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Power Mac G4 Memory


Upgrading 1.8 MHz Power Mac G5 (memory and OS)

I recently purchased an iMac loaded with Leopard. I would like to use the install disk to upgrade my older Power Mac G5. My machine is running 10.3.9 currently. I know I need to increase memory, but by how much? A salesman sold me additional memory s

2Gb Memory Modules - Power Mac G5?

New here, but a returning Mac user.... at last.... Just got hold of an older (early 2005) G5 Power Mac (Dual 2.7Ghz). Can anyone tell me if it's OK to upgrade the memory using 2Gb memory modules (assuming of course I have matching pairs, and don't ex

Power Mac G5 (late 2005) memory showing two different speeds

Alright, here's the situation. I have a late 2005, Dual 2,0Ghz, water cooled, model, G5 Power Mac tower. These have 8 memory slots, (1 upper bank of 4 slots and one lower bank of 4 slots located directly above and below each other on the motherboard)

Power Mac G5 Dual 2.5 freezes up, Power Mac G5 Dual 2.5 freezes up

Hello I inherited a Dual 2.5 PPC Power Mac G5 from my sister. She was having problems with it suddenly freezing up. She replaced the hard drive but that didn't fix it, and sicne she had a newer Macbook Pro she gave up on it. When I got it I replaced

Power Mac G5: A common dilemma: to upgrade or buy new

I know there are a lot of discussions on this topic going around, but everyone's needs and uses are different, so I'd appreciate any input on my situation. I own a Dual 1.8 GHz Power Mac G5 with only 1GB RAM and a failing 160GB hard drive. At this po

I want to run hardware test on my Power Mac G5 but it isn't working.

What I tried: I have the original install disc 1 which came with the machine in the optical drive (which is the usual one). I printed the hardware test guide which is on the disc, disconnected everything but mouse, keyboard and monitor. I tried to bo

Please help me!! My Power Mac G5 is stuck at the grey apple logo screen and nothing is working!

My computer froze a few weeks ago and I got a grey screen that told me I needed to restart the computer.  When I restarted, the computer froze on the grey screen with the apple logo. No pin wheel. Nothing. Eventually the fan begins running at warp sp

Hi, I bouhgt a used Apple Power Mac G5, I want to buy a blue tooth card for the same to use wireless keyboard and mouse, i am just curious that why do i need to provide the serial number of my computer, is there any compatibilty issue?

Hi, I am new in Apple Computer, I bought a used Power Mac G5. I want to buy a blue tooth card for the same to use wireless keyboard and mouse. so why it is mandatory to provide the serial number of the machine?Hello, Serial# not needed... At the Appl

Power Mac G4 not turning on after clean shutdown, works otherwise.

My Power Mac G4 does not turn back on after a clean shutdown, but turns on after being disconnected from the power. If I shut it down cleanly (Apple menu -> Shutdown), it shuts down, but then the power button does not work. After unplugging the compu

What are the normal operating temps for a G5 Quad Core Power Mac Tower?

I asked this within another thread but I am afraid it will get buried and think it deserves its own item. I just downloaded Temperature Monitor and have been looking at the data. I have no idea how to interpret the figures and there are no listings o

Power Mac G4 keeps crashing. Start up after restarted

Hello. This Power Mac G4- AGP graphic - keeps crashing. However, after each crash it power up normally. The problem reoccurred several time over a week. I am happy with this computer and i would like to keep it if possible.So here is the log file. Un

Power Mac G4 MDD with 1.5 GB RAM slows to a crawl

My Power Mac G4 MDD has been getting slower and slower for the past couple of years, and now it takes forever to do a lot of things that it did quickly before. Today it even told me it didn't have enough RAM available to open Photoshop, even though I

Power Mac G4 (FW800) freezes often, with an occasional kernel panic

I recently purchased a Power Mac G4 (FW800) on eBay for $160, minus a hard drive and stock video card, along with a hard drive cage. Since I opened the box it came in late Saturday night, the lovely machine has constantly stalled, crashed, and for a

Power Mac G4 Running Terribly SLow

I bought this Power Mac G4 New in 2005. It was really fast, over the years, its really slowed down. If I use Finder to open a folder with 100, 2.9gb pictures down loaded from my camera, it can take minutes for all 100 thumbnails to display. Using Pre

Power Mac G4 - invalid node structure

I am hoping someone can help me. I have a Power Mac G4 - 933....we had a power outage and the Mac would not turn on...the power light lit up when pressed but the computer wouldn't boot...I reset the PRAM and all was good...except a file I had was cor

Power Mac G5 Showing Prohibitory Sign on Start Up?

Earlier this week my Power Mac G5 1.8 ghz dual started to show a prohibitory sign on start up. The hard drive was original to the machine (from 2004) and I wanted to upgrade it to a larger size anyhow, so I put in a new hard drive thinking that might

Power Mac G5 Dual 2.5 - Move Hard Drive to another G5??

Hi, I'm using a Power Mac G5 Dual 2.5 w/ OS 10.5.8 with my Pro Tools 7.4.2 HD3 rig, 2 internal hard drives and tons of external FW hard drives.  It's being hinky with me (every time I reboot/restart the Mac, I have to take the side cover off or it wo