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Mac Mini Server with Sonnet Mac Mini Expand rack (2 PCI-e..).

Hi i`m about to set up a general server for a video editing company. I`m pretty much a Windows server guy, and the options on hardware to run, or i would say the lack of hardaware to run mac os server on, is really bad. So i`m just wondering, if im g

Does the iPod nano keep changing songs if I keep it in my pocket?

I'm not going to be running or gymming with the iPod nano in my pocket. It is mostly for home use. I just wanted to know that since there is no HOLD/LOCK button, it may keep changing songs if put in a tight pocket while walking or travelling. Is that

"error: thread-local storage not supported for this target"

I have a program that uses the __thread specifier, to be run on a Solaris 9/UltraSprac. I am not able to compile it using gcc 3.4.4 or 4.0.4, it emits the msg "error: thread-local storage not supported for this target". [email protected]% gcc -v -Wall -

Server 2012 and 2012 R2 do not allow access to all 7 optical SAS drives?

The following problem occurs with Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012 and 2012 R2, Datacenter or Standard.  I have an external SAS enclosure with seven optical drives and one hot-swap SAS/SATA bay that connects using two SFF-8088 connectors (no internal SAS

Pro*C Compilation Error

Hi Friends, Database Oracle 9i - Pro*C/C++: Release OS - powerpc-ibm-aix5.3.0.0 C Compiler - GNU gcc version 4.2.0 I am using the below command to compile "daemon.pc" /usr/bin/make -f proc.mk build OBJS=daemon.o EXE=daemon The errors I

Makepkg not passing CXXFLAGS

I recently installed genepop (a population genetics software), and I saw something curious. There are very few source files for this program, and the build/compile step is simple: g++ -v -DNO_MODULES -o genepop GenepopS.cpp However, it does not seem

Toolchain Setup Error? Cannot compile...

Hi there! I am trying to set up the C Code Environment but I run into trouble when trying to compile one of the example projects. In general, I followed the instructions within C Support for NI myRIO 1.0 User Guide. I have been trying this for a whil

Adobe Alchemy compiled SWC - not sure how to compile library for FlasCC

I'm trying to get game-music-emu-flash working with FlasCC. It uses the C/C++ Game_Music_Emu library and was originally compiled with Alchemy, but I want to see if there is a performance increase with FlasCC. I'd like to use SWIG with typemaps to cal

Does the ipod nano save the position in a track when you turn it off?

Hello friends,     I listen to a lot of Dhamma talks that tend to be 30 minutes to an hour long. I am considering getting an ipod nano. The reason is that my current mp3 player, an old sony walkman, will forget the position of the track I am listenin

Update frustrations

why does an update of 97 MB require 2.2 GB of space to install? This has required me to delete all of my photos and a bunch of apps in order to install this update. There has got to be a more efficient way of doing this. Otherwise why sell devices wi

My iPad mini with OS 7.1.2 suddenly will engage in uncontrolled actions such as opening and closing pages, switching between apps, expanding and minimizing pages etc... uncontrollably and I have to shut the mini down to stop the uncontrolled actions

My iPad Mini #1 with OS 7.1.2 began uncontrolled actions recently.  While reading a book in 3M Cloud App the pages would expand and then minimize on their own and then the uncontrolled action would open other apps and do the same by uncontrollably ex

Need mifi pocket hotspot for iPad mini.

I am in need of a mifi pocket hotspot to use with a iPad wifi mini, there is so many to chose from. Anyone knows which one might work best, has any experience using one with thete iPad.You should research the wireless providers in your area. See whic

I was using my iphone less then 5 min earlyer full charge in it and its in a protective case.  I put it in my pocket and when i took it out it seems the iphone is dead and wont respond to anything!

I was using my iphone less then 5 min earlyer full charge in it and its in a protective case.  I put it in my pocket and when i took it out it seems the iphone is dead and wont respond to anything!Home button + power button for 15sec - 1min until you

Search Disappears from Menu (after expanding Mini Player)

Hi there I'm on Android 4.3 mobile using Spotify version  The Search option disappears from the main top left menu every time I use the app. I have narrowed it down to happening right after expanding the mini-player from the bottom of the

HT204023 Hi. How can I set up a personal pocket wifi on Ipad Mini ( wifi capable only ) ? Please help. thanks

Hello, I'm a new user and I wnated to set up a personal wifi on my new ipad mini ( wifi only ). But I can't figure out how, need help here. thanks.Personal pocket wifi is on sale in many eletrical store.You can search on internet for itRead other 4 a

Does ipad mini 2 wifi only can access to LTE signal by using pocket wifi 4g lte?

Does ipad mini 2  WIFI ONLY can access to LTE signal by using  pocket wifi 4g LTE.,THANKSHello Aaryn D You should be able to connect to that hotspot without issue as an iPad will see it within the Wi-Fi networks and you would not need the cellular mo

Expand volume on mac mini

Can I expand and contract the volume at will using a combination of the internal and external drive on a mac mini? For example, I'm considering purchasing a mac mini with a 500GB HD and later add contiguous volume space by adding an external USB or T

Can the iPad mini fit in my pocket?

I am looking into getting some sort of mobile device that has internet capabilities. I don't want the iPhone because I don't need talking or texting, nor do I want the iPod touch because it can only use wifi. So I was wondering if the iPad mini would

I want to expand the ram of my mac mini...what is the best?

I want to expand the ram of my mac mini...what is the best?If you want the best look for ecc ram not non-ecc ram. Ecc ram has error correcting codes that warn you that it's about to fail and it tries to fix it itself. if it does fail it does not lock

Mac mini pricey to expand

I'm looking for something cheap to replace a 2006 iMac and avoid being forced to a Windows machine at work.  Doesn't need to scream, and I've got keyboard/mouse/monitors, so the new 2014 entry mini would be good.  But I'd prefer 8GB, and a small amou