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INDS CS3 - equivalent to PS "rotate canvas"?

Hi everybody, I am pretty new to InDesign and I suspect this is a boneheaded question, but I would really appreciate your help ... Is there an InDesign command equivalent to the Photoshop "rotate canvas" feature? I am making the layout for a car

Rotate canvis unintuitive, hot key limitations, new adjustment layer features? Brush size slider bad

I've been using photoshop for a while, as well as a number of 3D  applications. Speed and efficiency have always been very important, and I  usually customize my software a lot to make it work for me. These are  some of the things photoshop could do

When working in photoshop the canvas/image turns black

when working in photoshop the canvas/image turns black - not allowing me to view the materials.  what is causing this?  how can it be fixed?  very frustrating when working on a file and all of a sudden it's no longer visible.Does turning off »Use Gra

Fluid rotate canvas

Hi, I'm trying PS CS4 for the first time. I was curious about the new fluid rotate canvas, I thought it would be very useful, but I had to change my mind very soon. If I alt-click with the Clone Stamp Tool, then slightly rotate the canvas, and then c

Photoshop redrawing canvas background problem

Hi, I have a new MacBook Pro running OSX 10.6 and Photoshop CS4. I've experienced some strange graphics problems when rescaling the Photoshop window, specifically the grey canvas background becomes full of weird patterns. It makes me think its a vide

Retina Macbook Pro, Photoshop CS6, canvas turns black on external display

I have a problem. The entire canvas turns black and cant be edited when I drag the app from the main display (hi-dpi retina Macbook Pro) to the external (normal dpi) display. I have noticed that I can get around this by opening some psd-files and the

Photoshop CS4 Enable OpenGL

I have just installed Photoshop CS4 Extended and am looking to enable the OpenGL Drawing function but it is greyed out. I have Dell Precision t5400 with Quad core Xeon E5410, 2gb RAM, Club 3D 8800GTS 640mb RAM graphics card on XP Service pack 2. I ju

Photoshop not detecting OpenGL?

Sometime early yesterday I realized that one of my partitions had suddenly disappeared--along with the 300 gigs of space allocated to it. Rather than search high and low for a reason or a solution to the problem, I decided to just perform a clean fac

Photoshop CS5 canvas missing.

Hello, recently I have been running into an issue whenever I try to open up PhotoShop CS5 on my Mac. While trying to open up a document, whether it be a brand new one or opening up a previous file, the canvas is missing. On the side in my workspace a

Photoshop CS5 with OpenGL enabled runs incredibly slow

My system specs MacBook Pro 17" OSX 10.6.3 3.06GHz Core 2 Duo 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR4 NVIDIA GeForce 9400M/9600M GT CS4 is installed as well Photoshop settings Not using Application Frame Not using tabs With OpenGL enabled in either Basic, Normal or Advan

Photoshop Touch Canvas Size? Or precision Crop?

I frequently want to crop an image to a new aspect ratio, equivalent to the Canvas Size feature of desktop Photoshop. Does PS Touch allow precise canvas size adjustment? The Resize Image option lets me key in the exact smaller dimension, but now I'm

Photoshop rotate layer without rotating background?

back when i used photoshop 5.0 this was as simple as selecting the layer you created that you wanted to rotate and then selecting cw ccw 180 or abatrary and that was all you had to do but for some reason when i choose to rotate the image it rotates a

Rotate Canvas

I accidentally shot a short clip vertically. When I import the shot into Final Cut, it shows the canvas going vertical. You'd have to turn your monitor on its side to be able to view the video properly. When I go into the motion tab and try to rotate

Is there a way to rotate canvas in FCP?

I've been told there is now way to rotate the cavas window 90 degrees. I'm assuming that is true. Anyone, have a solution. I'm editing 9x16 and I've been just turning my monitor on it's side. I'd like another way. I might not get it. Any suggestions?

Problem with rotated canvas in Illustrator

I'm having a strange problem here. Friend of mine sent me a screen grab of her Illustrator workspace - it seems the artboard got rotated somehow. And she can't get it to straighten back... Neither can I, or any of our friends of designing persuasion.

Loss of image quality after rotate canvas

PS7 on Win XP Windows Explorer and some software bundled with digital cameras [Canon and Panasonic] warn when rotating a picture that there may be loss of image quality. Presumably it must re-compress the jpg image file? In order to avoid that proble

How do I get OpenGL? (for canvas rotation)

I've tried using the rotate canvas feature in Photoshop CS5 but I get the message: "Could not complete your request because it only works with OpenGL enabled document windows."  I can't use rotate canvas using my Wacom tablet either, which is we

I was painting in photoshop and accidently rotated all the layers and the canvas how do i realign it?

i was painting in photoshop and accidently rotated all the layers and the canvas. how do i realign them?dubrox666 wrote: Image rotation works if the canvas isn't rotated, the canvas was rotated by acciedent (gesture on my tablet) and image roate dose

Pixel-slop in Photoshop image rotation

See three small bitmaps attached: <<original.bmp>>; <<45cw.bmp>>; <<45ccw.bmp>>. The original is a simple 21x21 pixel test pattern, black except for white pixels in the center and corners.  It's appearance should be the

OpenGL problem Photoshop CS4

I'm using Photoshop CS4 (Extended) on a machine running Windows XP (32 bit) SP/3 (with all the relevant updates from Microsoft). Everything seemed to work fine for the first week or so, then one day Photoshop crashed with an error message related to