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Power Mac G5: A common dilemma: to upgrade or buy new

I know there are a lot of discussions on this topic going around, but everyone's needs and uses are different, so I'd appreciate any input on my situation. I own a Dual 1.8 GHz Power Mac G5 with only 1GB RAM and a failing 160GB hard drive. At this po

Upgrading 1.8 MHz Power Mac G5 (memory and OS)

I recently purchased an iMac loaded with Leopard. I would like to use the install disk to upgrade my older Power Mac G5. My machine is running 10.3.9 currently. I know I need to increase memory, but by how much? A salesman sold me additional memory s

I have an older Power Mac and it does not have the ability/hardware to connect to my wireless network.It is on 2nd floor which has no ethernet connections available. How can I get connected wirelessly?

I have an older Power Mac desktop computer. I do not believe it has the hardware to connect wirelessly to my wireless network. The computer is located on the 2nd floor of my house where there are no ethernet network connections so I would have to use

I had a power mac g4 into which i put 3, 320 gb PATA hard drives in a raid slice config so that it worked as one drive needless to sat that i lost the g4 to a surge but the drives are good. now i have an imac, how can i recover the info off those drives

i had a power mac g4 into which i put 3, 320 gb PATA hard drives in a raid slice config so that it worked as one drive needless to sat that i lost the g4 to a surge but the drives are good. now i have an imac, how can i recover the info off those dri

How do I Connect both an iBook and Power Mac G5 to Windows XP Pro network?

I have an existing Windows network at home, with a Motorola Surfborad Cable Modem, Linksys Wired Cable/DSL VPN Router with 5-port 10/100 switch (BEFVP41), Linksys Wireless G Access Point (WAP54G), Linksys Etherfast 10/100 Workgroup Switches (EZXS55W

How can I get on the internet with my newly purchased used G5 Power Mac if my ethernet port failed?

We just bought our son a used G5 Power Mac, but when we got it home and tried to hook it up to the internet, no luck. We changed ethernet calbes, tried plugging directly into wall cable (by-passing router), even tried to do manual config, but no luck

Two questions about a G5 Power Mac

Hi I just got a refurbished Power Mac G5 running OSX 10.4.11 Anybody know what's the most up to date version of MS Office I can run on it? Also I tried to install OSX 10.5.4 (which I have on my Mac Book) but it said it wasn't allowed. Is 10.4.11 the

Power Mac G4 sleep problem

Hello! My G4 (mdd) won't go to sleep anymore. Neither on its own via energy saver nor when you press the power button or select sleep in the apple menu. Does anyone know what to do? I already unplugged my USB devices, didn't help. Then I trashed my e

Power Mac G4 loses internet connection after going to sleep

Run down of computer: I have a Power Mac G4 tower, PANTHER OSX. I have wireless internet through our cable company-I use a wireless router. When I am connected to the internet, and browsing the web or something, if I let the computer go to sleep, it

Power Mac G4 USB error after 10.4.7

Hello, I've installed the 10.4.7 update on my Power Mac G4. After the installation I have problems with my USB devices. After I've put my Mac into standby, i've attached my USB Hard disk and the Mac do nothing, all USB devices I've plugged were not r

Power Mac G4 hard drive a goner?

Hello, My Power Mac G4 "died" last Sunday. Initially, the it wouldn't start up at all. So, after reading some suggestions on the net (I have a Mac Book pro), I changed the battery. It booted but the question mark folder came on. I couldn't even

Power Mac G4 Display Problem

I own a Power Mac G4 Digital Audio 733MHz model, and an Apple Flat Panel monitor. The monitor connects using ADC. Sometimes when I boot my Power Mac the power light appears on the display, but the display screen does not turn on. Rebooting the Power

Power MAC G4 doesn't boot up, keeps shutting down.

I have a Power MAC G4 dual 1.25 GHZ with mirrored bay doors. When I start the computer and it begins to rev up it shuts down. After several tries it eventually boots up, but when i go to restart, it shuts down. Any Feedback is this a major problem ?S

Power Mac G5 PCI Ethernet Drops Internet or always loading.

Hi, I have a very weird problem. The ethernet card on my Power Mac stopped working and I bought a PCI Ethernet card to replace it. I also have the Airport Card installed and the wireless internet works perfect but it is not ideal to stream video to m

Power Mac G5 and Applications

I'm currently in the market to buy a new Power Mac G5 Intel based. My question is, will my current programs run on the new mac? I currently use most often: Adobe Creative Suite CS, Studio 8, FlightCheck Professional, QuarkXpress. Are there any proble

Power Mac G5 is freezing....HD not mounting......

Okay, so for the last few days my Power Mac G5 Dual 2.0 has been a bit sluggish to say the least. When switching quickly from iTunes to Safari it will pause for a second or two and then spin that lovely little beach ball for about 5 seconds. Last nig