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Poison Lizards in Arizona


MS Exchange server 2010 messages will be placed in the poison queue and the transport service will crash

Can any1 please help. We have Exchange server 2010, we just upgraded it with SP3 and then the issue occers that we were unable to send n receive mail outside of our LAN...i mean from gmail or hotmail.. we have then updated with CU4 which is the lates

Exchange server 2010 SP3 UR7 - poison queue

Hi all, I have an issue, witch should have been resolved in previous URs (UR2) but somehow still present in our installation. we have Exchange 2010 Sp3 UR7 installed, but still transport service crashes when we receive messages with empty FROM and us

MsmqPoisonMessageException thrown for retried, not poisoned, messages

Hi, I wrote an IErrorHandler and report poison messages. However, the exception gets fired not only for poison messages but for messages being successfully retried as well. Our configuration: retryCount=1 (because we want to enforce a delay before ea

Daylight Savings for Arizona

Has Apple compensated the new Daylight Savings for Arizona, USA? We do not change our clocks, rather, we "switch" between Pacific and Mountain time zones. Thanks and of course points will be applied.Madok, You asked: So, like in the past, has Ap

ICal Time zone issues - Arizona

I am having trouble with the timing of events between iCal and iCloud, which I think is due to Arizona's non-timechanging policy. I have events on my Mac's iCal, which I sync to iCloud. But, the times in iCloud (and hence, on my iPhone) are shifted b

JMS - Poisones message

Hi, I want to manage "poisoned" messages problem with my java application using JMS API. I have set this parameters on MQ server: -BOQNAME('PRT.REQUEST.BOQ') Name of queue to which applications should write messages that have been backed out. -B

TNS Listener Poison attack : Oracle Security Alert for CVE-2012-1675

Hi, I'm looking to implement the following oracle document about COST but not sure what we need to do for Standby Environment , Can you guys please advise. Oracle Using Class of Secure Transport (COST) to Restrict Instance Registration [ID 1453883.1]

My JMS 2 wish list - Part 2, poison messages management

I attended the JavaOne 2010 session on future JMS evolutions. During the session I described some current limitations or issues I'd like to be solved in a portable way. I've been adviced to share the issues to get feedback from the community. I will

Reprocessing poison messages

Hi all, We are using weblogic v923. We are using Spring JMS API (MDP, context files) to listen and process the JMS messages from the Weblogic cluster's distributed error queues. In some cases we observe bad formatted data which needs manual correctio

ARP cache poison

i hope that this is the correct forum, apologies if it is not. I constantly get a Norton "vulnerability blocked" notification because of ARP cache poison. I am assuming that this is a function of my OS, if not I will contact Symantec. Does anyon

ARP cache poisoning detection disabled

I recently checked all the messages in the console and found the following error message: Could not enable ARP cache poisoning detection. Your computer will not be protected. This message is logged every time I turn on the computer. I am assuming thi

ARP cache poisoning error

Hi all, I've googled and searched these discussions, but I can't find any pertinent info on this topic, so here's my question... While looking into another issue, I noticed that my system.log had logged an error that concerned me: *"Aug 4 12:03:52 lo

ARP Cache Poison behavior by Apple TV

Norton Anti-Virus reports blocking an ARP Cache Poison attack against my home network.  The reported source of the attack is the MAC number of the Apple TV on the network. Whether Norton is "reliable" is apparently contentious in the support com

ARP Cache Poison reported in Norton AntiVirus for Mac

The MAC address from my new gen Apple TV is being tagged from Norton Antivirus as sending an ARP Cache Poison. Anything to care about, folks?DNS cache poisoning affects certain versions of named and is used by miscreants to redirect access requests t

Split horizon with poison reverse

Hi, I have below network R1 ------ R2 (Fa0/1) -- ( The network connected to interface (Fa0/1) on Router2 was down; therefore R2 triggered partial update about this network as poison to R1. My question is why R1 is advertised the poison

Kernal message: Could not enable ARP cache poisoning detection.

Looking at system files in Console, for another issue, I came across this kernal message, which occurs at start-up: "*Could not enable ARP cache poisoning detection. Your computer will not be protected*." It's an intel Mac Mini running Leopard (

Mac Malware/poisoned images

Two detailed articles that go into greater depth of the malware attacking Mac users. http://www.securelist.com/en/blog/6211/Rogueware_campaign_targeting_Mac_users http://blog.unmaskparasites.com/2011/05/05/thousands-of-hacked-sites-seriously-p oison-

What's your poison?

In the morning and afternoon, they serve tea.  I tried to convince them to serve coffee, but they rarely do.  The tea is so bad I wrote a little poem. Don't give me tea, It tastes like pee, Instead give me coffee, It tastes so sweet. For lunch, all I

Today's Security Update 2012-001 is POISON to PowerPC/Rosetta apps  on Snow leopard!

First time I've ever had a routine Security Update cause me problems with OS-X, ever. Today's Security Update 2012-001   is absolutely crashing my PowerPC/Rosetta apps on Snow Leopard . Every time to try to OPEN... SAVE or Save as ...PRINT  , you wil

Apple Id only valid in Canadian stores ... I live in Arizona.

My iTunes keeps telling me that I cannot purchase from the US store and that my Apple ID is only valid for purchases in Canadian stores ... I have checked the address that I listed when I signed up and it is correct ... in Arizona.  Any suggestions ?