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PDF printing error in some reports

Hi, I am using apache-tomcat-6.0.26 + cocoon-2.1.11 as my PDF print server for Apex. I tested the server and found out that, for simple reports with very limited parameters, PDF download worked find. However, for reports that have certain parameters,

Windows Server 2008R2 running Remote Desktop Services reports printer process does not exist when installing PDF printer

 Windows Server 2008R2 running Remote Desktop Services reports printer process does not exist when installing PDF printer, And when Installing network printers from the domain controller it reports it cannot connect to printer.  I can ping all networ

Printing a PDF document from a network printer hosted on Windows Print Server

Hi We have a use case where a XFA form needs to be merged with the XML file and later be printed on a printer hosted on Windows Print Server. While I know the first part of merging the template with the data file, I am stuggling to get my document pr

APEX 3.1.2 / HTTP-Server 10g PDF-Printing included

Hello together I have APEX running on the Oracle HTTP-Server 10.1.3. Apex is working. Now i want to integrate PDF-printing. I found a lot of HowTos to realize that with a separate OC4J-Installation in an new $ORACLE_HOME. Has anybody an Installation

PDF printing--tomcat/cocoon installed, but report server not found------

As I understood, APEX 3.1 requires either BI/FO tools to enable PDF printing. As I do not have BI license, and as I happened to check a very good link on a blog which had a detailed viewlet on apache-cocoon route for PDF print enabling, I downloaded

PDF printing with proxy server

Hello, I installed Apex 3.0.1 and configured it for pdf printing using OC4J and Apache FOP. The OC4J process is running on the same server as the database. I used localhost as hostname and 8888 as port. Everything works fine, however, when I specify

PDF printing got error : 500 Internal Server Error

Hi, I have configured PDF printing as per doc "PDF Printing in Application Express 3.0" and configured " Apache FOP " as per instruction and test the JSP page by http://hostname:8888/apex_fop_render.jsp and got following error: java.la

PDF Printer on Print Server

Is there a way to only have to install the PDF printer on the print server instead of having to install it on every client and still not break any EULA? Would it be possible to do this if you also bought a Adobe Acrobat license for  every computer? I

OS 10.6.3 and Remote Desktop for windows server, PDF Printer problem

We are using Remote desktop for mac by windows in the office to work on a remote windows server, On the server we are using a business software (Mamut) for sale. In OS 10.5 we are using the PDF Printer to transfer PDF (invoice) from the business soft

Adobe PDF Printer not working as print driver; 9.5.5 (pro) with Windows 7, 64 bit

I have installed, repaired, uninstalled and re-installed Acrobat Pro 9.5.5 on a newly formatted SSD with Windows 7, 64 bit on my desktop machine. The program was installed from Acrobat Pro 9.0.0 and updated within the program. I have the program also

PDF Printer and Acrobat fail to open or run or anything else.

Hi Adobe Acrobat Standard 9 has been installed on this TS2008 (VM) server for over a year without problem until recently. To start, the Adobe PDF printer stopped creating PDFs. When it worked a user would print and the PDF (creation) progress bar dia

11.1.2 print server installation

Hi All, I wonder if anyone has had experience of installing 11.1.2 in a primarily Solaris environment. For our installation - everything seems to be going quite well apart from getting PDF's from financial reports. Since the print server needs to run

Create Simple Printable SQL Reports in APEX 3.2 Without a Print Server

Oracle Apex 3.2 Oracle 11g OHS I thought I'd post an answer on how to get a printable SQL report in Oracle Apex without having to configure a print server. I'm sure that similar things have been posted in various other places, but I found the documen

Printing problems using a print server

I am having trouble printing across my local network to some printers. This is a mixed wired and wireless LAN.Lan works fine as the windows machines print with no problems. Printing takes place using a Trendnet TE 100-P21 Print Server. This box is co

Unable to print to HP LaserJet 1000 via Print Server

I have a HP LaserJet 1000, TP-Link TL-PS110U (USB, Ethernet Print Server), TP-Link Modem Router (TD-W8961ND - 300Mbs Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router) Operating System: Vista Home Edition I can ping the Print Server (IP address: from the

Another problem with PDF printing

Hi all. I try new pdf printing in Apex 3.0 with printing engine Apache FOP and BI Publisher. Both engines seems work well. I configured Apex engine to use Standard Support for pdf. Next I imported example application http://www.oracle.com/technology/

Problem with pdf printing in Apex 3.2

Hi All, I have apex 3.2 in Oracle 11.1, and the OS is OEL4. I ran the post installation script for granting connect privileges for APEX_030200 also.I have installed BI Publisher in another machine, and configured the URL in apex. But the Pdf printing

Printing to PDF Printer in batch mode is slow!

I work for a company that is evaluating Adobe Acrobat XI Pro to use as a batch PDF printer/creator.  The problem is that with our evaluation trail version when we drop more than 30 print jobs to the printer it takes 12 to 15 seconds to process each o

PDF Size jumps when printing to Adobe PDF printer redirected vs. locally installed

I have a Server 2008 R2 setup to run Sage Peachtree as a RemoteApp.  RemoteApp is configured to pass local drives and printers through to the server for end user ease.  When you print an invoice (or any file from Peachtree) to the Adobe Acrobat X "Ad

PDF Printing with FOP/Apache Tomcat/J4LFOPServer in windows

Hi everyone, I have been learning to create pdf report with Apex 4.2 and BI Publisher 10 which I have been successful with. Now I like to learn how to create pdf reports using FOP thinking of the customers who will not spend money on BI Publisher. I