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photoshop jpeg color problem


Photoshop jpeg colors not matching in dreamweaver

inserted a jpeg image created in photoshop cs (8) in dreamweaver and the color is slightly different, a problem because now the image doesn't blend into the background color of the web page. can I setup photoshop to match the color system of dreamwea


hi i have a problem on adobe cs6, i am a photographer and i work heavily on my pictures, sometimes with graphic techniques(like lens flare, light leaks etc) and sometimes just with camera raw. i have this problem in the sense that i am satisfied with

Photoshop CS5 color problem

Hello Photoshoppers, I hope you guys can help me out with a problem i am facing for a few months now. I still haven't found a solution for it. I was buzzy with a tutorial from the megazine "Webdesigner". The left side is the document i just star

Photoshop hexadecimal colors problem

I use hexadecimal colors in my html / css web design (eg. #214285).  When I use this color in Photoshop 8 it does not reproduce the exact color (Enhance / Adjust Color / Replace Color...and enter the hexa code).  Instead I have to play with the Hue,

Photoshop - Motion - DVDSP Color Problem

This message is crossposted in the Motion Forum because I'm not sure where the solution is to be found... I'm putting together a dvd and I wanted to create transition animations to go between the menus. I've run into a bit of a color problem, however

Indesign RGB color problems and JPEG export

How do I get a bright red or bright lime green RGB jpeg to show properly on an InDesign page? I click on New Color Swatch, Color Mode: Web and select a web safe color, yet when I draw it on the page, the colors are incredibly dark and less saturated,

There is a major color shift in my artwork image from the photoshop jpeg to dreamweaver - it gets 'g

There is a major color shift in my artwork image from the photoshop jpeg to dreamweaver - it gets 'grayed out', loses color contrast. I checked in Bridge and the color settings are synchronized. The image in photoshop is just like what i get from my

Photoshop CS5 Color picker problem

Hey! Suddeny my Photoshop CS5 Color picker has gone wrong. It wouldn't let me change Foreground or Background colors and goes back to gray all the time.  I have not changed any settings, but last time I used it was yesterday and all worked ok. I have

When i save to jpeg on photoshop the colors are dulled out and "depth" is lost (screen caps)

i am so frustrated i have been working with images about 27in wide and ever since every time i save an image the colros are washed out i can attach any information needed evevn pass on the psd its self pelase help! Rite is photoshop file left is jpeg

Photoshop CS6 colors have shifted for PSD files; no longer match Bridge colors, resulting jpg colors off too

Until last night, Photoshop has been working relatively well** (see below) However, I processed a batch of DNG files through Bridge and saved them as PSDs.  When I opened up the new PSD files in PSCS5, the colors had shifted - more green, less satura

Photoshop Jpeg Files

Hi. I've recently installed Photoshop CS4 Extended on my new Imac. I am a photographer and have saved a number of edited Jpeg images into my Pictures folder on my Mac in order to upload onto a Color Labs Site for printing. I have never had a problem

Color problem, black 'noise' on specific colors

Dear adobe users, At the moment I have a problem with a few specific colors within photoshop CS6, on top of my original colors you'll see a black noise effect. Some effect you'll suspect when you've turned on a different color mode. But i'm working w

Jpeg converstion problem

Hi, I opened up a JPEG, and obtained the pixel information using BufferedImage.getRGB(). Then I converted the pixel information in 32 bit integers. Then I wrote a class to read the string of bits and convert them into an array of integers (to turn in

CS6: Can't switch off color management in the printerdriver when photoshop manages colors

So this is weird: I'm using CS6 Extended and Lightroom 5 on a Windows 7 Pro machine, printing to an old Canon Pixma Ip5200R. When i print from Lightroom, i am using a special printer profile for the pixma and my photopaper, so color management is swi

Why does Photoshop display colors differently from the other applications even in sRGB mode ?

Hello all ! Here is my problem : Photoshop is set to use sRGB workspace (in edit/colors.../workspace/RVB). If I understand correctly this is how all native windows applications work. This means Photoshop and the other applications should display the

Lightroom 4 color problem

I imported tiff images into Lightroom 4 that were scanned by DigMyPics.com.  The color  of the images look good on the Windows 7 photo viewer.  It looks horrible in Lightroom 4.  My monitor is callibrated, the import develope setting is set to "none&

What happened to my "Photoshop JPEG file" format?

On my previous two computers -- a G5 running 10.4, a MacBookPro on 10.5, both using Photoshop CS3 -- I used to have two kinds of JPEG files. One was listed in the Finder as "JPEG file," and that opened in Preview; the other was "Photoshop J

A color problem in Apple's publishing App

I was wondering if you could help me with this problem,I really need some help,and here it is: There is a Color problem in Mac publishing applications like Pages and Keynote,including iBooks Author,which really confuse me a lot. When you use a certai

When i save a file on Photoshop the color turns darker.

Hi everyone, I have CS6 and when i am working on Photoshop the color is fine and everything shows up how i want. Although when i save the file to a .jpeg the color drastically darkens to a point all my lighter details are lost. I tried emailing the .

I have lost the photoshop manages color option from my print menu in CS6.

I have lost the photoshop manages color option from my print menu in CS6. It now has colorsync manages color as an option along with printer manages color.  I don't know how to reverse this and I can no longer use my printer with any assurance of acc