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Dynamic update of pdf files on web server with xml

Hi forum Is it possible, to make a pdf form quiz, on a web site, there are updating it contents every day just bye replacing a xml file there have the text for the questions.? I just need some guindes or ide how to make this. ( i am new in xml/ dynam

Help??!! Using quiz file in .pdf document

Hi, I am trying to integrate a quiz into a document that is created using inDesign and ultimately made available via pdf. I thought I could create the quiz in Captivate, convert it to a file to open in acrobat, save the acrobat file as a pdf, and com

Adobe Captivate 5 - Problem with scoring with Quiz exported to PDF

Hello, I have created several review quizzes that have been exported to pdf and uploaded to the internet. They are elementary school quizzes that are listed on a canned school web hosting site that only allows uploads in common formates such as Micro

How to get the output .pdf file of a quiz to report to the quiz results analyzer on my internal server (mamp)

I created a quiz. Created an internal server on my compute rising a MAMP. When I publish my quiz using the multi-file publishing options... I am able to use both the "HTML" and the "swf" output files to complete a quiz and reporting th

Captivate 6 - Published - PDF does not play quiz questions

I just published my captivate 6 presentation.  I am launching the .pdf file to view.  At the end, the quiz questions do not work.  I get a white screen and not my questions.  Any ideas?  ThanksBelow is a screen shot of the published settings.  The wh

Interactive PDF for mini quiz

hi all i am looking for some info on how to create a Interactive PDF for mini quiz, link to tutorials will do or where i can get started, its something new for me so any help would be great. Thanks in Advance GmanSteve Werner wrote: It's a bit too bi

Can you embed a quiz in a PDF?

Hi, I am new to Captivate and am teaching myself Captivate 5 using Lynda.com. I have just cerated a quaiz and exported to PDF. Is it possible to embed such a quiz in an existing PDF instead of the whole quiz being a PDF? I.e. Working through an inter

SWF Game/Quiz wont load in PDF.

Hi People. I'm currently working on a PDF Hand book for a gaming community. Im trying to add some kind of flash game/quiz into, when i place it, no errors at all. But as soon as i export the PDF (Of course as a Interactive PDF, since i have some butt

Keynote and multiple choice quizes

Does anyone know of a way to create a multiple-choice quiz with Keynote? What I mean is, can you create links from a question page (with video and text) with 4 options and then create pages responding to the users' choice...correct or incorrect... th

Linking to a .pdf in Captivate 7

Can I add a button to a quiz slide for linking to a .pdf? The button seems to work on the text slides; however, when adding that same button to a question slide, it doesn't work (the .pdf file won't open).It is possible to add a shape button to a que

Creating and submitting forms in embedded PDF, can I submit data to a js function on the parent HTML

I am trying to create an interactive PDF form for use in an educational activity.  It is basically in the form of a lecure with quiz questions in the mix.  I see how to create a drop down list or select list in Acrobat pro, and I see how to either su

How can I print the top and bottom halves of 11x17 PDF on 8.5x11?

I have a multi-page 11x17 PDF of quiz cards designed to be printed double-sided so that a question appears on one side and the answer on the other side. (Page 1 has the questions; page 2 has the answers.)  My printer is 8.5x11 so I would like to prin

Is it possible to stream video into a PDF document with HTML 5?

I'm trying to get around using flash to stream videos into my interactive PDF documents, as it's not supported on iOS. I'm wondering if there's a way to use HTML 5 to acomplish something similar. I have access to both InDesign CC and the latest versi

Acrobat 9 Pro Extended Trial - Export (a) and (b) Quiz Making

(A)to .doc = text in text boxes! Not Wanted!How to avoid this? (B ) Can I build a quiz right from Acrobat 9 Pro Extended? I cannot find anything on the interface that would allow me to do this but I saw it done? I'm on a trial but I can aleady see Ve

Is it possible to hide pages in a PDF document

I have produced an interactive training program which has a 20 question quiz and 5 chapters. At the end of each chapter I have a quiz button which takes the participant to a specific part of the quiz, then back to the next chapter. The whole of the q

How do I create a reader extended quiz that cannot be saved after submitting form

I'm trying to creat a quiz (using a form) that can be submitted via e-mail from the client. I cannot use "distribute form" as this will be used in a factory environment on a shared computer. How do I make the form so the quiz is not saved with t

Adding a click box for a pop up on a quiz page

I would like to add a pop-up scenario review on a quiz page so that those doing the elearning can review the case history.  I have the file saved as a pdf and it allows it to pop-up on other pages of the learning module but I can't figure out how to

How to remove dark areas from scanned book PDFs?

Hello, When scanning chapters from a book, I get large dark areas where the scanner picks up 'dead space' from the spine and around the perimeter of the book. I have been able to remove these using the 'Redaction' tool but when I go to save the PDF t

Creating PDF's in SL 10.6.1

I am playing around with FH 11.0.2 in SL 10.6.1 on a macbook pro (sept 2009) Saving files as templates seems to be working again. If I want to create a PDF file out of FH, I select all, convert type to paths and then print the postscript file. In dis

How can i control a video embedded in pdf while viewing in adobe digital edition. is it possible?

I have a pdf file of 10 pages - in 2nd page of pdf there is video, I can control this video (play, pause, stop etc.) in Adobe Acrobat 9, but when we are opening this pdf in Adobe Digital Edition - Controls goes Hidden,  and we are not able to control