a cost element" and the aforesaid account is WIP (P&L account). The long text of the error msg is as

Problem With httpd.conf and mod_rewrite rules Apache 2.2

I have some RewriteRules that are working on my Leopard Client Apache 2.2 machine - but when I try to implement them on Leopard Server Apache 2.2, they don't work. I don't get any errors, they just won't execute. Could somebody with Leopard Server he