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Problem with manifest file and Plateau LMS

I have published a course with a quiz in SCORM 1.2 and tried to upload to a Plateau LMS. It seems that a "page cannot be found" message is the result after upload and we try to launch the course. The course works outside the LMS (when run locall

Send Flash Score to Plateau LMS

Does anyone know how to send a score to the Plateau LMS from Flash? On frame 2, in my Actions pane, I have: fscommand("CMIInitialize"); fscommand("MM_cmiSetLessonStatus", "i"); On frame 47, in my Actions pane, I have: fscomma

CS3 Learning Interaction & Plateau LMS

I created a Flash CS3 Learning Interaction and published it as AICC to be launched through a Plateau LMS. The quiz launches correctly but does not pass the score or completion status. Does anyone know what the Activity ID and Activity Name should be

Odd scoring behavior in Plateau LMS

We have 2 Captivate files set up for SCORM 1.2 with all Quiz Manager settings exactly the same: Enable output, Scorm 1.2, only report the score, report pass/fail, report as percent, 85% or more of total score to pass. The "quiz" and "option

Plateau LMS

Hi, I published a couple of lessons to the Plateau LMS using Captivate 2 but it neither bookmarks or records. What do I have to enable in order to make this happen? Recording is more important than bookmarking, even if the student cannot bookmark, it

CS6 Captivate Quiz not recording Quiz to SuccessFactor Plateau LMS

I've created a simple quiz in CS6 Captivate and it works on scorm.com.  Why does this simple quiz not work on Plateau?  Which is identified as a LMS supported in Adobe's Authoring tools.Can you add some more inforamtion around your project. Share us

Adobe Captivate LMS Compatibility Guide - Anyone Interested??

Why is it so hard to find information about Captivate LMS Compatibility? I'll admit to being somewhat frustrated with the lack of easily procurable information about how to make Adobe Captivate content compatible with the plethora of LMS products now

LMS configuration guide

Hi Experts, I need help on Cisco Prime LMS 4.1, I have installed it on the server and added some devices through add/import inventory but did not get any logs from devices. I also configure snmp-server read and write community commands with snmp host

LMS issue (Plateau 5.8) and Captivate 5

Hi. We need help to solve the problem and get this Captivate 5 module to run on the Learning Management System.  The module was set to publish in SCORM 1.2. Quiz = enable reporting for this project LMS Standard = SCORM 1.2 Report Status = Complete /

Captivate and LMS JavaScript Problem

We use Captivate and a Plateau LMS. We had an issue with bookmarking within our course. The first lesson worked just fine, but later lessons were not bookmarking. We added javascript alerts to the code to see when the Captivate content was setting LM

Error on exit with LMS KO

I have a client using the Plateau LMS and every time they exit the course with the Send Data KO (that which came with AW7, not the Professional KO) they get an PostURL() error, IOStatus 5006. I have set the KO to track data, Score = (no value) Time A

LMS 4.2 User Tracking for Avaya IP Handsets and Connected Devices

I manage an environment that makes extensive use of Avaya IP phones and it's frustrating that this seems to limit the usefulness of the User Tracking application within LMS. We configure the switch (2960) ports connected to the handsets as dot1q trun

Error with Upload to LMS

I seem to be having a problem uploading a course created and exported in Captivate2 to an LMS (exported in SCORM 2004 standard). Can anyone help with this (please)? The SCORM-compliant LMS (Plateau LMS) generates the follwoing warning when we attempt

LMS 4.2 User tracking and router arp table

Hi, If I have understand correctly, the IP address - mac address matching was made with the arp table of a cisco acces switch if it will made the L3. My access switch wasn't used for L3 routing, only L2 It's possible to set user track to use the arp

Cisco Prime & Lms

Hi, we have ordered following BOM... i dont understand why it is required Cisco Prime Infrastructure & LMS 4.2 also... what is diffence between them...or same..?? item name           description                                                        

Plateau 6.3

My organization currently uses the Plateau LMS and we are upgrading to version 6.3. Adobe Captivate 4.0 is compatible with our current version, although we are sitll experiencing problems with Captivate 5.0. Does anybody know if Captivate 4.0 and 5.0

Beginner to LMS 4.0

Hello, All           I just installed LMS 4.0 on OS Window 2008 R2. Right now, I know how to add devices in DCR and set SMTP server. My question is      1. I want LMS to send an alert email when Coreswitch is down how to do that ?      2. I want LMS

"HTTP Response Message" Window

I am using CP4 with our Plateau LMS v5.8.  The pass/fail communicates wonderfully, the project closes like it's supposed to.  The only annoyance is an "HTTP Response Message" window that opens as soon as the project is initiated.  If I close thi

Error message using ActionScript 2.0

Hi I am Flash newbie trying to get a Flash quiz to pass a score to my Plateau LMS. I was told I could enter the following code below in Action Script 2.0 to get it to work. btnComplete.onRelease = function(){    fscommand("CMISetStatus","pa

Aicc not working in Connect Presenter 6

I'm having trouble getting Adobe Connect Presenter (Breeze) v6 to work on Plateau v4.5. We've been using Breeze 3.07 for 5 years so I should know how to set it up. In Plateau LMS I've created an AICC Configuration for Breeze Presenter, created a Plat