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plex not updating metadata


How to allow CS users to update metadata on several items? (UCM 10gR3)

In the UCM 10gR3 portal user interface: It is convenient for us to allow users to update metadata fields on a group of items in one action. We want to allow users to select any number of files from a CS search result. After selecting the items, we wa

Updating metadata

Hi guys, I have a big problem here and I need help. Its getting very urgent! I am trying to find the best way to update the metadata in Hyperion I am actually creating a cube that will be using for reporting only. That cube must be updated

Request: Ability to update metadata via spreadsheet view or csv file upload

A fairly simple change to make Muse more efficient and user-friendly. I'm in the process of building out a medium size site for a client (90+ pages) - my first experience using Muse - and editing metadata is a pain. I've planned the site: page titles

Bridge locks briefly when updating metadata on large PSD files

When updating metadata on a large PSD file, Bridge "locks" up for a brief period of time. This is apparently when it's rewriting that large PSD file to update the metadata. I'd like to be able to use Bridge in an uninterrupted fashion while meta

The 'Update Metadata' icon displays even after saving metadata

After upgrading from v3 to v4.3, I opened my catalog (Lightroom made a copy of the file and converted it for v4.3). I didn't do anything to the images, but noticed several displayed the 'Update Metadata' icon. (I should note the 'update metadata auto

Get rid of update metadata arrow

How did I get rid of the arrow telling to me update metadata. I have write to xmp sidecar turned off, and I don't want to create sidecars, but LR is telling me the files need to be updated. All the metadata is in the db already. I don't need or want

Start Criteria Workflow by Update metadata

Hi, The criteria workflow starts by checkin the document. But I would like to start the criteria workflow by update metadata, no checkin. Do you have a trick, how can I do it? Thanks MartinHi again, On second thought, you don't need filter at all (if

Updated metadata I didn't want to update

Many of my 20k images in my main Lightroom folder had an icon which indicated that there was a metadata conflict between disk and Lightroom.  I selected all the images and chose to update metadata in Lightroom's favor.  When I noticed that the files

Update Metadata in Elements 12

Is there a way to have the  metadata automatically update to the original file or do we have to manually do it all the time?You need to convert the music into one of the formats supported by Elements: Here's an article showing how to convert unprotec

Maximum size of a single update metadata.

Hi, I have written a tool to parse WSUS update file, it parses a single update each time. But my tool takes a huge amount of memory for some updates, as they are large in size. For a update on windows8, the metadata size of a update is 18Mb. I wanted

Problem updating metadata attribute of type "user".

Hi folks, I am testing updating category metadata attributs and thusfar the only attribute type that gives me trouble is an attribute of type 'user', which really is an Item-type in Content DB. It consistently comes up with following error: Exception

ITunes U Posting Dies (Bad Authentication) When Updating Metadata

I've been trying to use the default iTunes U workflow to post recorded files to iTunes U. The upload of the files goes fine but for some reason when the pcast_post2iTunesU script gets to the bit about updating the metadata for the file I get "ERROR:

Retrieving column value from multiselect managed metadata column and updating metadat column in list.

I have Library having metadata column when a document is uploaded i need update another list with metadata column of library in list.I have an event reciever to do that,Code is given below public override void ItemUpdated(SPItemEventProperties proper

Updating Metadata on command

I am following the suggestion to update the metadata manually when there are 100 or so images where the metadata has changes so as to not tax Lightroom to the point of slowing down unacceptable. This is working fine and I am very happy with the gener

Can Media Encoder batch update metadata on .mov files?

I discovered an issue with Audition creating a new starting time code on audio files extracted out of Canon 70D .mov files.   Details are here:  Re: Audition jumps time code forward on audio extracted from a .mov file For what is worth, Premier Pro h

PSE9: Organizer -- Update metadata as changes are made

In the new version of Organizer, is there any way to set it to immediately update the metadata when I modify or add keywords to a photo?  As it stands now, Organizer will rewrite all metadata for any photos currently displayed, whether they have been

Updating Metadata in PSE 12

Example: I have a picture with the tag BIG BLUE MOON. I update the metadata and no matter what program I use I see the tag of BIG BLUE MOON. Down the road I decide to change that tag name to BLUE MOON thus removing the word BIG. I update the metadata

Cmus not updating metadata

Hi everyone, after a lot of searching I think I found a replacement for mpd and it's cmus. Since cmus doesn't crash when find "faulty" metadata, is lightweight, console oriented and can control it with global hotkeys (via cmus-remote), I'm keepi

Script to copy/update metadata

Hi I process several hundred videos a week and have to update the metadata on them.  I think it would be possible to write a Javascript that will automate some of this process.  I've some previous programming experience with VB.NET but never in Javas

Update metadata by anonymous user

Hi, I am using UCM11g with SSXA. I want to know how can i update UCM custom metadata from my application, with user not logged-in. The UCM service 'UPDATE_DOCINFO' works only for logged-in users.Hi, I have the similar problem. I'm using UCM11g + Site