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500 Internal server error while running sqlsrv_query in PHP

Hello everyone I am having a problem with sqlsrv_query I will be grateful to you please provide some help. I am running a query through php: $ls_parcel_query = "select  * from  ParcelDetail order by ExtractDate"; $result = sqlsrv_query($conn, $l

Error 500--Internal Server Error while opening a taskflow  in inline popup

Hi, I am getting "Error 500--Internal Server Error" while opening a bounded taskflow as a popup from another bounded taskflow containing page fragments. The popup taskflow contains jspx pages. I even removed the jspx pages from the popup taskflo

500 internal server error while deploying a Web Dynpro application

Hi I got the 500 internal server error while deploying the application to server. I tried to find the log file at usr --> SAP --> SID --> JC XX --> j2EE --> Cluster --> Server 0 --> log, but no log was there. There were structure chan

As2 receiver channel, SEEBURGER AS2: 500 Internal Server Error

Hi, There is one scenario in our landscape, its running in production, Proxy to As2. The interface working fine for last 2 weeks, today its showing error in As2 receiver channel saying Message processing failed. Cause: javax.resource.ResourceExceptio

SAP portal 7.3 KM content - 500 Internal Server Error

Getting 500 Internal Server Error for KM content. Here is error in Log file. Cannot process an HTTP request to servlet [prt] in [irj] web application. [EXCEPTION] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sap/ip/bi/km/repository/manager/skwf/bw/PropertyMap

Forefox will not run due to error message '500 Internal Server Error'

10 days ago the PC had to have its OS reinstalled on Dell's instructions. All other applications we use have been loaded but both Firefox and IE were runing slowly. we uninstalled firefox and reinstalled it - made no difference to speed. Then it star

EBS 12.1.3 - 500 Internal Server Error - after using FNDCPASS to change SYSADMIN password

Hello Guys, We are running ebs 12.1.3 on OEL6. Upon logon today I was a prompt to chage the sysadmin's password. I ended using FNDCPASS for a successful change: FNDCPASS apps/apps 0 Y system/xxxxx USER SYSADMIN xxxxx Since then I have been unable to

OAM integration with EBS- 12.1.3 gives http 500--Internal Server Error on login

Hi, We are integrating E-business (12.1.3) with  Oracle Access Manager ( using Oracle E-Business Suite AccessGate[1.2.2]. On trying to login (after submitting credential) to the application we are getting the below error. ===================

Report printing with BI pubisher - 500 Internal server error

Hi, I was having problems using BI publisher to print with. I thought we didn't have it at first, however since found we do have BI Publisher Enterprise edition. When I put the settings into APEX, reports don't display as expected. I get report error

Error while run OAF, HTTP 500 - Internal server error  Internet Explorer

I have installed R12 on my laptop having windows 2003 Server, which running successfully. In Same machine i have installed Jdeveloper for OAF customization by following 416708.1. While running test OAF page from Jdev, following error accruing. I have

500 internal server error

i am using jdk1.3.1_02 java webserver2.0 and internet explorer 6.0 i am trying a servlet sample from "Java Servlet programming" of OREILLY .it contains a html form(one text field and one command button).i entered my name in text field and after

CF10 500 internal server errors

I have recently installed CF10 on a Win 2008 R2 server it will open the main pages (index.cfm) but if I try to browse to the links within the site I get a 500  internal server error or 404 file not found. I have looked at a few articles in regards to

Occured 500 internal server errors

I coding a ap program with jheadstart(version and compiler it with JDeveloper(version then deploy to AS( when execution the program sometimes will occured 500 internal server errors how can i solve this problem? LOG FI

500 Internal Server Error - Web Dynpro Content Administrator

500 Internal Server Error - Web Dynpro Content Administrator   Any help would be really appreciated... I was trying to create/Maintain JCo destions on Web Dynpro Content Administrator caught up with the 500 Internal Server Error Error Summary While p

500 internal server error..plz help

hi, since i started working on oracle apps...this forum has proved itself alt helpful... i have performed a single node installation successfully over my laptop on win xp sp2 os. alt of error generated bt in da end i always found a solution here... g

Error 500--Internal Server Error while trying to create a new DataModel

Infrastructure_: OBIEE on 64 bit Linux (RHEL) Issue:* We get Error 500--Internal Server Error whenever we try to create a new data model in BI Publisher. Details:* We installed OBIEE on 64 bit Linux machine. Whenever we try to creat

Error 500--Internal Server Error when running Facelet in Local Server

Hi Experts, I have installed M2E plugin for eclipse and working on a Maven project in OEPE 12c. Running the facelet on the remote server , the results are returned, wheras running the facelet in the local server , the below error occurs Error 500--In

500 internal server Error ,when i clicking the REVIEW/SAVE button in pcr

Hi Iam facing the problem with pcr forms in portal .Forms are displaying in portal. when i click the button Review and save  .It is showing 500 internal server error.But sometimes it is working fine upto completed step.There is irregularity in displa

500 Internal Server Error when I add struts portlet in the portal

I'm using jDeveloper 10g and have created a sample struts app which is working fine when using the regular struts-html.tld tags and struts-bean.tld tags .I'd like to get it working using the pdk-struts-html.tld taglib though so that I can deploy it a

500 Internal Server Error while trying to view report from portal page

Hello guys, We are using BI7. while accessing the queries for the reports, its displaying  the 500 Internal Server Error. The error message is: 500 Internal Server Error Failed to process request; contact your system administrator BEx Web Application