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PHP and MySQL Video Tutorials


I have looked through the video tutorials for CS6 and cant find any help for PHP using SQL.

Where is a good place that I can go to learn more about using dreamweaver and different languages than html.  Is there a service that adobe offers that I could buy that would take me from rookie all the way to professional with a good easy to use str

What happed to the iPad video tutorials on Apple's website?

I can't locate any of the extensive video tutorials on iPad (or for much else for that matter) on Apple's website - did they remove them or put them in some incredibly secret place?  They used to have them for most all of their products -- now it see

Video tutorials from Apple website

I have suddenly become unable to play video tutorials on the Apple website. I get the sound but no video. can anyone help?My experience with the plug-in happened in the first release of QuickTime 7 and was repeated for a few updates. Because I had mo

Learning to use a Mac- where are the video tutorials?

I am an old PC user, converting to this sleek machine after loving my iphone. but I am really struggling to understand all the new conventions, keystrokes, and shortcuts. I can't even really understand safari- there is no "web address" window at

QuickTime flickering during Video Tutorials?

When I am watching the Video Tutorials for any of Apple products my QT flickers dark and light, not to the point where I can't see the video, but to the point where it is annoying. Anyone else having this problem? This is on a 4 day old new MacBook.

Video tutorials

Hello , this might seem a silly question but how can i get all the tutorials from apple.com --the mac basics , imovie,iphoto etc as video podcasts ? i hnow i had them as video podcasts once but deleted them by mistake and now i can't seem to find the

Xmas is Coming! Would You Like 50 FREE Video Tutorials for FCE/FCP?

Ripple Training produce some excellent tutorials on CD. However, they also give away over 50 video tutorials for FCE/FCP. Many of them are for FCP BUT (most) also apply to FCE. They deal with each topic in a short and punchy style. I found them easy

Adobe Video Tutorials

Hello, I have an unusual question. Adobe's video tutorials are always brilliantly made and very helpful. My question is, do you make the videos internally or do you outsource them? If you outsource, can you please name the agency? We are looking for

Adobe TV Video Tutorials: how to download for offline viewing?

How do I download Photoshop CS6 video tutorials from Adobe TV for offline viewing ?It depends on which browser you have.  If you are using Safari, post in their forum area. If using FireFox, use one of there many (hundreds) YouTube video downloader a

Any Good FREE FCP Video Tutorials Like LiveTypeCentral Do For LT ?

Recently my attention was drawn to some very good FREE video tutorials provided by LiveTypeCentral:- http://www.livetypecentral.com/cgi-bin/livetypecentral.cgi/tutorials.html I was wondering if there are any similar free ones covering FCE/FCP or the

Where do i find video tutorials for GarageBand '08?

I can only locate video tutorials for GarageBand '09... I have GarageBand '08. Where do I find tutorials for this?Click here for them. (40555)Read other 5 answers

Need Video Tutorials

hi frntz, Is there any website that contains free video tutorials for oracle technical streams especially Workflow,Reports etc...,In YouTube, you will find plenty of them. You can find some good videos at http://apps2fusion.com/Read other 2 answers

Hello, I am completely new to the Mac - Video tutorials

Hi After almost 20 years and maybe more - using Windows PC's I have moved over to Mac - Just bought a new iMac 5 all in one and having a little hard time trying to get my headv around the way it operates. I am getting used to it and love it but I can

Illustrator video tutorials and demos

Impossible to watch Illustrator video tutorials and demos. Sound is ok but no image. What's wrong?You're welcome, Babsh.Read other 5 answers

Video Tutorials Logic Express 8

SOS IT EXPERTS Urgent: University Assignment: Are there any Step by Step operation Video Tutorials for Logic Express8? I am an absolute beginner with little IT experience.just off the top of my head you could try youtube and search for sflogicninja ,

Video Tutorials are WHERE?

a quote from the "installing your software" pamphlet: "Logic Studio Demo Songs and Tutorials DVD: This DVD contains a collection of demo songs and video tutorials for your Logic Studio applications. The disk is also a DVD-Vdeo, so you may v

Found a new wiki site with great video tutorials

Wikivid.com is a helpful new wiki based on video tutorials to create how to's for just about every software you can think of. There is a great page for iMovie that i found extremely helpful. There are also lots of great videos for other iLife apps. W

Looking for video tutorials??

i found a new site for GarageBand video tutorials. http://wikivid.com/index.php/GarageBandThanks for the heads-up. It seems to be a very useful collection of Instructional videos, especially for someone that is new to the app. (some of the lessons we

Video tutorials for After Effects CS4 (and some still relevant from CS3)

I just added a post to my blog about some new video tutorials that we posted (and some old ones that are still relevant): video tutorials for After Effects CS4 (and some still relevant from CS3)Thanks Todd!Read other 2 answers

Missing video tutorials, 3rd-party plugins

All, I just purchased Logic Studio and the documentation states that there are video tutorials on the Demo Content DVD. Yet when trying either my iMac's DVD player, or my hardware DVD player the videos are nowhere to be found. Not, luckily, that I'm