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po receipts table in oracle apps


Service Tax Receipt Report in oracle apps

how to develop the service tax receipt report in oracle apps. Plz help me in that i don't have any experiences in AP.Thanks Kishore. I copied the prefs.ora file. So the first warning from the is resolved. But still i am getting error. Query: I am try

Stock room tables in oracle apps ? and how customer is related with those?

Hi All Can any give the details about stock room tables in oracle apps ? and how customer is related with those tables. Thank youquestion is not clear, but is it what you are looking for ? Stock Locators in Inventory tableis mtl_item_locationsRead ot

Join between SO and AR tables in Oracle Apps 11.0.3

Hello, I am new to Order Management. Can anyone please suggest join between SO Tables and Receivables tables in Oracle Apps version 11.0.3. I am working on an Invoicing error during Autoinvoice Import Program and I am doing workaround on this issue.

How to register External table into Oracle APPS?

hi can we register the External table in Oracle apps like SQL Loader? So if yes, please share the steps. Thx781261 wrote: okk.. But i mean , we create Executable with Method type SQL Loader, to register in Oracle APPS. SO like what would be Executabl

Deleted Absence Tables in Oracle apps

Hi All, Where(Which table)the absence deletion data is stired in Oracle Apps? Please help on this Thanks in Advance, NarendraHi, No, I want deleted absence employees data? Suppose one employee applied for leave future date but that employee now not r

Discoverer Tables in Oracle Apps

Hello All, We have implemented Oracle Financials 11i (11.5.9) and Discoverer 4i. We have around 300 discoveror reports.Out of these we think we can amalgmate few and can make them more generic .To do that I need to go through every single report to c

API to update oracle base table in oracle apps

Hi, What is the API used to update a base table in oracle contracts? Please suggest.If you are on 11i, please check irep.oracle.com It lists all APIs available. IREP - Oracle Integration Repository: The Tool To Find Which API Is Supported and How To

Seeded EUL tables in Oracle Apps installation

Hi, I am interested to know whether an Oracle Application (E-Business) installation comes with some set number of seeded EUL tables. Or does the number of EUL tables depend on the modules installed with E-Business? A related question is, when does a

Synonym required to query custom tables from Oracle Apps database

When creating an Answers report that queries from a table owned by a custom schema (not APPS), I cannot query the table and get error. Once I add a Synonym for APPS on this table, then OBIEE works normally. Since OBIEE is logging in as the APPS user,

How to find list of master tables in oracle apps GL

Hi Friends, Is there a way to find all the master tables in GL? Thanks Prasuna,You could run a quick query to see which tables have the most rows for GL: -- TABLES   SELECT owner        , num_rows        , table_name     FROM all_tables    WHERE num_

API to Maintain User Defined Tables in Oracle Apps

Hi, Is ther any API to INSERT/UPDATE the Values into the User Defined Tables. I found one API (+AD_DD+) which is all about registring Table/Rows/Columns to it but NOT about VALUES. Please help me out. Thanks !Yes, check below - Regarding the UDT(User

Source of data for custom tables in Oracle Apps

Hi, Is there any way to find the source of data for the Custom tables. The source can be either any function, procedure, package or a trigger or any other process. The reason why I need to know about it is because we have some custom tables that are

Extract tables from "Oracle Apss 11.0.3" and load it to "Oracle Apps 11i"

Hi hussein, I am tasked to extract the following tables from Oracle Apps 11.0.3 and load it to Oracle Apps PO_VENDORS PO_VENDOR_SITES_ALL Can I use export / import? Thanks a lotHi, I believe export/import of individual apps tables is not s

MTL Table name mapped with IC_ITEM_MST_B in oracle apps r12

Hi Experts, Can anyone suggest me the MTL table name mapped with IC_ITEM_MST_B table in oracle apps with all the columns. thanks,Response to: I don't see this option "Periodic Sequences in Format" under "Payment Instruction Format" tab

Making mass change to Oracle Apps base table

I have requirement where I have to do a mass updates/inserts to an Oracle Apps table (BOM_Inventory_Components). I have been told by my senior programmers that Oracle does not like direct updates or inserts to the Base tables in Oracle Apps. Anyone k

How to Process flat File in Oracle Apps through Concurrent Program

Hello Everyone, My client has a request, to process a bank file (Lockbox) which is a flat file that will be copied on UNIX box and I will have to create a new concurrent request that will process this flat file and will update receipt information in

Authentication in Oracle Apps

Hi, what authentication is used for all Application Users when they login into Applications. I mean, when we login, for each user, one Database connection should be there, As far as i know, For each application user we dont have one database account

Oracle Apps 11.0.3  Reports and Tables.

hi hussein, How do I know which tables/views in Oracle Apps 11.0.3 is still supported in Oracle Apps 11i ( Because I am migrating some customized Oracle Reports from (11.0.3) to ( But there is no output generated because some of

Required Oracle FND tables for Discoverer Install (Oracle App user)

Hi does anyone know of set documentation or, via SQL Trace, which existing tables Discoverer looks for when setting up an EUL? For instance, our install requires you select the Oracle Apps User Schema and put in the password for that schema where you

Can't find a lookup defined via Oracle Apps in the FND_LOOKUP_TYPES table

Hi, i defined a lookup via Oracle Apps, but when i query for it in the FND_LOOKUP_TYPES table, it does not show up. Does something more needs to be done for the lookup definition to appear in the table? Thanks,Smitahi Hussein, In Oracle Apps 11.5.10,