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I want to run jasper Report as pdf to display arabic letter

i want to run jasper Report as pdf to display arabic letter butv when i use byte[] bytes =JasperRunManager.runReportToPdf(report,parameters, conn); display ????? i hope anybody to help me thanks Edited by: Amr Ahmed on May 2, 2011 2:08 AMDECLARE vPar

How do I convert an Arabic PDF to an Arabic Word doc?

How can I convert a pdf written in arabic to a word doc that types in arabic?Hi Sara I am really sorry for being late . I have problem , I plan to buy Adobe acrobat  pro  for my ORG , The main target to buy it , to convert PDF a Arabic  content to wo

Arabic in PDF not displaying arabic on nexus 7(2013)

I cannot read a speecific pdf on my nexus 7 (2013) that is written in arabic. The pdf is fine on my computer however. The text is moved and not apparent on my nexus 7. Other Pdf's written arabic appear fine. This one seems to have a problem. Thanks i

Create a pdf from an arabic wiki page

hello there! I come across a nasty probleme whil trying to create a pdf from a wikipedia page: I go to File--> Create PDF --> From web page, then I choose an arabic page (example adobe entry from wiki http://ar.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D8%B4%D8%B1%D9%83%

How to create PDF files in Arabic?

Hello, I work with Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional to create PDF files, but I can not insert Arabic characters, could you help me please? Thank you! (see the attached file)You need to use Arabic edition of Adobe Acrobat Pro-ME, which allows you to typ

Convert PDF with  Arabic  content to word /Excel .

I have problem , I plan to buy Adobe acrobat  pro  for my ORG , The main target to buy it , to convert PDF a Arabic  content to word or Excel , I download trial version from Adobe acrobat pro  , and when i convert PDF English content  it's fine , but

Arabic and Hebrew sections of a .pdf document

I need to rearrage a .pdf that contains Arabic and Hebrew pages. Acrobat will not allow the Arabic pages to be placed anywhere but at the end of the document. I am using Acrobat 7 on a PC with PC InDesign CS3 documents as the source. Any hints or sug

Numbers are not comming in Arabic style in PDF o/p

Hi, Thanks alot...... The font used in the Report is Arial In uifont.ali file under PDF[subset] Arial="arial.tty' has been added. Your advice helped me alot. Arabic characters are comming properly in PDF O/p. But Still the numbers are not comming in

Arabic Word Printing in PDF file

Hi, I am using report developer 6i Arabic Version. One of the field eg .S. Name is printing in Arabic in report viewer. But when I generate this report to PDF file The ARABIC letters are not printing properly. Is there any solution for this.use pdf p

Hi. I use ExportPDF. Does Adobe support pdf documents written in Arabic Language? Does it change the documents in arabic language into microsoft word??

I have PDF documents written in Arabic. I would like to convert it into Microsoft Word. Unfortunately I am unable to do this. Please help me in my quiery. Does Adobe PDF converter support Arabic font??Hi Yousif04, If your document has fonts attached

Arabic data export to PDF from Business Object 6.5

I have Arabic data in oracle 10g database. In Business Objects 6.5 report, am able to see the Arabic data as well. When I save the BO report as PDF, the report data in arabic appears as ????? I serached all the documentation and scoured the web, but

Urgently in need of converting arabic PDF to word

Does the latest adobe professional pdf reader recognise arabic script for conversion? A question has been answered related to this from 2012 but its 2015 now so wondering if there has been any progress in that regard. Thanks. If someone who's adobe-e

ColdFusion 8 drops Arabic characters when generating PDF doc

Hello All, Please let me know what I'm doing wrong here! I have trouble with generating a PDF document from ColdFusion. The cfm document contains mixed English and Arabic text and it seems that the ColdFusion's embedded PDF Generator drops Arabic cha

PDF does not show correct font with RTF template

Hi, I have some doubts regarding fonts in PDF reports. when we create any XML report of PDF output type with RTF template, does the font used in the template has to be uploaded to the server? I have create a RTF template to produce PDF output with ar

Converting pdf to word messes up right-to-left text

Windows 7 Ultimate Office 2007 Acrobat 9 Pro Adobe Reader X I'm not sure if this problem is with Adobe or Word (or maybe the problem is just more than the sum of its parts!). I've exported a pdf leaflet in Arabic  (text over background graphics), to

Arabic reports issue

Arabic reports layout is ok and arabic headers are ok; but the data retrieved from database apears like this : ن è تê رب è انس ات ê انعنا و ê مستر ê د è انهانت ز ê نê ه انانلا اه ê اوز ز ê نê ه اه ê اوز ه انهظدات ê تشح è تêê تز وات ê رب è ت ز è انهان

Sharepoint Arabic indexed in wrong way

I am facing the problem that all pdfs written in arabic is indexed in  a wrong way in Sharepoint 2007. Arabic is right to left language. so I expect the indexing will happen from right to left. but this is not the case. the indexing is happening from

Files in Arabic names

I can not open pdf files in Arabic names, how can you help me?Hi Johari , Thank You for posting on the forums. Kindly help with the information listed below. What error message do you get while opening the pdf? Which version of Adobe Reader are you o

SAP script - Arabic data

Hi all,        i am fetching ARABIC data from table and priing on sap script page.It is priing in reverse.(mirror image).Please give me solution how to print arabic data on the form. Thanks in advance.Hi everyone, i understand the problems you were f

Numbers are not adding in Excel.

Hi , I am trying to print few values through grouping in RTF template ... If you take a look at the below output, when I am trying to add Previous Year column values, the excel is not adding them up. ( mentioned in a note in the picture) http://i.img