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Submitting Pdf form fields to a MySQL database via PhP

Hi there, I have recently created a Pdf in Adobe LiveCycle which looks great, and I have added a submit button which is set up to send all the form data in HTML to a PhP file on the server side. The PhP file then collects the form data and inserts it

Inserting a pdf file in mysql database using jdbc

hi guys, i'm developing an application, where i have to upload the documents and store it in the database. i'm using mysql db. using the jdbc statements i have stored the contents of the pdf file. But, i'm unable to read the content, it's looks like

PDF binding to MySQL databse - how is it done?

How can I bind data entered in to a Dynamic PDF form to reside in a MySQL database. I seem not able to build a connection. So here are the steps I follow: Binding / New Connection / Name: testdata ; Description: OLEDB database / Connection String: bu

PDF to MySQL database

So here is the enigma. I set up a PDF form with fields that are correctly bound to the backend MySQL database - i.e. the connections work, I see and can chose the correct table values, all seems well. The submit (add), update buttons seem to work fin

PDF to MySQL with PHP

Looking for a class or suggestions to be able to upload pdf file, save pdf file on server repository, convert the pdf to plain text, and store plain text in mysql text field so it's search friendly.  Simple right! any suggestions?  any known classes?

PDF Formular mittels HTTP-SENDEN an mySQL Datenbank übertragen

Ich habe mein PDF Formular dazu gebracht, dass dessen Daten mittels PHP in eine mySQL Datenbank geschrieben wird. Obwohl die Informationsübermittlung erfolgreich war gibt mir der ADOBE READER nach dem Senden folgendes aus: "Beim Senden ist ein Fehler

Populate Livecycle PDF from mySQL database using PHP

I'm trying to set up a database of loan agreements, where users will submit a form through Acrobat and their information will be stored in a mySQL database. Later, they can go back and download the PDF, which will be repopulated with their data in th

Pdf data mysql db

I am not new to pdf's or dreamweaver but after a lengthy conversation with adobe sales then support, it appears that they feel dreamweaver is where the functionality is at.  I figured it would have been lifecycle. I need to create a pdf form, link it

Using PDF instead of HTML

To whom it may concern at Adobe, After careful consideration of the numerous present technologies for website content (including HTML, PHP, Java, JavaScript, MySQL, etc, and systems like Typo3, Joomla, etc), we decided to drop everything in favour of

A big problem of Generate report with PDF format....Urgent

I want to generate a report with pdf format through one java file, it have two page 1)gen_report.jsp 2) report_gen.java , the compliation was failed. However, i don't what the problem is .... i hope anyone can help me as it is very argent for me ....

Creating and submitting forms in embedded PDF, can I submit data to a js function on the parent HTML

I am trying to create an interactive PDF form for use in an educational activity.  It is basically in the form of a lecure with quiz questions in the mix.  I see how to create a drop down list or select list in Acrobat pro, and I see how to either su

How to integrate the XML data received via email in to MySQL

Hi, This is JK, my compnay is planning to adopt Adobe Livecycle Barcoded forms technology, We are planning to automate the Weekly report submission of the HR dept of my company, where the various employees from various branches will be submiting thei

How to store file content in BLOB field MySql database using java

Hi! i want to store the file content in a BLOB field in MySql database using java. Please help me out.......... thanx in advance... byei stored images in db, and retrieved them. like that cant i store pdf file in db, and retrieve it back using oracle

Check the total sizes of total attachments not allow more than 9 mb when adding attachments to a PDF

My clients requested the form has the validation when I add attachments to a PDF, the total sizes of these  attachments not more than 9 Mb. I can just check the size of each attachment but I cannot check the total sizes of the attachment.  I am not s

"E_PACK_ERROR: illegal filename for a PUT" Error in Packaging a PDF file

Hi Jim, As per ContentServer_Technical_Reference.pdf (page no 9) I passed <filename>, <location> and <src> parameter in our packaging request xml. File is packaging successfully and service is also placing the encrypted file to new locat

"E_ADEPT_REQUEST_REPLAY" Error in Packaging a PDF file

Hi Jim, As per ContentServer_Technical_Reference.pdf (page no 9) I passed <filename>, <location> and <src> parameter in our packaging request xml. File is packaging successfully and service is also placing the encrypted file to new locat

Storing Uploaded Image Path into Mysql

Hi I am developing a cms and am using the code David gives in his book PHP Solutions,  everything works fine but I can't work out how to extract the uploaded path so that it is stored in my table. Help would be really appreciated, I am making good pr

Error while trying to export a report into PDF using JRC (Linux env)

Hi all, I have my web app installed on a Linux environment. When trying to export a CR report into PDF using JRC PrintOutputController controller = reportClientDoc.getPrintOutputController();           ByteArrayInputStream byteArrayInputStream = (Byt

Generating a PDF file from a formPrintView:PrtViewCreateScr = new PrtViewCreateScr();

I am using formPrintView:PrtViewCreateScr = new PrtViewCreateScr(); to create and loada form to print the contents of a database record. I would like to be able generate and save a pdf file containing the same data formatted in the same way. Is there

Using PHP to process submitted PDF Form and Upload FDF to Server

Hi All, I have a PDF form online (created in Acrobat 9.0 Pro, NOT LiveCycle Designer!) that, once a user has filled it out and clicks the submit button, I want two things to happen: 1) I want the data from the form to be submitted to a custom PHP scr