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Pl/sql editor navigation bar

hi! Is it possible to have the navigation bar for pl/sql editor in Visual Studio inside an Oracle Database Project? The navigation bar is visible if I open a package body from server explorer, but not if I open the generated create script. The naviga

How to make a file to be opened in PL-SQL Editor of SQL Developer

How to open a package file (.pkg) in sql Developer's PL-SQL Editor? Tried creating a new file type with Extension as .pkg and file type as PlSqlNode. Could open the file and found some of the features of plsql editor, such as find, compile... but cou

How to change the font and colour of the PL/SQL Editor in forms

Hi All, I am fed of viewing the small fonts in the PL/SQL Editor. I am feeling stress in my eyes daily...Please any body help me how to change the color and font of the PL./SQL editor in oracle forms 6i..Thanks in Advance...Hi Thanks for the reply..

How to define the tab space in the PL/SQL editor with Oracle Forms 4.5?

When I use the PL/SQL editor with Oracle Form Builder, I found the tab space is very long that affects my programs readability quite a lot. Then, I tried to use Textpad to type my program. It looks fine with Textpad. However, when i tried to 'cut and

SQL editor with tree view

We are working on some extraordiary long SQL stored procedure. Due to the shear size and IF/ELSE nesting it is very tedious to understand the logic . What I am looking for is an SQL editor with tree view, where we can see IF/ ELSE, LOOP etc block as

Changing Font in Oracle Forms 9i PL/SQL Editor

Hi, My fonts in PL/SQL Editor(Where we write code for triggers and Program Units) got changed some how and now the font is very very small and it is very difficult to read. i want to restore the original font !!! Please mail how i can change the font

30EA3: F3 (find next) not working in PL/SQL editor

F3 (find next) appears not to be working in PL/SQL editor - works in worksheet, though.I am on Win7Pro(32bits). F3 works with 2.1, worked with 3EA2. On 3EA3, even though it showed in "shortcut keys", I still had to "override" it (in ef

BUG: Unit Testing Process Validations SQL editor - extra spaces appended

There is a bug in the SQL editor used by Unit Testing Process Validations. To re-create: Create a Validation with some multi-line SQL and save: select * from DUAL where 1=1 Click on a different Validation, and then click back onto the Validation just

Error on using CLOB in Report's PL/SQL Editor

Hi Guys, I am using the Reports 9i ( and using a field in Format Trigger to check is null or not. Field's datatype is CLOB. I am getting error on using this field in PL/SQL Editor otherwise data is showing on Layout Editor nicely. Does CLOB

[HELP] How to records user who use SQLPlus or SQL editor?

Dear Gurus, Is onyone know how to record user who use SQLplus or any SQL editor? for instance... user1 using SQLplus on monday august 9.30.21 PM...and I have table which record this for audit user. Or.. Can I block user who connect to oracle using SQ

Enter Sql Statement is causing the Oracle SQL editor to freeze

I find Oracle SQL Developer's editor keep on freezing as I am writing sql statement on the editor. Is there an option to turn off the freeze. If there is an option to turn off. Does it affect the sql editor not to automatically show objects on select

How to run the procedure in SQL editor

Schema Temp, Package Name = Pk_DRmanagement PROCEDURE LoadCardRefundRequests(v_streamer_batch_id IN NUMBER, vDebugLevel IN NUMBER DEFAULT 0, RowsProcessed OUT NUMBER ) I use the following in SQL editor to compile and encounter problem. Can you help m

SQL Editor in JSP

Hello, I want to develop a Complete SQL Editor in JSP.. So please help me.. My mail id is [email protected] JeevaHello Freinds, Thanks for ur reply.. Now I have to develop a SQL Editior. In this editor, we have to add Tables,change the fields name,ty

Unable to open SQL Editor in VC

Hi All, I am new to Visual Composer. When I try to open SQL Editor, I am getting the following error message. <b><i>Warning 2011: You are not authorized to use this functionality. See the SAP Netweaver Visual Composer security guide for more i

SQL Editor / Package Editor?

As a TOAD user, I'm trying to use SQL Developer for the first time and have patch 15.57. Forgive me if this is a common problem, but the issue I have is this. I have package source code in a text file (i.e. version controlled file). I use File->Open

Want to practice SQL queries, do I need to download SQL editor

Hi All, I have a doubt.. I want to practice SQL queries. for this, do I need to download SQL editor and Intall or If I download any Oracle version, does it will have SQL editor? please anyone answer my question.I'm not sure how is it related to Peopl

SQL Editor?

Does anybody know how the heck to apply color coding to SQL code in Dreamweaver (I'm using CS4, but had the same challenge in CS3)?? I don't want to set up any database bindings, RDS, etc., and I don't need results in real time in Dreamweaver...I jus

Flex application problem with Sql editor

Hi, I get the error message: Error in compiling Flex application (1). When deploying a SQL query iView I browsed trough som threads, and see that others have  had the same problem. I looked in the log file but, the same message is displayed there. My

Can't Upload Sample Data to SAP HANA Sandbox-Can't Navigate to SQL Editor

Hi HANA Freaks, I want to load sample data E2EModelingTutorialData into SAP HANA Sandbox but the following steps are required. To load the data to your SAP In-Memory Database do the following: - Copy the files to your database server. - Copy all SQL

SQL editor script error

When opening the sql editor I get an Internet Explorer script error: Line: 4438 Char: 1 Error: Object expected Code: 0 URL: http://osldep2.agra.int:50100/VCRes/webContent/VisualComposer/6.00/bin/14463730.htm?2882006.935 Any ideas? HenningOK. I'm reac