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Searching a MySQL database

I have a MySQL database that I would like to integrate into my website. I would like for users to be able to search zip codes and locate a person and phone number. Are there any products that simplify this? SHDataAssist is a good one too. 8) Murray -

I can't get my website to connect to mysql database hosted on my yahoo site

I used David Powers tutorials to build a CMS website in Dreamweaver using a testing site set up on my computer. I installed XAMPP and got it working on my computer. (I have a Windows 7 PC with Dreamweaver CS6) Now I have installed the mysql database

***No Table found, when creating a recordset to MySQL Database

I have made a successful connection to the MySQL database. When attempting to create a record set (Query) under the Application/Bindings Tab, I select the connection, but then the Table field says *** No Table Found Also under Application/Databases t

Error when connecting to MySQL Database

I am trying to connect to MySQL and receive an error everytime. I have attempted to talk to Bluehost (who my site is hosted thru) and they said it is not on their end and not something they can help me with. I set up a new MySQL Database with Bluehos

Using iWeb to make a website that uses a mysql database

Hi there i am trying to help out my friend. He has built a mysql database on his webserver, however he needs to create a page which allows him to filter and search through what is on the database. at the moment he is trying to code the page himself b

How to Connect MySQL Database Through JTable?

Hi, How to Connect MySQL Database Through JTable? anyone of u knows these concept please send me coding of that Part.. Thanks, Guru..Start by reading the tutorials. There's a section on Swing which shows you how to use tables and a section on JDBC wh

How to connect mySQL database with jdbc

Who can tell me how to connect mySQL database with jdbc? Thankshttp://onesearch.sun.com/search/developers/index.jsp?and=connect+mysql&nh=10&phr=&qt=&not=&field=title&since=&col=devforums&rf=0&Search.x=24&Search.y=16

Searching MySQL table names

Hello, I would like to search all of the table names in a MySQL database using a simple HTML form and PHP. I am stuck. I have attached the code I have so far. How do I apply the search to just the table names in the database? Thanks in advance, JohnO

How to verify if a MySQL database exists?

Hi, I have a JAVA application that read and writes in a MySQL database. At startup i wish to verify if a database exist... i know the command mysql_list_dbs() in MySQL is supposed to list availiable databases in a recordset but i cant made it work!?

How to store text file in MySql database

Hello Sir/Madam, I want to store and retreive text file in mysql database ,Please give some ideas and send me code examples.We keep ideas and examples of this issue here: http://www.google.com/search?q=mysql+jdbc+clobRead other 2 answers

Transfer Mysql database to another computer.. need help..

i need help to transfer mysql database to other computer. i read a lot of forum but still did not understand.. some video also but still confuse.. can anyone help me..  that teach step by step.. if migrate, it say need to install obdc admin.. but wha

Update command overwrites 1st record in mysql database

hi I'm having a bit of a problem with a form I created in livecycle designer. I have connected the form to a MySQL database. whenever I try to update a record , retrieved via navigation buttons or search box, the 1st record in the mysql database is o

VC over a mysql database - Anbody done it?

Hi there, I wish to create 2 JDBC connections to allow me to use SQL server over Microsoft SQL 2000 and mysql I have successfully created the microsoft connection for BI_JDBC and the Portal JDBC (Factory Class) However I am having difficulties creati

XML into Mysql Database

Hi, I recently purchased The Dreamweaver developer toolbox, and I thought there was a behavior to import an XML file into a database (because dreamweaver bought interakt software http://www.interaktonline.com/Products/Dreamweaver-Extensions/XMLImport

Mysql database connection with Labwindows/CVI 2009 sql toolkit

Dear experienced users, I am using the following software/hardware: Windows 7/ Mysql database 5.6.15 64-bit with MySql ODBC 5.2 Ansi driver installed Labwindows/CVI 2009 with sql toolkit The user DSN of ODBC Data source administrator have been confiu

Wanted: graphical administration-panel for MySQL-database

Hello! I'm searching for a editor or better an Eclipse-plug-in, offering a graphical administration MySQL-database (e.g. creating or dropping tables, defines datatype of the datafields,...). I'm used this kind of view by ms access ;-) Does anybody kn

Connecting to a Mysql database using CF Administrator and DW

I can't create a mysql datasource in CF Administrator. If I use the following datasource settings in CF Administrator: JDBC URL: jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/test Drive Class: MySQL Connector J AND (note the emphasis) I set my local and remote folders

Connecting to a Mysql database using a ColdFusion server

can't create a mysql datasource in CF Administrator. If I use the following datasource settings in CF Administrator: JDBC URL: jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/test Drive Class: MySQL Connector J AND (note the emphasis) I set my local and remote folders i

Can't connect a servlet to a mysql database (jdbc)

import javax.servlet.*; import javax.servlet.http.*; import java.io.*; import java.sql.*; public class LoginServletJDBC extends HttpServlet{      public void doGet(HttpServletRequest request,HttpServletResponse response)      throws ServletException,

Access to MySql Database in the Web Service

Hi all, In my j2me web service project, i want to access to MySql database in the web service and my installation is Tomcat 5.0 for Java WSDP, Java Web Services Developer Pack 1.5, MySql Server 5.0 and environment variables are adjusted... server.xml