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photoshop colors look washed out


Color - sRGB washing out in Windows apps

Hello, I'm having a color management issue. I use CS3 and the Spyder2Express color calibration system. I presently have my system (Windows) set to the Spyder2Express profile found under the display properties. I have Photoshop set to sRGB under edit-

Edit With - Photoshop color shift

When using Edit With -> Photoshop with my 12 and 14-bit NEF files, the resulting file (after editing in PS) has a color shift. Same happens when I export a Version as 16-bit TIFF or PSD and then re-import it into Aperture. I have tried it with 8-bit

Photoshop Color Settings for Wide Gamut Monitor

Hey guys, I have a wide gamut monitor (HP LP2475w) which has already been calibrated. My question isn't so much about that, but the settings I should be using inside of Photoshop (CS5). As far as color settings (ctrl+shift+k) goes, what am I supposed

I had a cracked screen and I got a replacement Iphone 4 yesterday.  The colors appear washed out and muddy looking.

I took my Iphone 4 to an Apple retail store.  It had a cracked screen and I got and out warrantee replacement for $149.  Everthing works but the display is subpar.  The wallpaper and images appear muddy yellow and the colors appear washed out. Can I

How come Colors are Washed Out, FCE QT Conversion H.264

I have searched this forum on this problem, but nothing I found directly addresses this. I have transcoded 1080p h.264 video to AIC, editing in FCE4 works beautifully. If I export to QT movie only converting to h264 original size, a 3 minute video be

Export Problem with Color Image Washing Out

I did an export of an image from DNG to JPG in LR4. Funny thing is, the JPG suddenly appears with a washed out look. It looks the same in Develop and Print modules also. It gets even funnier, because when I use Finder to check the photo, the preview

Aperture/Photoshop Color Control Issues

I am photographer that has been doing the unthinkable for the past four years – I use the Finder to scroll through pictures I’ve taken and load them one-by-one into Photoshop CS4 for editing. I know this is dumb, and I really want to change my workfl

Photoshop color variables or text heading styles? are they possible?

I am desigining a template which I would like to make in 15-20 different colors. Is there a way to set a color as a variable say "color1" and then set color1 equal to some value, say "#334f74" and then any instance of "color1"

Bridge color & Photoshop color is wrong after calibration

Hi guys... I just can't figure this out... Here is what happen... I am using iMac and CS3. I have been using Eye1Display2  to calibrate the iMac. I have been doing that for a few years and there is no problem at all until about recently (2 weeks now)

Photoshop color settings - what is Photoshop doing?

Hello, I'm trying to understand how converting to different color profiles within Photoshop works. What I'm trying to understand is why, when I have a document saved in with an embedded color profile of "Adobe RGB (1998)", when I *convert* the c

CS5 photoshop color shift problem

When I open or copy any image into photoshop, for some reason it changes the colors.  For example if I have an image that has blue text, when I open it in photoshop the text becomes purple.  Has anyone heard of this problem before?What version of Win

HELP with sRGB in Photoshop Color Management Winows Vista

Greetings beautiful Windows people! I am stumped with a Windows Vista problem - it is not displaying sRGB properly. I posted bigger files here if this is easier to follow http://www.gballard.net/windows_srgb/ But here goes: First, my main question is

Printing from InDesign and Photoshop - colors don't match

I'm printing the same CMYK image from Photoshop and from InDesign, to a HP desktop color printer. I'm using CS3, all the color settings are identical in both programs, but the printed colors don't match. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

How come start up screen colors look washed out.

Hi, I tried to change the background for the login startup screen on my iMac.  I noticed that the colors from my image appears faded.  When I look at the image in other origram(ie. preview) the colors are what they should be. So what is OS X(Lion) do

LCD display colors all washed out

Hi, I bought my MacBook pro about a week ago and I've noticed that the display colors are all washed out. I have to tilt the display down in order to see the some colors. Has anyone else experienced this?I am not sure that 10.6.2 solved this issue. I

Color is washed out and the type is fuzzy

The color on my HP Pavillion 15 Notebook PC appears washed out. In addition, despite trying several settings on the "clear type", my type seems to be fuzzy nd difficult to read. I've already tried adjusting the color on the advanced settings to

Photoshop Color Picker Problem ... please read!

Hi I just installed Photoshop. When I try to choose a color, the colors are all messed up. I set the color mode to RGB and it still happens. The problem is that white appears light green. In the color picker, I see green fading to red fading to black

Photoshop Color Picker not popping up?

Whenever I click on the color picker in Photoshop CS5, it is defaulting to opening up the eyedropper tool instead of the color chooser option. The eyedropper tool is not working correctly either. Does anybody know what setting might be causing the is

Has anyone else noticed that colors are washed out on screen on the white iPhone?

Comparing the white and black iPhone 4 side by side, I noticed that colors on the screen are washed out on the white iPhone. This is clearly noticable when clicking on messages and looking at the top where the word messages appears in blue/gray color

Photoshop color field not working in color picker

My color field is not working properly in my color picker. How do you fix this? WRONG (what my color picking is doing) : CORRECT (how it should work) :The catchall first step in correction is to reset the tool which, in this case, is the Eyedropper.