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Time Capsule Does Not Port Forward FTP Ports

Hey there, I recently purchased a Time Capsule, and I found out that while it fixes the NAT-PMP bug found in my previous AirPort Extreme Base Station (Gigabit-N), it introduces a new problem which makes it refuse to forward port 21 properly. It seems

FTP server with NVG589

Hello,  I'm attempting to get an FTP server up and running and I cannot get it to work.  I have gone to the NAT/Gaming section and added the FTP rule to my home computer.  However when I try to launch the server (I'm using BabyFTP) it says it cannot

Time Capsule disconnects internet when using web server through port forwarding

My current config is: 2TB Time Capsule running 7.6.3, Mac Pro running Lion (10.7.5), MacBook Pro running Mountain Lion (10.8.3), and a couple of MacBook Pro Retinas running Mountain Lion. My current ISP is Comcast. I have the Time Capsule set up to p

How do I set up my Belkin router to forward ftp port to macMini?

I am trying to set up my spare macMini (non-intel) as an ftp server, but I am not able to connect to the ftp server (office) from a remote location with my MacBook Pro (home). I have tried to make the right settings as below: 1. forwarded ports 20 an

EA6400: Port forward two Netgear ReadyNAS FTP servers

I have a new EA6400 router with the latest May 2014 firmware. I also have two Netgear ReadyNAS network attached storage devices that are set up as FTP servers. With my old Netgear WNDR3700 with DD-WRT firmware (after the last thunderstorm, may she re

Time capsule ftp port forwarding

Hi. Just got a new time capsule and have discovered that the connection speed to my ftp server is MUCH slower. I've tried playing around with port forwarding but haven't managed to get it sorted out. I did discover during my attempts that switching t

AEBS/802.11n@7.3.1= no port forwarding on port 21 (FTP) but 7.2.1 does!

HI guys, this is of interest to those of you with firmware 7.3.1 on your  Airport Extreme Base Station 802.11n (AEBSn) that have been unsuccessful getting FTP port forwarding (port mapping) to work (that is with PORT 21 mainly. After some frustratin

FTP Server: PASV / Illegal PORT Command Issues

Hi, I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this. We have an iMac running 10.6.6 server with the FTP service running. Everything has worked fine for the last 6 months, including an office move (new IPs, etc) but suddenly in this last week, a lot of

Port forwarding for external access to VNC server on multiple machines

I will have 10 PCs connected to the WRT54GL wireless AP. I am testing with 1. It has a static addresses It is running a VNC server at port 5951. If I  set my VNC client up to access it works through the WRT54GL wireles

Port Forwarding for Counter Strike Server - DSL Modem to Linksys Router then to my Laptop (wifi)

Hi, i have read many posts here but did not find any solution. Below is my current situation. Objective: I want to create a Counter Strike 1.6 Server and for that i have to forward port 27015. Networking Issues: Im currently using a Shiro (Dsl Modem)

Port forwarding for EYEMAX DVR on WIn Server 2012

We were using router as a network controller in our lan. Now we replaced router with the Server (win 2012 r2 essentials). We have a EYEMAX DVR client software to connect to a remote ip in the  web.  Previously, on the router i had port forwarding set

How to port forward in windows server 2012 ? for IIS

Hi, I have windows server 2012 in AWS cloud (Public IP) Installed IIS 8 and running website in the port 8980 and its working fine (Public IP) My question is I have CNAME record in Godaddy in the name of example.com which is pointed to my PUBLIC IP ..

CSS 11501 ftp server setup problem using non-standard port

Dear Expert, we would like to setup FTP server over CSS where our member sever use non-std-port to open both control/data channel (i.e. 6370 as ctrl and 6369 as data this case.) but seems we only get Passive mode FTP mode work only but not for Active

FTP Server in FXP mode : PASV / Illegal PORT Command

Hello, In our workflow, we transfer the media files with the FTP protocol in mode FXP (server to server), the commands are initiated by an automation system. This system work with the plateforms windows (serv-u), linux (vsftpd), osx (tnftpd) but it's

Do I have to use port forwarding in router to log my essential server 2012 from outside

hi, 1--do I have to use port forwarding if I have only essential server 2012 in my home? 2- what is exactly the benefit of port forwarding,  besides the converting static IP adres to internal IP adres for clients? thanks johan h.davidYes. It allows c

Port Forwarding on OSX 10.5 Server using Dynamic External IP Address

I have been able to get Port Forwarding to work properly on OSX Server by following the documentation and following discussion: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=6700460 The problem however, is that you specify a static ip address on

Use iptables on DMZ server to port forward

Hello! My ISP have this great idea that we have to go to their site to do port forwarding and changing settings on the router/modem, so I was thinking to just set one of my servers as a DMZ, and do port forwarding with iptables on that server. The pr

Cisco Secure ACS 5.6 Backup to FTP server listening on non-standard ports

When defining a software repository from CLI or GUI, I have not been able to define the custom port that our FTP server is listening on.  Does ACS support the use of custom ports for FTP?Hi Anthony, I don't thing so it will support non-standard ports

FTP server: PORT command not supported??

Hi, In a nutshell - we are trying to set up PASV -- PORT connection between a Tiger server (10.4.11) and another system (say it's a windows FTP server). Issuing a PORT command to a Tiger FTP server fails with this error: -> PORT 192,168,11,3,199,158

WRT610N V1 will not allow port forwarding via HP Mediasmart Server

I have the WRT620N router and an HP MediaSmart server connected to it.  My source is a cable modem.  WHen I try to set up the server for remote access, the router is not found.  I am continually getting "Port Forwarding failed" errors from the s