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Confusion over DBCA script generated for manual RAC DB creation

Version: 6.3 We would like to create our 3-node RAC DB manually.  DBCA cannot meet our requirement because our redo log files, datafiles, tempfiles and control files are placed in a complicated manner . If we use DBCA , we will have to s

Where does the MySQL script go within Muse to allow contact forms to work?

After having no problem with contact forms they've stopped working with the latest release? I use a third party host/email service (not BC) and need to resolve this for myself and a clients website. I've used the /scripts/form_check.php and only the

Wlst script generator

Any body has any idea where i can download the WLST Script Generator? It used to be under codesamples of BEA where it is no longer available after the oracle aquisition of bea. the name of the jar file is: wlstScriptGenerator.jar for WLS 9.x and 10.x

Cannot save script generated web page

I found that safari cannot save a script generated page by (File -> Save as). I've written a simple test page as follow: <html> <body> <script> function OpenPopUpWin() var generator=window.open('','save_win', 'width=645,height=600,res

Running MySQL script on remote computer.

Is there any way to run a MySQL script located on a local machine on another computer located on the same network given that you already know the ip address, port number, MySQL username and password, and the database name. I am investigating trying t

Seeking script generator

I'm looking for an XML script generator using an editor. I'd like to present input fields for XML attributes and values, with a title, without any XML decorations. Basically I'd like to provide a template for presentation of user input fields coupled

Help downgrade a php script generated by FB back to the old Mysql way

hey all i am a Flex developer who has written server side stuff with php scripts that were auto-generated by Flash Builder. These scripts use the Mysqli extention, which is not avilable on my shared hosting server. These scripts implement simple CRUD

Error in MView script generated by DBMS_ODM.CREATEFACTMV_GS

Hello, I run the package (connected with OLAPSYS),DBMS_ODM.CREATEFACTMV_GS, in order to generate DDL script to create materialized view for a cube. When I look the script, I can't see that the quality of the code is not good, here is an example: This

Speeding up LabVIEW scripts generated by IMAQ Vision Builder

Hi, I am an experienced c++ software developer, I have mainly used Microsoft's Visual Studio for development. Now, I am developing a real time application using LabView and IMAQ Vision Builder. The LabView application I developed calls a script that

Executing mysql script file in java

Hello, I am working on a research project that involves the creation of anywhere from 50 to 200 MySQL databases at a time. So far I am able to execute CREATE DATABASE commands successfully using the Statement.execute() command. So onto my problem....

Error in SQL script  generated from OWB Metadata Export Bridge

Hi... maybe i´m abusing this forum .. but .. when you have questions .. you have to look for answers I use OWB to buid some dimensions and one cube. I validate and generate this object and the result was successful. I made the deployment and

Generate-Script generates only create package not create or replace package

Hello, I try do work with the Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2010 to include my PL/SQL-code in TFS. I have include all my PL/SQL-code in a Oracle-Projekt and check it in. Than I'm working with Visual Studio to update my packages. I open a p

Database Development, how to create a drop script generated by JDeveloper

Hi to all, JDeveloper generates a "create script" for an offline database or a real one. But, I can not see a drop script generation for that. Is there any practical way to generate one? Or do we need to use data dictionary and write something c

Scripts generated post deployment in OWB

Hi, I have a query regarding the sccripts generated after deployment of any object in OWB. When we create a map in OWB and deploy it, two scripts are generated. one is the package which physically create the mappning process in target schema. The oth

Launch mysql script using jdbc api

Hello. I tried something like this:                stmt = conn.prepareStatement("source ./etc/schema-ddl.sql");                stmt.execute();                stmt.close();but it doesn't seem to work. Is there anyway possible to launch an sql scr

Developers Toolbox: MX Send Email php script generator

Hi, I read Foundation PHP for Dreamweaver 8 (I have CS4 Dreamweaver but it’s still a good book). In it, the author claims, that InterAKT has a product called “MX Send Email” in the MX Kollection 3 suite of Dreamweaver extensions, which automates the


Sorry but I'm trying to execute the script to export metadata to OLAP like is descripbed in the Oracle Warehouse Builder User's Guide, but it doesn't function it give the usege: TARGET is the schema where is data: sqlplus OLAPDBA/[email protected] TA

Bug: "COMMENT ON COLUMN" script generated incorrectly

SQL developer can generate table script when select SQL tab from a Table. I set the Tool->Preferences->Database->ObjectViewer Parameters->Uncheck "Show Schema". I expected no any schema prefix in any script, but I still got schema pr

EEM scripting generating commands

Hello, I am trying to generate an EEM script that will send some message to all terminal lines, but I am having the next problem: I cannot get the script to use the action "send *" and to write something in the box, then to simulate the CTRL+Z k

How to test the script generated by OWB?

Hi!! I am now using Oracle 9i. What kind of Oracle software that I should use to run the script that was generated by OWB? Thanks. For example" OPTIONS ( DIRECT=TRUE,PARALLEL=FALSE, ERRORS=50, BINDSIZE=50000, ROWS=200, READSIZE=65536) LOAD DATA CHARA