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Pl/sql editor navigation bar

hi! Is it possible to have the navigation bar for pl/sql editor in Visual Studio inside an Oracle Database Project? The navigation bar is visible if I open a package body from server explorer, but not if I open the generated create script. The naviga

How to make a file to be opened in PL-SQL Editor of SQL Developer

How to open a package file (.pkg) in sql Developer's PL-SQL Editor? Tried creating a new file type with Extension as .pkg and file type as PlSqlNode. Could open the file and found some of the features of plsql editor, such as find, compile... but cou

How to change the font and colour of the PL/SQL Editor in forms

Hi All, I am fed of viewing the small fonts in the PL/SQL Editor. I am feeling stress in my eyes daily...Please any body help me how to change the color and font of the PL./SQL editor in oracle forms 6i..Thanks in Advance...Hi Thanks for the reply..