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PHP MySQL Search Script


MySql database scripts

Are there MySql database scripts for all the tables?Julie, I may be out of place here but I don't think MySQL will make a good adatabase for Portal Server. Native MySQL is designed for non-transactional work. Yes MySQL now have transactions, but with

Sql Plus  Setting where It must  searching Scripts

Hi How can I to define inside Sql Plus with command , where It must search scripts Why when I put : @myscript.sqland inside there is other scripts, It not found unable to open file "CONTIG_PS_LOC_ITM_TYPE.SQL"CONTIG_PS_LOC_ITM_TYPE.SQL is in sam

Simple search script?

I'm creating a web site with lots of pages of textual information that will *not* be stored in a database. Can anyone recommend a simple word search script please? Preferably free (or very low cost) because the site is for a 'not-for-profit' organisa

How can I convert a mysql sql script to a oracle sql script

Hi, We have a bunch of tables with data running on a mysql server. This should now be moved to an oracle 9 db. are there any tools to convert the import script of a mysql db to a format of the sql script that work for oracle ? Thanks MichaelOracle ha

Search script generator for all objects and data (!) from a user/schema ?

Is there a way to create a script which (when run) creates all the existing TABLES; INDEXES, KEYS and DATA for a specified user/schema ? This (PL-)SQL script should contain all INSERTS for the currently existing rows of all the TABLEs. When I use e.g

Keywords search script in Bridge with subfolders

From the forums and other research I have realized if you are on a network and tag a photo, a second user can search for the keywords if all the photos are in one main folder. Yet Bridge does not work with finding keywords within subfolders. Does any

Rocket Jay Squirrel  -can you help or someone else re search script

Hello, I have used this script but like to add to search: alltext in the document, bookmarks and comments, does any one know how to do so?. All help much appreciated The user enters the search word in the "text1" field/box var cInput = this.getF

Help with php mysql connect script

Ok guys im new to php mysql and i'm trying to insert some form information in my database. Im using a script from sitepoint in which i went through the tutorial did some experiments of my own and it worked.... but now i'm getting this error which i c

Simple MySql Search; No Results Found Result

Hi all, Quick question. I've set up a search page in Dreamweaver, which searches my Mysql database for whatever the given entry is. It's a basic setup, the search page is on search.php, the results page on results.php, and it seems to work pretty wel

Google Search Script/Program?

Are there any scripts or programs that search multiple sites on google for a search query and return either a combined result or open multiple tabs for each result? For instance, I'd like to search for systemd on site:bbs.archlinux.org, site:ubuntufo

PHP/MySQL search record

Hi, I have a form where a user will enter their desired user name and their e-mail address. Once I see that both fields are filled in, I need to check to see if the username and/or e-mail address they entered are already in the database. The table is


I am trying to build a search page on my site. I am wanting it to search by "name". I have it wokring is someone types in the whole name exactly. mysql_select_db($database_siteText, $siteText); $query_Recordset1 = sprintf("SELECT * FROM rev

Question Regarding a Java Search Script

Hi Folks, Ive just signed up to see if you can help me in my delima. Im trying to implement a search engine into a friends website, as she does not have the experence to do it herself, I have the search engine set up and running but i didnt realise b

OT a little - search php scripts

In the website makeover I'm doing, I 'm looking for search alternatives - right now I use Google for my site search.  I have an objective of making the home page (at least) as lightweight as possible and I thought it would nice to run a php site sear

How to call a shell script from a java code

Hello can any one suggest me how to call a shell script from a java program that takes three parameters. i have a shell script (msp_restore_gui) when i run this script in the command line in a RHEL5 ,SUSE10 and Debian machine it works fine .I even te

How to remove the option "Search This Site" from search box on customized Master Page in SP 2013

Hi Everyone, I want to remove the option "This Site" from search box on Master page. I have searched this forum and found tips. I have added the <Property Name="DropDownModeEx">ShowDD_NoContextual</Property> in the file Sea

Spry accordion with php mysql as data

Hello I`m trying to create a spry accordion where the Labels are pulled from a mysql database table and the Content of that label is pulled from data in the same database. I tried adding first the spry accordion and then created 1 recordset for the l

Embedding full-text index via Script

Hello Everyone, is there possibility to create and embed full-text index into my very long document via scripting Acrobat Pro? I've searched scripting API and there are objects like catalog or index, but both have only several methods and no embeding

Embedded Google search on our website is not showing results. Windows 8, 64 bit, Firefox 30

We have Google Search embedded in our website. It was brought to my attention by one of our employees that Firefox is not showing the results of the search after the search button is clicked. The issue seems to be only confined to Firefox. Tested the

Search results displaying all records, please help

i did post this before but didnt have any luck I have used my search script before but tried it again and it is returning ALL the results from the DB..Can anyone see what i am missing? $var_SalaryReq_Recordset1 = "%"; if (isset($_GET['SalaryReq'