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Time Capsule disconnects internet when using web server through port forwarding

My current config is: 2TB Time Capsule running 7.6.3, Mac Pro running Lion (10.7.5), MacBook Pro running Mountain Lion (10.8.3), and a couple of MacBook Pro Retinas running Mountain Lion. My current ISP is Comcast. I have the Time Capsule set up to p

How do I set up my Belkin router to forward ftp port to macMini?

I am trying to set up my spare macMini (non-intel) as an ftp server, but I am not able to connect to the ftp server (office) from a remote location with my MacBook Pro (home). I have tried to make the right settings as below: 1. forwarded ports 20 an

Port forwarding for external access to VNC server on multiple machines

I will have 10 PCs connected to the WRT54GL wireless AP. I am testing with 1. It has a static addresses It is running a VNC server at port 5951. If I  set my VNC client up to access it works through the WRT54GL wireles

Port Forwarding for Counter Strike Server - DSL Modem to Linksys Router then to my Laptop (wifi)

Hi, i have read many posts here but did not find any solution. Below is my current situation. Objective: I want to create a Counter Strike 1.6 Server and for that i have to forward port 27015. Networking Issues: Im currently using a Shiro (Dsl Modem)

Port forwarding for EYEMAX DVR on WIn Server 2012

We were using router as a network controller in our lan. Now we replaced router with the Server (win 2012 r2 essentials). We have a EYEMAX DVR client software to connect to a remote ip in the  web.  Previously, on the router i had port forwarding set

How to port forward in windows server 2012 ? for IIS

Hi, I have windows server 2012 in AWS cloud (Public IP) Installed IIS 8 and running website in the port 8980 and its working fine (Public IP) My question is I have CNAME record in Godaddy in the name of example.com which is pointed to my PUBLIC IP ..