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I dont see a Holster icon in the Z30 settings menu

How do i set the notification settings for email, text, email, etc for my Z30 while it is in the holster? In the user guide it says ; 1. In the Phone app, swipe down from the top of the screen. (done) 2.Tap > Holster (I dont see this icon...) I am ha

Help with holster options

Hi.  How can I get my Curve 8530 to quit falling asleep when I place it in the holster?  I pretty much want my phone to do nothing different when I put it in the holster.  Also, where are the holster options?  I can't find a way to change settings fo

Firefox 37 crashes when using Peacekeeper browser test

Hi guys, I updated my browser with Firefox 37 and it crashes on me every time I use the Peacekeeper browser benchmark test. I've had no issues using the website in the past. Every time I update my browser I run the test to compare previous results as

Looking for a vertical holster that will fit an iphone with a silicone case on it

As above..I had ordered a vertical leather holster ahead of time. It's nice but it won't fit the iphone with the case on it. I had to use the case as I get dropped calls without it..Any suggestions appreciated..thxI got the Splash Alpha II, check it

Looking for leather holster case large enough to hold iPhone 4 with wireless keyboard attached to it.  Needs to hook to belt.

Is anyone aware of a leather holster that is big enough to accommodate the iPhone 4 with the wireless keyboard attached to it?  Needs to be able to be clipped to a belt.  Thank you.I have this one. It works well (if you're willing to give up your bum

What's the best case/holster to use WITH iPhone Bumper?

I like the bumper in the iPhone 4, so now I'm looking for a nice belt clip holster that will work with the bumper on it. Which kinds do you use?any ideas?Read other 2 answers

How to get remaining time for baton after setting timeOut property

Hello, Is it possible to get the remaining time for baton after setting timeOut, or do I have to maintain a separate Timer for that? Been following this excellent tutorial here http://tv.adobe.com/watch/adc-presents/create-shared-forms-in-livecycle-c

Pinching screen to reduce and see full screen every time out of holster

Hi, Since I installed the latest OS update, now every time I take my phone out of its holster, the fonts are larger than usual and I have to pinch the screen to reduce it to normal size and see all the screen like before. I have tried going into sett

Sound In Holster regardless of Setting

I just received my Tour last Thursday. I am satisfied with one exception. When the ringtone volume is on it sounds in holster regardless of setting??? Anyone else experience this problem and if so can anyone suggest a fix. Thanks.I am having the exac

Can anyone explain why the new blackberrys don't come with a holster?

I'm just looking to upgrade my phone on contract through vodafone. I have been looking at the Z30 model for a few weeks. When i got my current phone (White Bold 9900) I recived a leather holster that came with the phone. I would like to know a reason

In the holster it vibrates fine but only rings once!

Hi would appreciate some help. New to the forum so appolagies if this has been discussed before. My Storm 9500 vibrates fine in the holster but only rings once! I am continually missing calls. I can't find how to change it. Out of the holster i have

The error message "No more virtual tiles can be allocated" appears when I try to use the effects in the quick editing mode in my Elements 13. The baton OK has to be pressed several times for loading all effect patterns. The error returns when selecting th

The error message "No more virtual tiles can be allocated" appears when I try to use the effects in the quick editing mode in my Elements 13. The baton OK has to be pressed several times for loading all effect patterns. The error returns when se

Different ringtone settings in/out of holster with 6.X software?

Hi, With my Bold and 4.X software I was able to set different ringtone settings when the phone was in and out of holster.  I used this to set it to ring really loud when it was in my holster at home, but not so loud when it was in my pocket during th

BlackBerry Leather Holster for 9720? Or can I use the one for Q10

Hey Guys, I am looking for a BlackBerry Leather Holster for my 9720 but I dont find any. What you guys are using? Do you know if the BlackBerry Leather Holster for Q10 work ok with the 9720 or any other BlackBerry Leather Holster that I can use? I re

Can I use a generic leather holster with IPhone?

Can I use a generic leather holster with IPhone?I had the Piel Frama from Cases.com and it is great, a horizontal case with belt clip and magnet closure. I have one on the way, just shipped, for the new iPhone 5: http://www.cases.com/piel-frama-602-b

Holster to standby issue

my 8900 doesn't seem to be going into standby when I put it in the holster. Does anyone know why this could be?Hi, I was using my Curve to check options for you. I should have used the Storm it's closer to your model. I don't have that option on the

Can I find a STORE where I can buy a Holster?

I need a new holster for my Curve 9330.  I would like to have it in my hands before I buy it - it's too hard to guage the quality when buying online. Is there a brick and mortar store I could go to, to buy a holster? Thx all!!Don't know where you are

Problem with PIN alerts in holster

After upgrading to OS 5.0 on US Cellular (same as Sprint OS 5.0), my profiles seemed to be "Fixed" from OS 4.7 problems.  However I have come to realize I don't get alerts in holster for PIN messages now.  Every other alert works great.  Vibrate

Feature Request - Do not unlock automatically when removing from Holster

Currently, when the device placed into a BlackBerry OEM holster and then removed, it will automatically unlock the screen unless you have a password set, in which case you'll be prompted for the password instead. I would like to see an option added t

Material used in Z30 leather holster

Hi, I need to know the type of leather used in the Z30 holster i.e. real or synthetic, and from which animal.  Where can I find this information? Thanks.The only descriptions I can find state "genuine leather". So, I would assume from that, anim