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Searching MySQL table names

Hello, I would like to search all of the table names in a MySQL database using a simple HTML form and PHP. I am stuck. I have attached the code I have so far. How do I apply the search to just the table names in the database? Thanks in advance, JohnO

Re: searching database from a textfield entry

Hi, i am trying to search mySql database from the input of a jtextfield. Please can some add me to there msn and help me its really really important and urgent. my msn is [email protected] Your soonest responce would be greatly appreciated as would y

Any good example using JSF to perform search?

is there a good design pattern I can find somewhere that uses jsf to search a list of words in a database and returns the definiation on the same page for example mywords.jsp submit jsf action bean searches mysql back to the same page mywords.jsp wit

Mavericks OS X Server 3.0.1

I have a MacMini with double internal disk. In one disk its is installed ML with Server 2.2.2, in the other disk a clean installation of Mavericks and Server 3.0.1 Same LAN, same router configuration, same Server DNS configuration. When I boot from M

Error message when I run searches on my website (PHP/MySQL help)

Hey guys, can someone tell me why this is happening in my PHP? I run a search on my website and get this error message ye sI filled the hostname, username and password) Results for PHP Error Message Warning:  mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is no

Problem in search  example on MYSQL and ORacle

Hi I have a sample application built on mysql 5.0 and ADF BC jdev All the functionalities are working fine upto the expections. But the only problem is date format masking. When i run on mysql 5.0 date format is YYYY-MM-dd . Records can be


How do i create a seach in java using mysql queries. The search need to be like a good type one, whereby a category is typed and the results obtained via the search system using jtable. Thank you.Read the tutorial on [url http://java.sun.com/docs/boo

Searching a Mysql Database With PHP and FLEX 2.0

Hi there I need help with an adobe Flex 2 PHP Mysql project. This project has a search feature where the user selects Criteria based on 3 dropdown components that are populated with dynamic data from PHP MYSQL. When the user selects these 3 criterias


Im creating a search for a image gallery and I want it to be able to pull up an image based on the keyword assigned to the image you searched. I have 4 fields in my DB, (id,layout"or image",description,key_words). My problem is when I enter a ke

MySQL: Occurrences in search query

In this example search query, how would I order the submissions by the number of occurrences? For example, a submission that includes 'red' twice and 'dragon' once would come before a submission that only includes each word once.This website explains

Search panel not working properly for mysql

JDev, MySql 5.1, Windows 7 x64 When you place a search panel with a table using view criteria on a page the search does not function properly. The search criteria is developed as shown in the VO: ( (UPPER(Patients.card_number) LIKE UPPER( :p

Something is wrong with ViewCriteria Search with MySQL as database.

Hello everybody: I have spent some time working with JDeveloper and ADF but I always did it using Oracle Database as data repository. Now I'm experimenting with MySQL. I created a view criteria in a view object, I published it in the application modu

Searching multiple mysql tables, Joins?

I'm creating a mysql keyword search on my website and I know how to search a single mysql table, my problem is I need to search 15 different tables simultaneously, they also all have the same column names. I was told I have to you JOINS but i've neve

Searching a MySQL database

I have a MySQL database that I would like to integrate into my website. I would like for users to be able to search zip codes and locate a person and phone number. Are there any products that simplify this? SHDataAssist is a good one too. 8) Murray -

Simple MySql Search; No Results Found Result

Hi all, Quick question. I've set up a search page in Dreamweaver, which searches my Mysql database for whatever the given entry is. It's a basic setup, the search page is on search.php, the results page on results.php, and it seems to work pretty wel

Help with MySQL Form Search

I've got a db that contains various attributes of particular items... very similar to a db of a DVD library, for example... Director, Year of Release, comments, release date... etc. How do I structure the query in Dreamweaver (CS3) to tell the db to

Mysql query (search multiple tables in database)

I have 12 tables in a database - january through to december. I need to search all 12 tables for 'keyworrd' phrases submitted by the user through a search form. Must be a more streamlined way of doing it than below using 'UNION'. I have incorporated

How do you create a "back to search results" link in PHP MySQL

Can someone just explain the basic principle behind this one: I have a search facility which reveals a search results page - a  list of products. After clicking on a product you then go on to another menu of product images which you may (or may not)

Search Bar Issues MYSQLi

Hi, Just wondering if someone can have a look at what im doing wrong here? PS All connections to the database work. I get these three error messages: Warning: mysqli_query(): Empty query in /home4/X/public_html/props_inventory.php on line 12 Warning:

PHP/MySQL search record

Hi, I have a form where a user will enter their desired user name and their e-mail address. Once I see that both fields are filled in, I need to check to see if the username and/or e-mail address they entered are already in the database. The table is