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In large PDF files my cursor moves around the page at warp speed. It does not seem to make any difference if I slow it down with Sys Prefs. This is not only in preview but also other programs to open PDFs.

In large PDF files the cursor moves at warp speed with a mind of it's own, I've tried slowing it down in Sys Pref with no luck. On small files cursor action is normal. This happens in Safari, Preview and other programs that use PDF files. Sorry to sa

How do I make Adobe Reader NOT my default program for reading pdf files?

I installed Adobe Reader and made it my default program for reading pdf files.  I'd like to undo that and go back to "preview" as my default.Sure you are following instructions:Read other 4 answers

I paid for basic program to convert PDF to Word or Excel - how to operate??

I paid for the basic program to convert PDF's to Word or Excel Documents.  When I pull up the PDF I want to export and click on export icon in the tool bar it takes me back to sign up for the service which I have already paid for and received email c

How to convert a webpage program into a pdf file?

how to convert a webpage program into a pdf file?Hi Federico, ExportPDF is the program to convert PDF into different Formats(Doc, Docx, xlsx, rtf) and not Vice Versa, I would suggest you to use CreatePDF Web application for converting any other forma

Compre con ustedes un programa de Adobe PDF Pack.

Cuando me conectan el Adobe PDF Pack que les compre el 23 de Febrero-2015 con el numero de orden AR919356285US,con un costo de $ 89.99. Les digo esto porque el anterior que les compre nunca me bajaron los programas para yo usarlos en mi computadora.e


NO SE COMO DESCARGAR EL PROGRAMA ADOBE EXPORT pdf DESPUES DE HABERLO ABONADOLo primero, llama al Soporte Técnico, es gratuito y conocen los problemas de instlación, te harán las preguntas pertinentes y seguro que te solucionan el problema en minutos.

Is using the adobe program that converts pdfs to word online secure?

Is using the adobe program that converts pdfs to word online secure?Good day, Yes, Adobe ExportPDF is secure.  You can learn about our security in depth here: http://www.adobe.com/acom/systemreqs/ Kind regards, DavidRead other 2 answers

I bought your program to convert PDF files to WORD doc. files. I did this and when I send the files as an attachment to recipients the recipients say the attachment is blank! I want a refund!!

I bought this Adobe program to convert PDF files to Word doc. files so I could e-mail them as an attachment to people who do not have Adobe Reader. When the people got my e-mail with the attachment and opened it. The attachment was BLANK!! Is there a

Writing a java program for generating .pdf file with the data of MS-Excel .

Hi all, My object is write a java program so tht...it'll generate the .pdf file after retriving the data from MS-Excel file. I used POI HSSF to read the data from MS-Excel and used iText to generate .pdf file: My Program is: * Created on Apr 13, 2005

Why am I having troubles printing from both the Illustrator program and the PDF I save?

I had a large Illustrator file that was made up of AutoCAD linework of an entire university campus.  The file works fine and I can do anything I please. I made a 24" x 36" artboard and scaled an area to fit nicely.  I also deleted a lot of conto

In what program was this PDF created from?

Hi, I hope someone can clue me in on how this PDF was made where I'm guessing if you have the regular Adobe Acrobat reader you can edit/interact with the file. I really love to know if there is a tutorial that can teach me how to create empty square

How to email a concurrent program output in PDF format?

I have a XML report running as a concurrent program with PDF output. I need to automate the xml report to be emailed to a specific user as the concurrent manager runs with PDF output. I am using reports 6i and database 10g. Please help me.Hi Use foll

Acrobat Pro 9.4.5 Updated, now won't launch program or open pdfs

Downloaded and updated 9.4.5 when prompted. Ran update but think there may have been a glitch. I haven't been able to launch the application or open pdf documents since. (OSX 10.6.8). Was going to uninstall but can't find Acrobat Pro Unistall app. on

Print pdf in Acrobat 9 stopped working for all programs (only the pdf converter office add-in works)

Windows 7 x64 has a problem: http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7files/thread/0617cfb6-dd06-4cb6-874d-0c ec97d3a310?prof=required&ppud=4 To solve that nesting issue, I followed these instructions: In  order to accomplish the proper red

Calling Concurrent program from OAF-PDF Outtput not in English

Hi , I've successfully done "Calling Concurrent Program from OAF" once i clicked the button which i have in my page it generates RequestID and that shows request page,In that when i click "Output" icon the PDF file is opened. But in th

Looking for comprehensive program to create pdf file from gif image

Hello, I'm looking for a program that can transform gif image file into pdf file. It is very importent to keep the same quality of the output document as the original image. I've seen Bridge CS5 in action and was very much disapointed, because the or

What program to open PDF's

Right now, for some reason PDF files that I open from emails open in Photo Shop Elements.  Don't know why this program became the default for PDF's but it is very difficult to do anything with them in PSE.  How do I designate another program to open

I need a program to connect pdf files to each other

I want to to take several pdf files and convert them into a booklet.  Which program would be sufficient to do this ?Either Adobe Acrobat or the CreatePDF service would work.Read other 2 answers

View ABAP program data in PDF

Hello Experts, I am working on program to display the invoices data in PDF through ABAP program. For this i have used cl_gui_html_viewer and ALV grid. everything works fine but one. When I click on the PDF preview button on screen then for first PDF

Display Program output in PDF format using Webdynpro

Hi all, I have a requirement which is as follows: I need to create Webdynpro with ABAP application which should internally call a program. There will be selection screen for the program but that should not be shown and program should be executed for