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PHP Programming with MySQL Solutions


Is it possible to create a Event Reciver program as Sandbox solution? - SharePoint 2010

Dear All, I try to create a Event receiver program as SandBox solution in SharePoint 2010. I want to do a list item updation using this event receiver. Almost all the internet help & examples seems to be written with Farm solution and I got plenty of

The right windows, to create pdf, proof shett etc, is disappearance. I tried with restore work areas, but nothing, I have update the program but not solution...what can I do?? I have photoshop CS6 permanent licence for win 7

the right windows, to create pdf, proof shett etc, is disappearance. I tried with restore work areas, but nothing, I have update the program but not solution...what can I do?? I have photoshop CS6 permanent licence for win 7I did try to uninstall and

What is SAP PACE Program for NetWeaver Solutions

Hi, Can anyone tell me about any details for the "SAP PACE (Pro-Active Customer Engagement) Program for NetWeaver Solutions". I want to know, what is this program or product? What does it do? is it good to recommend the client for implementing t

IE-11 internet options page corruption from a installed program,for a solution.

In the past, Microsoft has detected with my PC with a message knowing my internet 11 is corrupted, and corrected the problem with some success. I didn't uninstall the suspect program in time to keep Internet 11 "uncorrupted". I am now personally

Problem with a j2se program and mysql driver

Hi, We are developing an application which needs accessing to a mysql database. I have packed the application in a .jar. and inside the jar I have created a folder lib. And inside that folder I have put mysql driver. As the same way, I have been read

Hi all   dialog program   experts no solution coming

hi all i would like to know if there any program where coding for below icon is available (not in alv or oops), where icon are used ( means how to bring functionality of icons) for example, sum, subtotal, filter, xxl, spreadsheet, word procesing doc,

Firefox 4 download will not start after the download is complete. It just doesn't run (Windows Vista), and can't be found in the program list. Solutions?

I have tried to open it both as the original user and as administrator. Nothing happens after I indicate that it should openI was able to work the problem out by logging in as administrator. When the download was finished and extracted, a choice was

Download error with CC programs/apps updates. Solutions?

I am getting a download error when I try to update my CC programs/apps. Solutions?WHAT error? A chat session where an agent may remotely look inside your computer may help Creative Cloud chat support (all Creative Cloud customer service issues) http:

Bootstrap + mysql + php: robust solution for an educational dashboard?

Hi. We are just beginning work on a dashboard for educational purposes. We need to show data tables of sts progress, notes etc... Kind of like the following tables: http://www.dreambox.com/district-reports We have downloaded a template based on boots

MYSQL JDBC NoClassDefFoundError: org/aspectj/lang/Signature

i am trying to connect to a database via java using JDBC i have installed: jdk1.5.0_01 mysql-connector-java-3.1.8-bin-g.jar MySQL Server 4.1 Java works fine, MYSQL works fine from the command prompt but when it comes to testing using this simple java

Toplink with mysql: problem with blob size

I'm using toplink with a mysql database. I want to store some data in a blob. In mysql there exist different sizes of blobs (in my case I need a mediumblob). But if I create the scheme for the database with jpa/toplink it alway creates only a column

Covert mysql text into html text

Hello, I imported an excel datasheet into my mysql database. This all worked fine, hoeever, when the data is now pulled up for my php website, a lot of characters show up faulty. For instance, characters like the euro sign, ' " é ë etc etc dont show

Connect Mysql And Eclipse c++

i trying to connect mysql database and eclipse c++ and i set everything but when i want to compile a program using data base this error massage appears: "fatal error:boost/shared_ptr.hpp: no such file or directory" how can i fix it, there is no

MYSQL Cluster?

Hi Guys, I am very new to SAP Business One our software house is looking to integrate Business One as a solution for a client. But we currently program in MYSQL Cluster? I can only see on spec's of SAP Business One it talking about MS SQL. Will progr

Can't start mysql

when I type "rc.d start mysqld" it displays busy for a while, then fails. At this point it does not generate an error message. I have changed the permissions of /var/lib/mysql recursively to 777. I have also created the mysqld directory in /var/


Hi! I am Pranay. I want to connect my JSP with MySQL. Will you please help me? I want the detail-code and pre-coding instructions..... General Informations: 1. JDK 1.5.0 2. Apache Tomcat 4.1 3. MySQL Server 5.0 4. MySQL Connector/J 5.0.4 5. JAVA_CLAS

Database Link to Mysql Database.

Hi Guys. I need to Create a Database Link a Mysql database that is running over a Red Hat server to my Oracle 10g Database that is running over SUSE. I Have an Application server where the user runs forms and Report. The user access the Application S

Connecting to mysql database using DBLOGIN

I am trying to connect to a mysql database through GG command interface and am unable to get the DBLOGIN to work correctly. Here is what I am getting:- mysql world -u root -p<password> (as user OS user mysql- works!) GGSCI (rac1) 5> DBLOGIN SOURC

Error in Mysql database connectivity

hello, there is problem in Mysql database connectivity. when i connect JSP program to Mysql database it gives error : Server configuration denied access to data source please help me asap kuldip jain [email protected]i m also working on Mysql Java bu

How  to connect .... MYSQL database via JSP

Hello, I am not able to connect mysql database via JSP... everytime i try to connect the database i get the following error ..... "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/aspectj/lang/Signature" .. my jsp code is .... <%@ page import = "java